Are All Sex Crimes the Same?

Russian women are vulnerable to Turkish sex trafficking rings in ways that are unimaginable.  The Turkish crime syndicates have sophisticated schemes whereby they penetrate deep into Russian cities, create a meeting setting that the women find comfortable, and before the women know it, they are wrapped up into a nightmare scenario. Upon entry into Turkey the women are violated immediately and repeatedly, with little to no chance of rescue.  It is the crime of our lifetimes.

And now here in America with a disintegrating border we find this threat exists here too.  Where humans, mostly children, are held against their will and forced into these rings.

Forty years ago, Nancy Reagan declared the war on drugs and forty years later with ever increasing funding the war is raging with not even a noticeable difference.  Federal, state, and local governments will gladly take your money to continue to fight this war with no intention of winning it.

This stark reality presents the question:  Do law enforcement officials actually want to solve the crime?  Or do they simply intend to tax the daylights out of the people, build their careers on the epidemic and ensure job security for a lifetime? In order to reclaim the civility of our country foundational changes must be made and Americans must face stark realities.

All Sex Crimes are Not the Same

While the threat to Russian women exists at the same time many Eastern European women enter the sex trade at their own free will.  This is a crime too but to a much lesser degree.  These women are not “trafficked” in the sense that they are held against their will, but they are participating in a prohibited act. If Americans truly want to win this fight against trafficking, they have to take a surgical perspective regarding it.

Trafficking is the exploitive movement of persons for illicit purposes.  It is important to delineate between the two scenarios where there are people held against their will (and anything involving children) or adults acting on their own accord.  The crimes are not equivalent.

“The cartels are sourcing children here in the US. So, they are starting to do surveillance looking for kids at playgrounds, leaving schools, so the near misses are being reported more and more.”

  • Colonel Phil Waldron, US Army

As of today, the Democrats border policy has resulted in 130,000 fighting age men entering our country, largely through the state of Texas.  And often these men bring with them in tow a trafficked person which they will receive a pretty penny for upon delivery to the pimps.  But once on this side their income streams dry up what avenue will they look to for new income?

There is no other activity that brings with it the margins that a trafficked person does. Further, they are now experienced in the practice and have an active buyer. Once they are positioned on this side of the border it is only reasonable to assume American women and children will be their next targets.

A Delineation of Sex Crimes

Operating a sex trafficking ring is a degree of evil that requires a particular type of person.  Additionally, it requires a certain skill set, and sophisticated operation.  The persons who partake in this type of crime are of a very specific nature and should be designated as such, and the primary target of police forces. Everyday prostitution is none of these things and should not be presented that way.

The co-mingling of these two very different types of crimes is a regular practice by law enforcement and does not serve society well.  It allows police to arrest the lower-level criminals, which is a much easier task, and pass it off as a trafficking arrest. It presents the illusion that the police are eradicating our streets of this very serious threat, when in fact that may not be the case.

Further, it sends a message to the cartels that the cartels are safe.  So long as the police are spending their resources on everyday prostitution, the traffickers know this provides a buffer and they are insulated from any actual threat of arrest.

A Crystal-Clear Understanding of Trafficking

In order to defeat an enemy, one must know thine enemy.  And the police continually leave us with foggy, gray details and not a crystalized clear understanding of exactly what we are up against. They withhold pertinent facts and details under the “ongoing investigation” premise, but the investigation never seems to conclude. Could you imagine if authorities came clean with pinpoint precise details of this criminal operations including:

  • Providing the names of the human trafficking gangs in each respective county.
  • Detailing the structure by which all of these gangs are connected or more simply put, showing their distribution channel.
  • Describing in great detail the methods by which humans are captured and held in captivity.
  • Providing the name of the “El Chapo” equivalent of human trafficking, as well as the name of his company, and a full organization chart with the names of his lieutenants.
  • Providing a timeline with specific dates of when society can expect the crime wave to end with all criminal participants arrested and no longer a threat to society.

Americans have a full and complete understanding of a multitude of industries including the computer industry, the auto industry, and so on.  But when it comes to the trafficking industry the media and establishment for some reason leaves us in the dark.

If Americans fully understood this new dark industry it would serve as an immediate threat to the cartels. Unfortunately, we have more questions than we do answers.  And the information we do attain is largely from activist organizations, survivors of trafficking and their families rather than from law enforcement.

The Chris Hansen Show

To combat this epidemic, police officials have turned to a tactic made popular by the TV reality show “To Catch a Predator” by host Chris Hansen.  In these sting operations officers pose as prostitutes, lure buyers in via social media messages or classified advertisements, and then once the buyer is trapped the arrest happens.

Does anyone believe replicating a reality show format is the comprehensive solution necessary for returning our streets to safety?  Does this tactic of officers luring buyers honestly seem like a solution to eradicate industrial scale human trafficking? Rather it is a very sloppy solution to pacify the public and prep them to accept this sick business as a constant reality in our lives.

Law enforcement has expansive budgets, plentiful resources, and military grade armaments. They could end human trafficking if they truly wanted to do so.  It is time for Americans to no longer allow this endless procrastination of our governmental bodies when it comes to these perilous issues.  Only when Americans have had enough and quit placating this constant game of charades from our governmental leaders will we see an end to this nightmare.

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Chris Heasley

Christopher grew up in the industrial Midwest city of Youngstown, OH where, during his formative years, his hometown experienced the steepest economic decline of any American city. Later he worked in economic development in the industrial city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. Through these experiences Christopher developed his opinions on the causes of economic decline, industry exodus, and the factors that determine prosperity.