Politics and Religion: Texas Primary Prep

Presumably soon, if activist judges will humble themselves and get it right (or just get out of the way), Texas will hold its Primary election. It’s the Legislature’s responsibility to set new Congressional District lines, and they have done so fairly accurately to reflect the will of the people. But these judges are committed to their own liberal agenda and have no qualms about twisting, contorting, and forcing their own agenda on the people of the state. Even the Supreme Court of the United States, hardly a bastion of conservative constitutional principles, found the judges out of order and overruled them. That speaks volumes for those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to understand truth and integrity.

As for the Primary itself, the main focus is the Presidential election. President Barack Obama is running unopposed on the democratic ticket, so that seems to be a settled issue. On the republican side, Governor Rick Perry’s withdrawal and the unlikelihood of a Rick Santorum victory (but don’t count him out entirely), and the complete un-qualification of Ron Paul (who is “left” of Barack Obama in his foreign policy positions), leaves Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, who are currently trying to destroy one another.

First, let me dispense with Ron Paul. While he has many good ideas about our national debt, the Federal Reserve, etc., his foreign policy positions are unacceptable. He has repeatedly blamed America for 911. He thinks the Muslim Middle East is just doing what comes natural in response to our presence in that region, though it is with their invitation and cries for help; remember Kuwait? Somalia? I’ll go ahead and say it: Though he claims to be a Christian (and I don’t set myself up to judge his heart), his actions – not just political posturing but a formal, legislative action – show a strong streak of anti-Semitism.

I discovered Paul’s real attitude toward Israel as I headed from one meeting to another on Capitol Hill the afternoon of February 17, 2011. On the cab’s radio was an hourly newscast that shared a newsflash seemingly very few, if any, caught: Congressman Ron Paul introduced legislation that day to withdraw all foreign aid from Israel. In speaking with another Congressman (a mutual friend of mine and Ron Paul’s), he tried to say that Ron Paul was standing on constitutional principle and that there is no such authorization for foreign aid.

Now, I don’t have a major problem with the principle – I rather agree. However, this is an illogical (to be kind) application of a right principle to a wrong situation, just as it was with the South when leading up to the Civil War. States’ Right were argued– for slavery! A right principle used for an utterly wrong justification is deception, abuse and a contortion in God’s sight.

I agree with “States’ Rights” and disagree with the alternative concept that the federal government should run everything everywhere. But a right principle should never be used to justify the violation of human rights (be it slavery or abortion). In the same way, I agree there should be much less foreign aid, if any, given to any nation, especially in this time of soaring debt, especially regarding giving aid to our enemies.

But to start with Israel? Both spiritually and geopolitically, how blind, immoral, and dangerous is that? As a nation, we already dishonor God with our cultural decline (abortion, pornography, business fraud, etc.). Do we really want to behave this way toward Israel, the apple of God’s eye, all within 70 to 80 years of the Holocaust and the “re-birth” of Israel as a nation? This tiny country is surrounded by enemies on every side, some of whom are openly committed to their destruction. There are many examples of “stupid,” especially in politics, but this one ranks right at the top.

It pains me to see so many Christians on the Ron Paul bandwagon when his foreign policy positions are so anti-American, anti-Israel, and frankly, un-Godly. If you are one of them, please get off.

As for Newt, he’s very smart, often undisciplined, and all-too proud and arrogant. He loves new ideas and seemingly has one all the time (even if they’re contradictory). He’s a history professor by profession, and “gets it” more than most, especially from the perspective of accuracy. He has problematic issues – morally, and flirting with goofy ideas ranging from “man-made global warming” to a “lunar colony by the end of the decade.” But he could – and given the chance, will – clean Obama’s clock in a debate. He has some fire in his belly. I’ve heard him speak in Washington, and he “gets” our problems as a nation: That we’ve forgotten God, lost our respect for God, and are tearing apart our Godly foundations as a nation. And when the foundation is destroyed, what happens to what was built upon it?  As Psalm 11:3 asks, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” While I respect Ann Coulter, E. Emmitt Terrell, Tom DeLay and others for their insightful perspectives, perhaps they are a little “over-the-top” in their intra-party criticisms of Gingrich as not being a true conservative (like Romney is?).

As for Romney, he also has some strong positives. I heard him speak in Boston at a FRC function leading up to the last Presidential race, and he clearly “gets it” on gay marriage. He argued very persuasively that gay marriage was detrimental to children, which it clearly is! While I have serious, substantial, and irreconcilable differences with the extra-Biblical, erroneous doctrines of the Mormon Church, I have found that Mormons have high moral standards. Romney is clearly successful in business, and that is something we could use, as well.

I do not believe that Christians should treat a political race like a Pastor’s Search Committee. Nor can I agree with or excuse this argument: “I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, so I won’t vote at all.” It is a pathetic, ignorant, and lazy excuse for not participating in the great honor and privilege – and responsible stewardship – given us by God to choose our leaders! Such an attitude and behavior dishonors God, our Christian founders, and our children, who will suffer the consequences of such a refusal to be salt and light in every arena!

Let me be very clear: Unless Jesus runs for office, there is NO perfect candidate. The reality is that every candidate is at best the lesser of two evils because they are human. It is self-righteous and spineless to “pull a Pilate” and wash our hands of the process. Through prayerful consideration and righteous purpose, vote for the person you believe best represents the Lord, His righteous ways, and His Biblical, moral, and constitutional order in our society. It is your privilege, honor, and an important opportunity. Don’t squander it in this Primary when have early influence on who will run for many offices in the general election. May God bless America!

Mark Williamson is the Founder and President of Foundation Restoration Ministries and its prayer arm, Federal Intercessors. He leads educational and intercessory ministries dedicated to the restoration of Biblical truth, righteousness and justice in the nation and culture, reaching even the highest offices of the Federal government. The views expressed in this column are his personal opinions and observations. Learn more, join the prayer cause, and support the ministry at www.federalintercessors.net. You may contact him directly at 713-722-4301 or mark.williamson@federalintercessors.net. View the C-Span video he references at www.c-spanvideo.org/program/HouseSession4011.

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