Reggie Kerr: The Hands and Feet of Jesus

Reggie Kerr is a remarkable woman of faith. She loves the song “Amazing Grace” because it reflects her own life story. “I was once very lost, and through God’s amazing grace He redeemed a “wretch like me” — compelling me to share my testimony and encourage others to trust God, find their faith and hold on,” says Kerr.

As a child her life was more than difficult. Her mother died from a brain tumor when Kerr was just five. Raised by a father who suffered the affects of alcoholism, drug use and poor decision-making, she was often left completely unsupervised to fend for herself. By age nine she was dabbling in drugs and at 12 was dropped off at her grandmother’s home, never to see her father again. At 15 she decided to live on her own, staying in school but not long enough to graduate. The world beckoned and she found work in the world of bars and clubs.

“I lost many years between my teens and into my late 30s, living fast, running hard and trying to keep ahead of life and survive. I remember feeling like I had no one to fall back on and used bars and alcohol as my comfort. As you will see in my testimony, it was not an easy start, but it’s how you finish that really matters!” says Kerr. “Without God’s divine intervention I would not be here today, and He has delivered me into grace from a hopeless state of mind and body.”

Kerr moved in with a loving aunt and uncle in Austin. She went back to AA, joined a local church, and began to turn her life around. At 33 she acquired her real estate license and began working in property management. “I had little money, an old car, and no credit—but I had a dream to return home to Houston.” After a fews years she did just that and worked hard in the real estate market. She began attending church regularly and saw what a relationship with Jesus Christ meant. “I was still periodically falling in and out of the AA program, and that wreaked havoc with my life. But I held on to my faith that I could overcome the alcohol addiction through strength from Jesus. Then in 2005 I went to the grand opening of the new Lakewood Church and my life changed—that night I found a church home.”

Kerr has been sober for many years and supports her local AA community, but she gives the ultimate praise for her recovery to Jesus Christ, the true healer. In 2008 she felt God’s call to pursue a more intense study of the Word and a calling into ministry. She left real estate to do just that. “It was a leap of faith for me, but I believe God is guiding me every step of the way on this path,” says Kerr.  In 2011 she founded Serenity International Ministries and Serenity TV, feeling God was calling her to “step out of the boat in faith.”

Her life today is all about being the hands and feet of Jesus. As a minister, chaplain, crisis responder and talk show host she is dedicated to serving others through Serenity International Ministries. SIM serves people both locally and internationally with prayer, outreach, or other forms of spiritual support. STV was established to bring the testimonies of believers and overcomers to a world wide audience.

“Serenity International Ministries encourages Christians to influence every aspect of the world around us through sharing our testimonies and by being examples of Christ through our lifestyles,” says Kerr. We want to bring understanding of who Jesus is, what He has done, and what He can do in our lives. We know that as believers we are “Ambassadors for Christ” and are called to demonstrate the love of Jesus in all that we do,” says Kerr.

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