In an Article Published by Salon, They Imply “What Right Do Christian’s and Republicans Have to Exist?”

This [Salon] article, a nearly final symptom of the collective liberal think-tank and the downfall of America, is a call to action [genocide of Christian’s in America]. It’s a brick laid neatly to later rationalize why conservative Christians were exterminated unless the environment is forced to shift.

BREAKING: Extreme-left news funnel Salon and its prized spin-master Brian Karem release a two-part series of attack pieces on Americans, asserting that “MAGA and Christian nationalism [are a] bigger threat to America than Hamas.”

While this nauseating claim was introduced in an op-ed article dripping with sensationalist language and published without a single speckle of evidence, the exact sentiment is shared by a disturbing number of the public who neighbor within the same, impermeable bubble of delusion.

This delusion is the emotional reality of a growing segment of the left. Thus, the anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-conservative and anti-God series by Salon contains content worth analyzing.

As Elon Musk once said on the Joe Rogan podcast, we’re witnessing the implosion of America, and it’s an awful lot like watching the Roman Empire collapse (with memes).

The two pieces by Karem, the most recent entitled “MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be,” weaponize the uncertainty and fear in our nation’s atmosphere during the Israel-Hamas war. Experts claim that at this moment, the conflict has a 50-50 chance of escalating into a full-blown world war, and Karem is quick to point fingers at supposed “Christian nationalists.”

“Christian nationalism,” the media’s derogatory, fear-mongering term for individuals who are likely White, possibly pro-Trump, and are certainly Christian, pro-traditional interpretation of the Constitution and conservative in value, are evidently a bigger threat to the U.S. than Islamic terror, according to Karem.

This beckons the question, “A bigger threat to whose U.S.?”

In the messy, discombobulated op-eds, Karem established the GOP as terrorists similar to Hamas, downplayed the attacks by Hamas on Israel, and then expressed a bit of empathy for Hamas. Karem, it seems, is still trying to figure out his own points.

“But unfortunately the world is run by older men who would not abandon their own peace, but are eager to urge younger men and women to do so. They are terrorists like the leaders of Hamas. They are despots like Vladimir Putin. They are men like Donald Trump…” Karem wrote in an article released just days after the initial Hamas attack on Israel.

“Trump and many other politicians in this country are not so different from the craziest leaders in many foreign nations. They preach division. They preach hate. They teach fear,” Karem continued, minimizing the attacks by Hamas to the likes of the “atrocities” (actions) of the GOP.

“Further, there is little or no difference between most of the GOP leadership, including Jim Jordan and Donald Trump, and the leaders of Hamas. Both groups will do anything they can to win.

Both groups have engaged in atrocities. Both groups continue to lie. Both groups use human beings as hostages. Both groups are extremely dangerous. Both groups threaten the world’s internal and external peace.”

“The fact is, many Americans viscerally understand this: Donald Trump and his followers are terrorists,” Karem said.

Evidently, millions of Christian voters literally are terrorists, or terrorist sympathizers voting for terrorists. Following this logic, the majority of our readers are terrorists, and we’re terrorists, according to Karem and Salon. Perhaps salons should stick to nails, rather than “news.”

Interestingly, Islamic terrorist groups have killed more than three thousand Americans on American soil since 2001, while zero “MAGA” groups or Christian groups have committed any terror attacks on our homeland. Yet apparently, Republicans want a “theocracy,” and they “despise free thought and independence.”

Non-Christians should shiver and pale at the sight of cross-wearers because they are deadlier than most terrorist organizations! Even worse, they exist right here, on American soil, voting to protect their rights to existence, representation in politics and freedom of worship in the election cycles.

Christians and Republicans “despise free thought and independence,” wined a radical leftist media organization in a far-left opinion peace.

Of course, any person in possession of even a fiber of media literacy can recognize these writings as calumny designed to broaden the divide in our public.

“Republican leaders are nothing like Hamas. They have killed no one. They have not murdered babies, raped and decapitated women or murdered large swaths of people, like Hamas has — and like Hamas proudly says it will continue doing,” wrote Warner Todd Huston of The Western Journal on Saturday.

“Of course, Karem spent no time at all arguing his point with examples or evidence. He merely stated his hateful accusations as foregone conclusions, as if they were simply facts.”

To provide some context for these op-eds, for nearly a month now, college campuses across the country have championed and demonstrated in favor of Hamas, boldly spouting Antisemitism and hollering for “decolonization,” or “obliterating the white.” This meaning for “decolonization” has long been blatant, but following Hamas’ attack on Israel, the meaning is explicit.

“They want similar murders to happen in this country. They don’t view their enemies as human, and they want them exterminated,” The Daily Wire stated in a recent article.

“For its part, the establishment Left didn’t join in on these calls for violence, at least not directly. But that all changed yesterday, when the online outlet Salon, which passes for mainstream among Leftists, published an op-ed from a journalist named Brian Karem. In no uncertain terms, the point of this op-ed is to justify the murder of the conservatives, and in particular conservative Christians.”

This article, a nearly final symptom of the collective liberal think-tank and the downfall of America, is a call to action. It’s a brick laid neatly to later rationalize why conservative Christians were exterminated unless the environment is forced to shift.

That article, the second of the two by Karem which directly questions the right to existence of God-fearing Republicans, went viral the other day, inducing outrage from normal Americans who live outside of the liberal bubble, including famous names like Elon Musk.

“This is insane,” Elon Musk wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

“These wokesters live in an extremist bubble. It’s funny when they try their talking points outside their bubble and act surprised by how real Americans react,” another poster wrote.

Journalist and author of the hate-pieces Brian Karem has since taken to X to complain about receiving criticism for the op-eds, including “death threats,” he’s alleged. One user suggested he provide evidence these death threats in the posting below.

Karem’s articles provoked anger with good reason. His comparison of Christian conservative voters to Hamas was incredibly stupid and dangerous. We don’t use “stupid” to suggest a lack of understanding or intelligence; his pieces were highly strategic and excellently crafted propaganda. Stupid, in this context, refers to his claims’ inherent baselessness.

For one, Karem claimed Christian conservatives (or so-called “Christian nationalists”) are “anti-democratic.” In a democracy, freedom of thought and expression are the food which fuel its survival. The MAGA movement and Christian conservatives alike have the right to voice their opinions and beliefs, and if anything is “anti-democratic,” it would be the massive conservative censorship within media and social media platforms. This censorship literally prompted Musk to purchase Twitter and reforge it as X.

Labeling these voters as a threat because their ideological stances differ from the leftist world’s preferences undermines the very foundation of our democracy.

Furthermore, Karem portrayed Christian conservatives as “theocratic” for attempting to nonviolently protect their religious values and freedoms. This claim is ludicrous. The most notable event which a select few of them have ever participated in was the January 6, 2021 occupation of the Capitol Building, which was a short-lived and nonviolent occupation that many MAGA voters didn’t even support. Clearly more dangerous to America than Hamas.

Nonviolent protests are an essential element in preserving and checking a true representative democracy, and Christians have every right to exercise this act in order to protect their livelihoods from governmental overreaches.

Violent protests are not a right, and yet the so-called “Summer of Love” riots that occurred in 2020, following the death of George Floyd, included long stretches of violent and destructive acts under the bodies of Antifa and BLM. These groups were massive in scale (100,000 people in total, though not all engaged in violence) and operated under the guise of wanting peace by fighting against racism and police reality, and yet they caused more harm than good to their own communities they claimed to represent.

They attacked and killed innocent people within their own communities, vandalized and destroyed public and private property and wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of Americans who were already in emotional and financial distress from the COVID-19 pandemic. These riots were blatant acts of domestic terrorism.

But according to the left and Salon, people praying to God, reading the Bible to their children, and protecting the unborn are a bigger threat than those who decapitate babies, rape corpses, burn children alive, and cut babies out of their mother’s wombs like Hamas did to over 1400 Israelis. Go figure.

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