A Red Pill: Your Investments Are Probably Funding the Erasure of Your Values… and You Don’t Even Know It

Just thirty years ago, ninety percent of Americans self-described as Christian. Today, that number is a mere sixty percent. We’re witnessing an alarming and unprecedented erasure of God-fearing values in culture- and a rise in secularism, worship of self and worship of the dollar.

Author Harold Best articulated this phenomenon perfectly. “Nobody does not worship,” he said. Human beings are designed to worship; it’s embedded in the very fibers of our DNA. We either worship the true God or false ones. 

Many Christians are fearful of our impending disappearance from society. What we don’t realize is that we may be decidedly and willingly funding our very own demise; we may be directly placing dollars in the hands of the very globalists who want to destroy us. We’re about to tell you a story. If you continue reading, you will understand- but you may never again feign ignorance. The choice is yours.

The Red Pill

Some four years ago, ordained minister and investment advisor D. Anthony Wright took a hard look at his investments. He discovered something that shocked and devastated him – and it wasn’t his returns. Wright learned that he was unwittingly investing in companies that sought to destroy his Christian principles and beliefs. 

“I had been a normal financial advisor for about seven to eight years, and a gentleman ran across me one day. He asked me, ‘You’re an ordained minister, correct? What if I told you that you may be funding abortions, the LGBTQ community, Planned Parenthood, pornography or sex trafficking?’” Wright recalled.

Wright was bewildered. At the time, he pastored a major church, and the church managed his 403(b). He agreed to let the man test his 403(b) investments.

“Here I was, a pastor, ministering from the pulpit, preaching every Sunday and Wednesday. I’m pro-life and pro-family. Yet some 30-percent of my portfolio was going to fund abortions and the LGBTQ anti-family. I was just devastated,” he exclaimed.

“I felt like such a hypocrite. I was preaching one thing, and I was living another. Not on purpose, but I just didn’t know what I was doing. This really impacted me and shook me emotionally.”

After Wright took the “red pill” by scrutinizing his investments, he couldn’t unsee what he had seen. The event was profoundly transformative. Immediately he turned his entire practice into a revolutionary firm: Retirement Specialty Group (RSG).

Through what he terms “faith-based investing,” RSG utilizes a values-based screening process  to individually learn every client. What’s important to you? What do you most value? RSG learns your answers. Then, RSG utilizes cutting-edge technology to examine your current portfolio and align your investments with your personalized belief system.

RSG deeply screens clients’ and prospective clients’ 401(k), IRA, 403(b), stocks, mutual funds, ETFs or whatever they have investment wise, and informs them their investments match or contrast their beliefs, Wright explained.

“I believe, as Christians, as strong people of faith, we should make sure that our walk matches our talk. It’s okay if you believe in something, you talk about it and you fund it. That’s walking what you talk,” Wright said.

“It’s an entirely different subject if you’re talking one way, but then when nobody’s looking, which is investments, because nobody looks at your investments, you don’t really care. You’re just like, ‘Well, get me the best return that you can.’ That becomes very hypocritical. It changed my entire practice.”

Big corporations use the Christian investment dollar to fund radical, secular and anti-God causes like abortion, pornography, sex trafficking, gender transitioning and more. The dirty deeds done with your money are revealed every year by an annual 10k report, which every publicly traded company (i.e. Microsoft, Target, Amazon and so on) must file with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC).

Publicly traded companies submit their annual 10k reports because they must comply with public disclosure policies; if you’re a publicly traded company, you must inform the public what you’re doing with their money.

Yet despite the readily available public reporting, an ultimate twist of irony unfolds. Many individual investors are unwitting or ignorant participants in the blossoming of very companies that seek to destroy them. Practically no one really understands where their investments go. 

Even the staunchest supporters of Christian causes are “too busy” or otherwise lack the knowledge to delve into the logistics or final destinations of their investments. Others, still, simply don’t care and are solely interested in their returns.

Wright did care. His findings resulted in his decision to transform RSG. As president and CEO of the firm, Wright spends every day cutting the filth out of portfolios and instead investing client dollars into causes that align with their beliefs.

“We have software that tracks annual 10k reports. I provide my clients and prospects with a four-color printout with black-and-white numbers. This printout reveals what you’re funding, and with how much money. And it goes into deep detail,” Wright explained.

“And most of the [dirty investments] are done [under the guise of] philanthropy… they will give to Planned Parenthood, because they get tax write offs. Warren Buffett, for example, gave over $10 million to a LGBTQ nonprofit.”

How does Faith-Based Investing work?

So, you can cleanse your investment portfolio of the thousands of companies which disagree with your culture and your value system— but where should your investment dollars go? How does faith-based investing work?

“Faith-based investing just means it matches your faith belief,” Wright explained. “Some people, in their faith, may believe it’s okay to have a glass of wine, and that’s fine, if that’s what they believe. As long as you make your walk match your talk, no problem. But what’s happening in the America we live in today; people say one thing and do something entirely different.”

“I talk to pastors, missionaries and people of faith on a daily basis. You’ll be surprised how many people break down in tears and cry when they find out that their investment money is funding abortions; it’s funding pornography. We’ve even seen, in some cases, it’s funding human sex trafficking.”

In some instances, clients walk into Wright’s office and reveal that their husband/wife/child was killed by a drunk driver. “Will you please make sure I’m not funding any alcohol or liquor stocks,” they’ll request of Wright. 

“It’s not about my personal belief as an investment advisor. It’s about the client. Faith-based investment is about the client investing the way their faith believes. If they have a strong belief that they don’t want to fund alcohol or tobacco, fine. We will tailor make that for them. We will screen their portfolio for whatever their personal faith or belief is. We will make their portfolio match that.”

Okay, but what about the bottom line? How do Faith-Based Investments perform? 

Years ago, when Wright used himself as the guinea pig for faith-based investments, he didn’t lose a single dollar. In fact, God blessed his portfolio when he made it Bible-safe. He earned high double digits in 2020, and his entire investment portfolio was north 50%. The best part was that all of his investments were clean, God-honoring and a match for his Christian beliefs.

Today, the clients of RSG experience similar blessings.

“Typically, we outperform the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We outperform the dirty money, dirty funds, pretty substantially,” Wright said proudly. “The reason is that my firm is an actively managed firm.”

“We actively manage the funds. We do not buy and hold. Most of your financial advisors will just purchase this mutual fund or stock, and they’ll just sit and hold it, and you don’t ever hear from them again. One day, you’ll call them, and all of the sudden, your 401(k) is now a 201(k) because you’ve lost fifty percent of it.”

These financial advisors will blame the stock market for your financial loss, telling you, “Don’t worry about it. You’re young enough. It’ll come back.” Frustratingly, they won’t offer you any form of legitimate reasoning as to why you’ve lost your money. They’ll endlessly fault the stock market. 

RSG is not a buy-and-hold firm, and it does not operate that way. 

“We will purchase, sometimes on a daily basis. We watch shareholders and board members. Say we see board members are starting to buy a lot of shares of a specific stock. Well, that tells us that something is getting ready to happen. So, we may log in and buy extra shares of stock and all of the sudden, a couple weeks later, BAM!” Wright exclaimed.

“It will take off and go up. We’re very actively managed. Occasionally, if we predict interest rates will soon rise, we will exercise what’s called a ‘put.’ If the market goes down, you make money off of that put. So, we actively trade our client account. We do not just put money in there and leave it.”  

Aside from faith-based investing, RSG offers a wide array of services which basically encompass anything and everything one might need done under the category of finance. 

The firm offers retirement planning, financial planning, social security planning, estate planning, CPA planning, tax planning, Medicare planning, life insurance, annuities, burial policies and mortgage insurance. The best part? It’s all one-hundred percent faith based. 

Hosea 4:6 famously reads, “My people perish due to a lack of knowledge.” How would one have knowledge without screening their stocks or mutual funds?

“If somebody is ignorant of something, we can teach them. But don’t bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and say, ‘Well, I don’t care what I’m investing in. It’s all about the return,’” Wright advised. “I’m not too sure what Christ is going to feel about that when you stand before Him one day.”

Now that you know what your investments are probably funding, you are no longer blameless. Make the right choice and quit funding the very corporations that are working tirelessly to destroy your Christian freedoms and values.

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