So It’s Time to Go Back to School

Summer is almost over and I am sure you are trying to get in as much fun is as possible before you start back to school.  Sometimes you might feel excited and other times a little sad that summer is over.  A lot of new things are coming: new friends, new teachers and maybe even a new school. You might feel nervous or even little scared on the first day and that’s OK.  The good thing is that new worries only stick around a little while.  Let’s find out more about going back to school.

The First Day

You will probably see some kids you played with over the summer and others you may not have seen for a while.  Make a point to say hello and also to kids you don’t know.  Go ahead, make the first move. You and your new friend will both be glad you did!

Most teachers start the school year by introducing themselves and going over all of the things you will be doing that year.  They might ask you to tell the class about something you did over the summer.  Be ready just in case.

On the first day, teachers will go over the classroom rules so you will know what is and is not allowed.  Be sure and pay close attention so you will know what to do.

Get Oriented

The first day of school is your chance to find your way around a new school, or learn the pathways to new classes in your old school.  It is a lot to learn in one day, so don’t be surprised if you need a reminder or two.

Maybe make a few notes to yourself, so you will remember the important stuff, like you locker combination and when lunch starts.  It will not take long before your finger will fly as you open your locker and you can trash those notes you made.

A Bad Start

What if you hate school by the end of the first day?  Give things so a little time to sort themselves out.  Once you get adjusted to a new routine, you know your way around the building and your classes you will probably feel better.  If not, talk to your parents, teacher or school counselor.

Get a Positive Start

Make the first day a good one by seeing friends you have not seen for a while.  You can make the day special by wearing an outfit you like or a T-shirt from a summer vacation.  If you were a uniform, you could were a favorite watch, or piece of jewelry to show your style.

Be prepared!  Make sure you have all of your school supplies.  The schools usually have a list of supplies on their school website or a supply packet you can buy on an open house night.  Once you have covered the basics, it is always a good idea to carry a little extra money just in case.

Backpack stuffing is very important.  Make sure the night before you put what you will need for the next day in your backpack.  This will prevent morning panic when things like your lunch or homework seem to go missing.  Whether it is the first day or the middle of the term, your lunch is something else that can make you feel good at school.  Spend a little time with your parents the night before and help pack your lunch if you don’t want what is on the menu from the school cafeteria.  Try and get in a variety of foods.

Final Tips

• Get enough sleep.

• Eat a healthy breakfast.

• Try your best.

• Write down your assignments in an agenda planner.

• For heaven sake, turn in your homework on time.  Points off or a 0 on homework will cost you 1 to 2 letter grades.

• Take your time with school work.  If you don’t understand ask a teacher.

• Keep a sense of humor.  Have fun and laugh a little.

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