The Effective Brilliance of the Political Left to Always Be on Offense

American amateur wrestling icon Dan Gable taught a philosophy: always be on offense in the sport of wrestling. His teaching was that one cannot score on defense; one can only score on offense, so stay on offense and constantly attack.

“I shoot, I score. He shoots, I score.”

-Dan Gable, Olympic Wrestling Champion

American Democrats hold this principle true to their core. There is no group that embodies this idea more than the American Democratic Party. As their party is in the midst of a potentially organizational-ending meltdown, the party continues to stay on offense. This is evident in a recent radio interview of Texas State Reps Gene Wu (D-HD 137) and Ron Reynolds (D-HD 27), who are some of the hardest, most fervent leftists in the Texas Democratic Party.

As the minority communities continue to shift to the right, Wu and Reynolds effectively walk through this briar patch and are able to maintain the race narrative, while simultaneously applying the “racism” label to these right-moving minorities.

The State Reps acknowledge that the electorate continues to move away from them while they describe this move as “low brow thinking.” Effectively, if you do not agree with Gene Wu and Ron Reynolds, not only are you “incompetent” and “stupid,” but also an “ignorant bigot.” 

Radical leftist Texas House Democrats (l-r) Gene Wu and Ron Reynolds

Reynolds and Wu are brilliant in their ability to pull off this narrative.

“I know that there has been a strong push within the Southeast Asian community, especially the Indian community, that has been moving rightward because of things back in India, because of Modi…there’s a lot of Indians moving rightward and moving towards Trump. And I think we need to talk very carefully about [it], be careful what you ask for.”

-Gene Wu, Texas State Representative of House District 137

In 2019, more than sixty-thousand Indians attended what was, at the time, the largest Trump rally to ever occur. The event was held at Houston’s NRG stadium, and the outpouring and support was overwhelming. It was so momentous that Indian Prime Minister Modi was in attendance.

However, according to Gene Wu, a bear trap was being set for these sixty-thousand Indians, and they should instead listen to Gene Wu. What does the Indian populace see that Gene Wu does not?

The difference in opinions most likely stems from Wu’s scorn for nationalism. The Indian people have looked to the nationalist model with its emphasis of strong borders, lower taxes, and support for domestic industry as a means to improve employment, earnings and the value of the rupee. 

Gene Wu and the American Democratic Party hold a globalist position, where it is expected that a country surrenders its sovereignty to the new world order, and should it not concede, then that country and its people shall be labeled “racists.” Ron Reynolds doubles down on this point.

“You’ve seen a number of African Americans that have moved to Trump, and I want to say the same thing about the African American community, you will vote against your own interest if you believe that Trump is going to do anything to help the African American community.”

-Ron Reynolds, Texas State Representative of House District 27

Under former President Trump’s administration, the country had the first-time real wage growth increase for all sectors, with inflation accounted for, including African Americans. Whereas, under the Biden administration, the country is experiencing hyperinflation, record gas prices, a depressed economy, and a migratory invasion intended to replace Black Americans in the workplace.

Despite these realities, Ron Reynolds knows best. Further, Reynolds fires the “race card” from both barrels as he then lets these red-pilling minorities know what he really thinks of them.

“It says a lot about the Republican primary and where it is, they believe in conspiracy theories. They reward bigotry and racism and xenophobia, they are anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Black, anti-Asian, I could go on and on.”

-Ron Reynolds, Texas State Representative of House District 27

The “race card” has been the Democrats’ most lethal tactic in defeating their opponents. But as Americans see their country in a continuous state of decline, these diversionary tactics are becoming increasingly less effective. The rising cost of everything from a stick of gum to a gallon of gas is building a weighing toll on the American populace. But nonetheless, Democrats tirelessly work to bring the race card back to life.

Wu and Reynolds spent one hour describing their constituents as “prejudicial” and “ignorant.” It is an amazing feat when an elected official is able to disparage and insult the constituents he is dependent on for re-election, and not only is he not challenged, but he further assures his re-election, where he will undoubtedly continue to hammer away at the people of Fort Bend.

Wu and Reynolds dangle contradictions right in the faces of the people of Fort Bend with little to no regard, because they remain unchallenged. They are certain the people of Fort Bend will continue to heel, because should a resident speak up, undoubtedly that person will be the target of Wu and Reynold’s next political attack. 

The bully pulpit is strong in Fort Bend County.

This scenario will end when the people of Fort Bend have had enough and begin to challenge these representatives and their absurd positions. “Voting” is now described as “Fascist.” Minorities are now “racists” if they don’t vote for Gene Wu and Ron Reynolds. How long will the people of Fort Bend continue to take the beating that Wu and Reynolds dish on them? Will they eventually stand up? Time will tell.

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Chris Heasley

Christopher grew up in the industrial Midwest city of Youngstown, OH where, during his formative years, his hometown experienced the steepest economic decline of any American city. Later he worked in economic development in the industrial city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. Through these experiences Christopher developed his opinions on the causes of economic decline, industry exodus, and the factors that determine prosperity.