The Shrinking Violet Syndrome

The phrase shrinking violet is a popular English idiom that is used to describe an extremely shy and unassuming person.  When one thinks of a shrinking violet, they imagine a person who walks slowly with their head down, shoulders slumped, and gaze fixed firmly on the floor.  These shrinking violets are known for getting stepped on, bullied, and pushed into a corner—yet they never fight back.  Why?  Why do they so willingly allow themselves to be stripped of their God-given rights and freedoms?  The answer is fear—fear of man.

Currently, America is experiencing an outgrowth of shrinking violets.  They are growing like weeds and can be easily detected by their disturbing ability to wilt under the pressure of Islam. Shrinking violets stand meekly by and allow American educational institutions to be stripped of all Christian foundations, while new Islamic mosques are being erected in colleges around the United States.  Shrinking violets permit their Christian faith to be verbally attacked, disparaged, and put down, but do not say a word– for fear retribution.  How did this happen?  Is there hope?  Are Christians able to stand up for their faith amidst a barrage of false Islamic doctrine?  Can this outbreak of shrinking violets be curtailed?

The answer is yes!  The hypothetical question of whether or not Christians can uphold their faith and morph from shrinking violets into flourishing flowers has been answered.   Strangely enough, it took the tiny town of Friendswood, Texas to exemplify this fact. Here’s the story:  Last month, the principal of Friendswood Junior High School took it upon herself to allow the Council of American Islamic Relations, (CAIR), to present a program to almost 900 of her students.  This 45 minute presentation, which explained Islamic tenets and rituals, was given in response to an attack on a Muslim boy by students who attend Friendswood Junior High School.  Although this presentation may have been premised with the best intentions—it was still done without parental permission or any forethought of a future Christian assembly.  When parents of Friendswood Junior High School students found out about the Islamic presentation—their response was firm and immediate.  Within days petitions were circulated, meetings were held, and phone calls were made.  Parents were rightfully enraged that their Christian children had been subconsciously indoctrinated into a false religion—a religion that persecutes Christians around the world.  Thus, after days of angry phone calls and local media spotlight, the principal of Friendswood Junior High School accepted another administrative position after being, “removed from her post.”
Unfortunately, the way that the residents of Friendswood, Texas banded together to stop the encroachment of Islamic doctrine– is rare.  In most cities in America and around the world, Islam is being subconsciously enforced and taught, because Christians are too intimidated to stop it.  This shrinking violet syndrome is causing many faithful believers to become downtrodden and weary out of fear–fear of a religion that entices its believers to kill in the name of Allah.    Yet, Jesus tells us not to fear and we can be assured that this is true.  It is not our job to be shrinking violets—it is our destiny to be flourishing flowers. “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell,” (Matthew 10:28)

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