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In these days, God is showing how true the truths of scripture really are. For everyone, eventually, and without fail – even in politics. But the ramifications of these truths in the political realm is not easily discerned and therefore rarely noticed. So let’s take a brief look.

Pro 6:16-19  “There are six things which the LORD hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, a false witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers.”

For many years, the liberals have become increasingly extreme in their pride (more government is the answer to everything), lies (too numerous to mention), shedding of innocent blood (abortion), wicked plans (socialism), running rapidly to evil (celebration of homosexual perversion, taking “God” out of education and the public square), and stirring strife (politics of personal destruction and gross accusation). These rebellions against God have progressed in degree and magnitude, from “there is no God” to an unspoken but very purposeful agenda to make government our God whether we like it or not.

While not the first lie ever told by a politician, a major event sending us down this path was “I did not have sex with the woman.” This lie was supported by another lie that it was all just a “vast, right-wing conspiracy.”

Another grand lie and accusation was that “Bush lied, people died” regarding the war in Iraq. I never could understand how liberals could make such a wild accusation when the Clinton administration itself had “regime change” in Iraq as an official policy of the Administration due to WMDs and the eventual likelihood of their use against us.

Global warming/climate change is another massive lie. While seemingly not directed at individuals, it is a strategy of deception that could change everything about the way you and I live. It is actually a demonic agenda set against western civilization. The “green police” ad on Super Bowl Sunday was not that far off from what the environmentalist wackos want this nation to look like. But God, in His protection of truth and the innocent, and reflecting His “just rewards” for those who stirred up this global strife and deception has granted the recompense of “climate gate,” repeatedly unmasking “climate change” for the scientific fraud it is. These agenda-driven “scientists” didn’t just get it horribly wrong, they made it up! And for that they are discredited, their careers are over, and some may even (hopefully) face prosecution for fraud.

There are philosophical lies, such as “there is no God,” and that we are products of evolution. That globalism and one world government will be the culmination of the goodness and wisdom of man, providing ultimate answers for all mankind. That homosexuality is something to be celebrated instead of an oppressive misery to be healed and delivered from.

There are specific lies, such as Senate Majority Leader Reid claiming the Iraqi war was lost. (Then came the surge, Al Qaeda decided there were greener pastures elsewhere, and now Iraq is increasingly in the hands of their own sovereign government.) Nancy Pelosi accused patriotic Americans protesting against the health care bill (culminating in the tea party movement) of being fringe elements comprised of uneducated hicks and violent Nazis. Thanks be to God there is still no government take over of health care, and the liberals have lost 3 major elections in three months – the most shocking being the loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. I guess it wasn’t that fringe after all.

Liberals say abortion is health care. It is not. It is murder. Liberals say trillions in new debt will preserve and promote wealth and prosperity in America. Really? Really? How stupid can one be? Obama is doing to us what Reagan did to the Soviet Union in the 80s. Bankruptcy. The only question is whether it is intentional, and that answer is increasingly obvious.

When Obama recently met with the Republican caucus, he accused them of taking an approach to his proposed government take over of health care that made it seem like a “Bolshevik plot.” It was a Bolshevik plot! This is a common technique for those who continually try to deceive, distract and “mesmerize” people from seeing their hidden agenda and ulterior motives. They speak the truth, and then mock it so as to discredit it.

There are far too many specific violations of scripture to list here. But pointing out these few – and the consequences of their manifest failure – shows how much God is on the move. The Bible assures that our unrepentant sin will find us out. It also promises in Proverbs 6:15 that “his calamity will come suddenly; instantly he will be broken and there will be no healing.”

That gives me hope that God will cut off the anti-Christ agenda the liberal-progressives have been conducting against this nation for a long time. If Christians will vote righteously according to Biblical and Kingdom principles, we as the body of Christ could take a huge step forward on behalf of both our King and our nation on Election Day this November! Where will you stand?

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