Is There a Manchurian Element in Fort Bend County?

Local officials arise to political office through an organic process. They are products of our own communities whereby they live in our neighborhoods, enjoy our local community parks, their children attend the same schools as the rest of us, and we share the same emergency services. As a result, when they attain office, they are to have an intimate connection with their fellow residents, because their fate is tied to ours.

But recent events make us question whether that is the case in Fort Bend County. While our country is in the midst of a foreign migratory invasion, cartel presence is threatening the state, and foreign adversaries are flying surveillance balloons over our national borders, Fort Bend County Democrats held a press conference stumping for foreign ownership of American lands in Texas.

The Fight for Foreign Ownership of Texas Lands

State Senate Bill 147 was proposed in response to obvious threats looming on all sides of our country. This bill would prevent residents, entities, and businesses from certain foreign countries from purchasing land in Texas. Protesting this idea is the new rally cry of the Fort Bend County Democrats.

Fort Bend County Democrats held a rally on the steps of the Fort Bend County Justice Center where nearly all county leaders from the Democrat party were in attendance, stumping for foreign ownership of American lands.

“This is about freedom and dignity in my opinion.”

-KP George stumps for foreign ownership of American lands

They do this at a time when land acquisition is pivotal to our foreign adversaries attaining a threatening advantage over the American citizens. Today the cartels have the franchise of controlling both sides of the US border and ownership of land in Texas is the next step in leveraging their presence here.

There is no better example of this than the Colony Ridge development just North of Houston. This housing development was set up specifically for illegal migrants to attain housing and a permanent status in the US. And at the same time the development has a considerable association with the Gulf and Sinola cartels. Further, it is also within close proximity to the nation’s largest marijuana growing operation in the country. Can it be any more obvious that this operation is a threat to our citizens?

County Democrats See Foreigners as their “Brothers”

“That is the reason why it is so important to stand with our brothers and sisters, it is so important, it is about human dignity.”

-KP George, Fort Bend County Judge

When KP George, the chief county executive for Fort Bend refers to his “brothers and sisters” he is not referring to his constituents, but rather he is referring to the people of foreign nations. He takes this surprising position at a time when other governmental leaders are appropriately taking firm measures to protect their citizens from foreign threats.

Florida recently banned the Chinese from purchasing land near military bases for obvious reasons, and in 2021 Texans stood up to the Chinese who, through an investment firm attempted to purchase land for a wind farm in Val Verde County. The left responded with the race card accusation.

However, the Texans brushed aside any accusation of racism because they understood the severity of the issue. This Chinese owned wind farm would attach directly to the energy grid for the state of Texas and was also in close proximity to the Laughlin Air Force Base.

“China is buying up our country. While corrupt Democrats and RINO type politicians in Washington have been spending trillions of dollars on the green new deal nonsense, foolish foreign wars, and providing lavish benefits to illegal aliens from all over the planet, China has been spending trillions of dollars to take over the crown jewels of the United States Economy, and they are doing that. China is buying up our technology, they are buying up food supplies, they are buying up our farm land, they are buying up our minerals and natural resources, they are buying up our ports and shipping terminals.” -Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States

Governor Greg Abbot ended any hope for the Chinese to attain this tactical advantage by signing into law the Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act which prevented foreigners from certain “hostile” nations from accessing the Texas energy grid.

Prior to this during the Trump administration state and local governments did not have to take this action because the federal government thwarted foreign aggression through land acquisition. With the Trump Administration gone the Democrats smelled opportunity and the burden fell on the local governments. Thus, the Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act and SB 147 were introduced.

Democrats Attempt to Justify their Position

To justify their position the Democrats state that current Texas law already prohibits foreign countries from owning land in Texas. But the rather obvious method by which a foreign adversary can step around this is simply to have the foreign individual purchase the land and by proxy the government can then use the land for whatever purposes it needs. That is why SB147 was proposed, to keep foreign nations out of our interests.

Enter the Race Card

“And I would ask all of you, join together and fight back against hate. Either we stand together, or we all fall alone.”

-Gene Wu, Texas State Representative stumps for foreign ownership of American lands

County Democrats attempt to attain the moral high ground by accusing America of being racist. So, if a county resident has the commonsense opinion that American lands should be reserved for Americans, that person is repugnant, immoral, and a bigot, according to the Democrats.

“We’ve lived through and experienced in America when he had race-based laws called Jim Crow laws, this is just a reiteration of that race-based legislation.”

-Brian Middleton, Fort Bend County District Attorney

Clearly the Democrats are ready to fight with all that they have for foreign ownership of American lands.

And they do this when millions of fighting age men have poured over the Mexican border and into our country. Houston will most likely be the destination for a large number of these men since it is one of the first major metropolitan areas from the border. It is almost as if the Democrats point their finger at the people of Fort Bend County, keeping them in their seats by yelling “racism!”, while with the other hand they wave this foreign army equivalent into our city’s towns and neighborhoods.

Is There Foreign Influence of Publicly Elected Officials

In 1960 Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev hammered his shoe on the podium at the United Nations proclaiming that the United States will be beaten from within, and it was at this time that the realization came that no foreign adversary could defeat America with a frontal assault.

The country had defeated the British twice, the Germans and the Japanese so it was clear our adversaries had to take more intrusive tactics. On this premise the 1965 film “Manchurian Candidate” was released further raising the premise of invasion from within.

Since then, it has been a looming threat. It is important to remember that during the Trump administration the Chinese embassy in Houston was shut down because it was deemed a threat. The Houston Fire Department then had to enter that embassy because Chinese officials had set fire to it. This act makes Houstonians wonder if that Embassy was in the process of purchasing local officials and burning any evidence of that.

It is clear the County Democrats are defending interests that are alien to the citizens of Fort Bend County and the question is “why”?  There is no logical reason for them to take this stand. This is not the burning issue on the minds of the people of Fort Bend County, nor is it what keeps them awake at night. In fact, common sense would dictate that county residents do not want foreign ownership of American lands.

The Absurdities of the Democrat Party Must Be Confronted

“The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow.”

-Ayn Rand

The issue at hand is obvious beyond a reasonable doubt. Our country is falling apart largely because our open-ended nature is being used by foreign adversaries to pick us apart. The examples from foreign cartel influence to Chinese acquisition of land near our military bases, to surveillance balloons and burning down embassies is overwhelming. And we allow the Democrats to propose the absurdity that these adversarial tactics are not only right, but they are moral and just.

To accept the Democrats obscene position will determine our destiny. It is time to ask the question that is on the mind of all residents of Fort Bend:  who exactly do the County Democrats report to?

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Chris Heasley

Christopher grew up in the industrial Midwest city of Youngstown, OH where, during his formative years, his hometown experienced the steepest economic decline of any American city. Later he worked in economic development in the industrial city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. Through these experiences Christopher developed his opinions on the causes of economic decline, industry exodus, and the factors that determine prosperity.