Colony Ridge and the Unprecedented Ecological Disaster it Will Soon Cause for Houston

With one strong rainfall, Lake Houston would be the next destination in the route of this bubbling, black-and-green toxic sludge, where it would contaminate our environment and water supply and wreak havoc to every inch of human, plant and animal life it encounters. Lake Houston is the water supply for most residents of Harris County.

Warning: The following story contains graphic images of toxic sludge and biohazard that may be disturbing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

BREAKING: Harris County, TX– Located just outside of Houston, home for nearly 40,000 illegal aliens, and a hub for drug smuggling and sex trafficking, Colony Ridge Communities, known as the “world’s largest trailer park,” is responsible for tens of thousands of gallons of toxic fecal contamination.

According to a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) lab report, this foul, stench biohazard was found in “very strong” levels in water sources and ditches across the housing development and surrounding areas of Liberty County.

With one strong rainfall, Houston could be the next destination in the route of this bubbling, black-and-green toxic sludge, where it would contaminate our environment and water supply and wreak havoc to every inch of human, plant and animal life it encounters.

Fecal contamination, a nasty and potentially deadly phenomenon, can quickly flow downstream during rainfall and eventually find its way into Lake Houston, contaminating Houston and Galveston’s water supply.

Four years ago, the TCEQ began investigating the housing project, and it found sewage seeping from a lift station and sewers in Liberty County’s Colony Ridge development. The environmental agency estimated that Quadvest L.P., the supplier of water and sewage services to Colony Ridge, “released as much as 48,000 gallons of sewage into Maple Branch Creek.”

The next year, independent laboratory testing confirmed fecal contamination in several drainage ditches in Colony Ridge. Furthermore, residents have verified that they have found fecal contamination in other Colony Ridge ditches and streams, too. These residents cited concerns about the frequency of sewage leaks.

These findings occurred four and three years ago, respectively. Since then, the perilous trailer park has more than doubled in size, expanding from 10,000 acres to 20,000 acres today — all without any additional safety measures. Its disturbing current environmental impact and terrifying potential impact have grown exponentially.

But let’s revisit the initial findings, as reported by TCEQ.

The results of the TCEQ investigation are quite alarming. Colony Ridge released 48,000 gallons of contaminated, strongly stenching fecal matter into Maple Branch Creek. This creek then carried black water into the East Fork, and neighbors began noticing fish kills.

TCEQ cited Quadvest for “unauthorized discharge of wastewater which resulted in a documented serious impact to the environment.” The following month, 33 inches of rain fell on the nearby Plum Grove during Tropical Storm Imelda, further carrying this wastewater.

Following TCEQ’s investigation, Eastex Environmental Labs in Cold Springs, an independently contracted lab, collected and analyzed two sets of samples from the filthy colony. The first was for its proud host, Liberty County. The second was for a concerned resident named Maria Acevedo. Both reports concluded “significant fecal contamination.”

In the first test, Eastex gathered samples from a ditch next to County Road 5023 and tested these against a control sample. This site showed 3090 and 3130 units of fecal coliform, which is bacteria that indicates the presence of fecal contamination (i.e., E. coli). The following supporting photos were taken by Maria Acevedo in June of 2020.

In the second photo, you can view toxic sludge rolling through the same ditch.


A second lab report from Eastex Labs, obtained by a reporter at, “found 5120 units of fecal contamination per 100 milliliters in Frances Ditch on 6/19/2020… and the lab told Acevedo that they found ‘very strong fecal contamination.’”

Upon being contacted by concerned residents before these lab samples were taken, that reporter, Bob Rehak, photographed the same ditch on 6/12/2020.

“It’s on the southeast corner of Colony Ridge. While there, I photographed cloudy water bubbling up out of the ground and running down a ditch toward Tarkington Bayou,” Rehak said.

The following image was taken by Rehak. For a full account of the vile photographic evidence he gathered, visit this link.

The contaminated, stenching water and trail of greenish-brown sludge bubbled up through the ground, and then flowed into a ditch toward Tarkington Bayou at the bottom of the hill. Farther down the ditch, contaminated water began pooling and glowing into more greenish-brown sludge, he said.

Rehak revisited the area two days later to find that someone with a bulldozer “attempted to cover up the evidence in the ditch.”

“If the incidents above were isolated, one might dismiss them. But they seem to be part of a larger, recurring pattern that neither Colony Ridge, Quadvest nor Liberty County have stopped,” he said.

A local resident said that the sanitary sewer from the incident above was leaking for more than two months into a ditch, and that the entire residential neighborhood reeked of sewage. While the largely undocumented Hispanic residents of Colony Ridge complain among themselves about the third-worldly, hazardous conditions, few file reports as to not expose their illegal status.

“Meanwhile, the sewage leaks go on. Both Colony Ridge residents and those downstream pay the price,” Rehak reported.

Three and four years after these discoveries, Colony Ridge has more than doubled in size, and neither the colony, nor the sewage facility nor the county have addressed these issues. It will be interesting to see how far its contamination travels when the Greater Houston area ends this period of drought, and the toxic sludge hits us all at once.

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