North Texas Elementary School Teacher Outed on Social Media as “Alarming Racist,” Joked About Killing Sister’s White Boyfriend

North Texas Elementary School Teacher Outed on Social Media as “Alarming Racist,” Joked About Killing Sister’s White Boyfriend

BREAKING— Elementary school teacher in Mesquite Independent School District, east of Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, was fired or let go on Tuesday following viral racist social media postings on X (formerly Twitter), including about shooting a white man with her “four guns.”

The teacher, Danielle Allen, taught third grade at Thompson Elementary School. Circumstances involving her departure from the school are still murky, with some informants citing she was terminated, and others claiming she resigned.

Allen, who is Black, has since deleted her account on X, but her series of shocking posts demonizing white people are still widely circulating. In her posts, she claimed the white race “is the most evil race to ever exist,” and shared texts with her boyfriend, whom she asked to kill her sister’s white boyfriend.

“Come kill him for me,” Allen texted her boyfriend, vowing to destroy her sister’s relationship with a white man. “I’ll help you hide the body.” In a stroke of genius, the teacher shared these text message screenshots in a video clip on her X account.

The disturbingly racist and aggressive elementary school teacher was thrust into the spotlight by Libs of TikTok, an X account that routinely exposes leftist teachers. Allen posted under the pseudonym “Claire King,” and her account showed her saying, “I enjoy being racist! I’m never changing!”

Another highlight from Allen’s charming X account is her bio, where she proclaimed herself a “black supremacist.” This woman has been employed by Mesquite ISD for four years, and she has been entrusted for three years at Thompson Elementary School.

After Allen was exposed for her racist remarks, she expressed strange feelings of security, posting that her “job was safe” and her “employers laughed” at the matter. And Allen wasn’t naive to feel safe; it took multiple reports to the school from concerned community members for the board to actually begin investigating her.

As our readership knows all too well, where pressure is needed to enforce human decency, corruption runs abundant.

“Mesquite ISD began investigating the Thompson Elementary School teacher Monday afternoon after someone tagged the campus in a post, which included some of her comments,” district spokeswoman Laura Jobe said to Dallas News.

Eventually, the district issued the following statement:

“At approximately 4 p.m. yesterday, Mesquite ISD became aware of a series of alarming, racist statements posted to the X (formerly Twitter) account of a teacher at Thompson Elementary. Upon learning of this situation, our Personnel staff began an immediate investigation. As of this morning, the employee is no longer a part of the Mesquite ISD organization and is not eligible for rehire.”

“Due to privacy restrictions, Mesquite ISD cannot comment on the details of Personnel matters,” the statement continued. “Nevertheless, the highly offensive statements posted to her X account do not reflect the values and standards of Mesquite ISD, and the district condemns them in the strongest terms.”

Interestingly, Allen is still certified by the Texas Education Agency, where she may be introduced back into our children’s classrooms in a different school district.

Corey DeAngelis, a school choice advocate, summed our state’s educational crisis up beautifully in an interview with Texas Scorecard.

“The radical left has infiltrated the government school system and they are using it for ideological indoctrination as opposed to education. These extremists see the school system as a means of raising other people’s children with their own values, and they won’t stop without accountability. Parents need to be able to vote with their feet,” DeAngelis said.

“The money should follow the child and should follow them to the education provider that best meets their needs and aligns with their family’s values. Only then will the system cater to the needs of students and their families instead of the other way around. It’s way past time Texas allows families to take their children’s education dollars to the education providers of their choosing.”

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