The Katy ISD and Fort Bend ISD School Board Wars

As America continues to trend in the direction of traditional family values, the battle rages at our Texas local school districts. In particular, there are two school boards in the state of Texas where the battle cannot be more poignant. Those school boards are Katy Independent School District (ISD) and Fort Bend ISD, each with their own unique tale.  

The Issue at Hand

There is a war on the minds of our children. The constant promotion of sexuality with an emphasis on homosexuality cannot be mistaken. There is an obvious, concerted effort to create doubt in the minds of our children regarding their sexuality during their formative years. Going through a self-questioning, insecure phase is a natural part of child development that the left hopes to exploit for their own political purposes. The left inserts a hypersexual agenda combined with a targeted promotion of homosexuality for the specific purpose of affecting our youth.   

Understanding this effort, both Katy ISD and Fort Bend ISD school boards made proposals that would allow for greater parental control over the child so that the family unit as a whole can protect children from these nefarious outside forces. Both school boards have conservative majorities, so one would expect an easy win in both situations.   

However, the outcomes were surprising many in these respective communities question the intentions of the so-called “conservative” members who sit on these boards.

Katy ISD and HB 900 Compliance

In Katy ISD, the battle started with the House Bill 900, a law which prohibits pornographic materials in school libraries. In an attempt to proactively comply with the law, the Katy ISD Board initiated a comprehensive effort to eradicate all hyper sexualization elements from the school. One component of this was the requirement of school professionals to inform parents if they become aware that a student is questioning their sexuality.

The vote passed, giving a considerable win to the parents of Katy. However, two school board members, Rebecca Fox and Dawn Champagne, who refer to themselves as “conservatives,” surprisingly voted against this proposal, setting in motion a conservative civil war in the town.   

“Board members who I thought shared my beliefs and values voted against that policy, which told me that as a parent, I didn’t have a right to know what was going on with my child in school.” David Olson, Katy ISD Parent and School Board Candidate

As a result, David Olson and Donovan Campbell have both entered the race to replace Champagne and Fox. They do so with the intent of returning responsibility of the child back to the parents and placing true conservatives on the board.   

The difference in opinions in this upcoming showdown could not be more apparent. Where Olson sees parents as the solution, Champagne views the act of openly informing Katy parents as a potential threat to the children.

Politics makes strange bed fellows. Political PAC KEEP Katy led by LBGTQ liberal activist Eliz Markowitz recently endorsed Fox and Champagne over Campbell and Olson.

“Children’s lives could be at risk, and that is not a risk that I care to take too lightly.” Dawn Champagne, Katy ISD Board Member

It is important to note that when Champagne states that a “child’s life could be at risk,” it is apparent that she believes the parents in Katy may murder their children if they acknowledge their sexual preferences. This is an extremely biased and absurd position against the Katy parents.

The villainizing of parents has been a constant theme amongst the left. Champagne continued her nonsensical position against Katy parents when she went on to claim that a large number of her constituents are abusive to their children.  

“You are about a one in two chance that they are going to call someone whose home is abusive.”  Dawn Champagne, Katy ISD Board Member

Clearly, Champagne has little confidence in the parents in Katy. She believes that 50% of them are potential child abusers.

Katy ISD is one of the largest school districts in the state of Texas. If Olson and Campbell unseat Fox and Champagne, who are openly supported by Katy-area Democrat Elize Markowitz, a serious blow will be dealt to the left, which it may not be able to recover from. It could potentially result in a full eradication of the left’s sexual agenda in that district.

Now, let’s turn our focus to Fort Bend, where a similar showdown is brewing.

Pornography in Fort Bend Schools

Fort Bend ISD Trustee David Hamilton was made aware that pornography was being distributed to students in the school libraries. David made parents aware of these materials via a text message and social media campaign. The extreme graphic nature of these materials was more than most parents could believe.

“The district should just as obviously be able to remove content about sex with Jesus, child porn, child rape, masturbation instructions, drinking semen, etc. without wasting taxpayer money.” David Hamilton, Fort Bend School Board Member

Leftists on the school board dismissed this issue as “drama,” and then they attacked David Hamilton for exposing the issue. They protested the exposure of pornography but appear to not take issue with the books being available in the library.   

“We need to stop with the drama.” FBISD Trustee Shirly Rose-Gilliam

This culminated in a vote for an expedited process to remove these obscene materials from the school libraries, which ultimately resulted in the policy proposal to be tabled for a further date. However, leftists on the board directly opposed this efficient way to remove these materials.

“I implore my colleagues on this bias to reject the draft of EF Local before you and consider preventing this item from moving forward to a vote.” FBISD Trustee Angie Hanan

In the midst of this issue, two additional conservatives have entered the race for school board.   Kristin Tassin will be challenging Kristin Malone for her seat, and Adam Schoof is running to replace incumbent Judy Dae.   

Schoof pointed out in a recent interview that not complying with HB900 potentially places teachers in a vulnerable position legally.

“Potentially educators can now be charged under the penal code if they display certain sexually gratifying materials to children.” Adam Schoof, FBISD Candidate for the Board

In other words, the FBISD police may be put in the uncomfortable position of having to arrest teachers due to leftist influences in the curriculum.   

The outcomes of these two local elections not only have implications for their respective districts, but also for the state of Texas as a whole. Both districts are hugely influential in education in Texas and will undoubtedly have an impact on the left’s sexual agenda as it is contested in other districts across the state.

Early voting has ended. Election day is Saturday, May 4, 2024.

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