The Continued Effort to Sexualize the Children of Fort Bend County

Over the past few weeks Fort Bend ISD Trustee David Hamilton led an effort exposing pornographic materials in the school libraries.  These books and literature were beyond objectionable.  

At a recent school board meeting these materials were read out loud.  It was not just sex that was described but violence, incest, and rape.  Only the sickest minds would conclude that this should be placed in front of children’s eyes.

The following are excerpts read by parents who are not supporting this content but rather attempting to expose it:

“He asked me to turn over while he slipped a condom on himself….”.  This excerpt went on to describe an act of anal sex.

“I pull him out of his underwear, and he is soft in my hand.  I don’t look up at his face before I open my mouth”.  This excerpt goes on to describe an act of oral sex.

“This is my second baby from my Daddy.  It gonna be retarded too.  This time I knew Momma knew.” This excerpt gets increasingly graphic to describe an awful situation of father daughter rape.  

The readings continued until it became evidently clear there is an intent to pervert our children in their formative years.

The event created awareness on an issue that most had no idea existed.  It seems outside the realm of possibilities that our taxpayer funded schools would be distributing the most heinous porn to the children.  We trust that our schools are teaching the children all of the right ideas such as math, art, English language skills, how to dribble a basketball or weave a basket, but not explicit pornography.  

Thus, the exercise of bringing these materials to the attention of the public was of great value to Fort Bend.  

The only proper response to this event is to reject the materials and support those who are creating awareness on the issue.  For the sake of the children, this issue warrants a “you are either with us or against us” type of response.

But surprisingly, many did object to the event and led personal attacks on David Hamilton and the speakers who exposed the materials.  Of course, they could not object in defense of the pornography, that would be too obvious.  Thus, with a twist of words, the primary objection was that the event gave Fort Bend Independent School District bad publicity, and the materials could be removed without the event happening.

Parents and county citizens have a right to know what is happening in the schools that they fund.  Transparency is always the best course of action regarding our public institutions and the issues they face.  By creating awareness, it ensures that these bad ideas don’t live to fight another day.  And those who are arguing to just shut up and go away, are quite literally defending pornography in the schools, and the continuing grooming effort being led by the political left on our children.

Questions need to be asked such as:

  • How did these materials get into our schools?
  • What was the reason for placing these materials in our schools?
  • What additional books of this type are scheduled to be delivered to the schools?
  • What is the motivation to sexualize our children, and what other methods are being used that we are currently unaware of?

Only an event like this stirs the hornets’ nest and gets people out of their comfortable lives to ask these uncomfortable questions.   Only someone who wants this trend to continue would object to the event itself.

It is time for the citizens of Fort Bend County to stand up to the progressive left and their continued assault on our children.  Advocating for pornography is a step gone too far.  These materials corrupt a child’s mind and potentially instill within the child bad motivations.  For the sake of the children, confront the leftist in your life and demand that their insidious movement be eradicated from our country.

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Chris Heasley

Christopher grew up in the industrial Midwest city of Youngstown, OH where, during his formative years, his hometown experienced the steepest economic decline of any American city. Later he worked in economic development in the industrial city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. Through these experiences Christopher developed his opinions on the causes of economic decline, industry exodus, and the factors that determine prosperity.