Elected Officials and Lamar CISD in the Hot Seat After Shocking Video Emerges of Texas Teacher Filming Explicit Content at School

BREAKING: ROSENBERG, TX—Houston-area elementary school teacher Adrienne Harborth was found to have recorded multiple sexually explicit videos of herself inside of the school during operational hours, enticing outrage among community members and leaders.

The community is now calling for the revocation of the teaching certificate of Harborth, a former music teacher at Gray Elementary within the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) near Houston, along with several other demands.  

The explicit footage, initially shared with Lamar CISD by community activists Quanell X and Candice Matthews, has since gone viral. Three separate videos depict Harborth engaging in explicit acts, including the exposure of bare body parts, within a classroom and a school restroom.

Shockingly, Harborth’s school identification badge with her name prominently displayed is visible in the videos, further confirming her identity and the location.

Quanell X and Matthews have received viral recognition for vocally condemning Harborth’s actions, demanding accountability from the school district. They listed three demands that extend beyond termination of employment, urging a ban on Harborth from teaching within the district and for Lamar CISD to report Harborth’s actions to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). 

At a recent press conference, they emphasized the necessity of safeguarding students from potential harm and called for thorough investigations into the matter, including police interviews with Harborth’s former students to ensure the misconduct didn’t run deeper than the explicit videos.

At the end of the 2023-2024 school year, Harborth’s employment at Gray Elementary was not renewed, but not for this incident, Matthews said. The administration was unaware of the videos until several days ago. 

“We are demanding that Lamar Consolidated ISD [contacts] the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to let them know about this atrocity… because this is [how] demented teachers go from one district to the next, jumping from district to district,” Matthews said.

“That is unacceptable. So, that’s why we are calling this out. We are not going to sweep this under the rug.”

Quanell X expressed outrage at the elementary school teacher and listed his demands.

“Nullifying her contract is not enough… we’re demanding that her certification as a teacher be terminated and revoked… we’re demanding that this district contact law enforcement, and we want to make sure that the students that she taught our interviewed,” he said.

“You really can’t make this stuff up. It is absolutely appalling, shameful and frightening that these are the kind of educators that are in an elementary school teaching our children. When parents send their children to school, they believe their teachers are people of the utmost highest character.”

According to Matthews, Harborth is currently seeking employment with other school districts. 

“That’s why this is imperative, that we amplify this issue, because this is how you have demented teachers going from one district to the next doing this type of behavior… This is where [Lamar CISD] can prove to the parents and the constituents that you are going to [have] zero tolerance when it comes to this kind of stuff and these kind of deviant individuals,” she said.

Lamar CISD officials have responded, acknowledging the receipt of the videos and initiating an investigation into the matter. While confirming that Harborth is no longer employed by the district, they have assured the community of their commitment to addressing any criminal behavior or ethical violations.

The following is a recent statement from Lamar CISD, retrieved by Fox 26 Houston

This afternoon, the district received copies of two videos of a former employee allegedly recorded on school property. The videos were provided by a citizen. Our officers have opened an investigation and, upon initial review, do not believe that children were present during the filming of the videos. However, the investigating officer is working to verify the timestamp and circumstances surrounding the recordings.

If the district finds that criminal behavior or conduct violating the Texas Administrative Code Educator’s Code of Ethics has occurred, we will engage with the appropriate reporting agencies.

Concerned posters on X (formerly Twitter) have directed posts toward Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), inquiring about how he plans to defend Texas children from predators within the educational system. 

Several years ago, a teacher’s aid from another Lamar CISD elementary school was arrested for possession of “a significant amount of child pornography.” Investigators also learned that he had inappropriate contact with a minimum of three students at the school he worked for.

Situations like these have become all too common in Texas schools. Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines have investigated dozens of counts over the years.

As this distressing incident unfolds, it underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity and safety of educational environments. 

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