Harris County Health Quality Takes a Hit, 9-Member Health Board Accepts Underqualified Dr. Cody Pyke as Newest Member

A hospital doctor in Slovakia or Denmark would bring a much-better perspective to the Harris County public health scene than a mediocre, serial-hopping lawyer, i.e., Cody Pyke, who simply has a backup medical degree he has never used.

Political correctness has reached a new low, this time attacking the very foundations of the professions. The publicly funded Harris Health System Board of Trustees has received Dr. Cody Pyke as its newest member. This board has only nine members, but “oversees a $2.3 billion, fully integrated healthcare system that includes community health centers, same-day clinics, multi-specialty clinic locations, a dental center and dialysis center, mobile health units, and two full-service hospitals in Harris County,” according to authorities in Precinct 4, Harris County.

Truncated as Harris Health in everyday speech, the Harris Health System is tasked with “primary, specialty, and hospital care” and has been described by Precinct 4 media as Harris County’s “key safety-net provider for 300,000 indigent and low-income patients.”

Also known as Cody Miller Pyke, Harris Health’s newest trustee claims to be transgender and nonbinary, thus fulfilling the trendy and lucrative T and Q classifications in the LGBTQ+ movement. His first real attempt at full-time work started in 2021, very late in his ten years of serial credentialing. Since 2021, Pyke has switched companies three times, hopping from firm to firm: Hodges & Foty (13 months), Denise Adkison-Brown (5 months), and Hayes Hunter (to present).

Ten years ago, Pyke taught briefly and gave up. He had been given a group of special needs children at a school but held the position for a mere four months. Before that, he had also been given an opportunity to be a choir teacher at a Catholic school but stayed for only ten months. At this St. Anthony Catholic School in the Sisters of Divine Providence tradition, 205 W Huisache Avenue, San Antonio, Texas, he was asked to help sixth- to eighth-grade children with their recreational chorale activities. Pyke created a choir and then ditched it.

Having left the choir and the special needs kids, he began studying at various universities, and re-entered the real world in 2021 with his law clerk position at Hodges & Foty.

Cody Pyke, An Intern to Research Assistant to Public Trustee Story

Commissioner Lesley Briones for Precinct 4 has shocked Harris County watchers with her nomination of Cody Pyke as trustee.

Openly Catholic and an alumna of the Harvard and Yale universities, Lesley Briones has a diligent career in politics and is in all aspects more accomplished than her husband Adan. Lesley is a truly powerful woman with a sharp mind and clear resolve. Therefore, it comes as a surprise that she has decided to appoint Dr. Cody Pyke for Harris Health. Pyke is an under-qualified lawyer posing as a woman and medical sciences expert, but it appears none of that matters when appeasement of the LGBTQ+ movement takes precedence.

Pyke has no work experience in the healthcare scene apart from his stints as intern, program assistant, and research assistant.

As intern, he dabbled around in the Harris County Hospital District division (part-time, 4 months, legal/law, not medical). As program assistant, he spent time at Florida International University in the State University System of Florida (7 months, cell biology, pharmacology). As research assistant, he helped create Covid-19 lockdown protocols (academic work, 27 months, legal/law, not medical).

After spotty engagement with the medical world, he left it all and went to a law firm in 2021. At law, he jumped from one ship to the next and the next, searing his dossier with three law firms in under two years in a clear lack of commitment to the work he does. This man is no different from the young Pyke ten years ago who ran away from choir and special needs children after just a few months here and there.

Dr. Cody Pyke is unique among doctors for his strong theoretical knowledge with no practical full-time experience in the health sciences. This pitfall of going to school and being fearful of actual work comes from a cloistered thinking indicative of an ivory tower background steeped in academic schoolwork within the walls of various universities.

This habit has built a serial school-attendee that finishes one degree after another, without actually putting anything into practice in the real-world landscape of healthcare workplaces and patient recovery. The good news for Cody Pyke is that he gets to call himself Dr. Pyke and receive an appointment to Harris Health trusteeship, a role he is evidently allowed to undertake without experience. An airdropped medical doctor volunteering in the climes of Africa has more right to the trusteeship than Dr. Pyke.

Public Documents Have Begun to Embellish Dr. Pyke

A Precinct 4 report proudly states that Cody Pyke is an “adjunct professor at the University of Houston College of Medicine,” which is blatantly untrue based on all publicly available records from 2014 to 2022 – unless Cody Pyke began teaching there discreetly in the past four months without telling anyone except Commissioner Briones.

What confuses observers even further is the fact he took up a fulltime portfolio with the Hayes Hunter law firm in March of 2023. He insists he still works for Hayes Hunter as of May 2023. This involvement in the world of for-profit lawyering gives him absolutely no time to be a professor at UH, so where exactly is he?

When Cody Pyke moved from law firm to law firm, i.e., from Hodges & Foty to Denise Adkison-Brown and now Hayes Hunter, no university ever received him as a professorial candidate. He was a professor nowhere. When Harris County was creating lockdowns during the Covid-19 crisis (2020-2023), Pyke was merely a research assistant, but true to form, he literally stopped by the end of 2020. Anywhere he went, he never served long. Suddenly in May of 2023, he is a respectable university professor. The question is “how?”

Was Pyke appointed to a professorial position at the University of Houston by Harris County officials in the past two weeks, to bolster his public image in preparation for his new position as trustee on the very small, nine-member Harris Health board? This is a board that governs assets worth $2.3 billion. It is a Harris County government maneuver that brings an underqualified serial schoolboy into a trusteeship position to dilute the expertise of public healthcare leadership in the Houston and Greater Houston metropolitan area.

Cody Pyke, An Inexperienced Lawyer Who Disenfranchises Women

When Precinct 4 released the report celebrating Dr. Pyke’s appointment (Commissioner Lesley Briones Appoints Dr. Cody Pyke to Harris Health System Board of Trustees), Briones had been reiterating her commitment to “science-based medical practices” and a “data-driven” culture that strives to be inclusive, equal, and fair. But the data suggests Dr. Pyke is not so much a doctor, but rather a lawyer, and a very inexperienced lawyer with only a handful of months at this or that firm.

Science furthermore suggests that there is a generally binary reality of gender, that one is either female or male. Dr. Pyke says he knows health but shows a disappointing preference for psychology over biology. He doesn’t seem to understand that you can look pretty and attractive as a guy, without having to change your gender.

Dr. Pyke cannot feign ignorance and get away with it. If he pretends not to acknowledge chromosomal facts, then where did his degree from the Baylor College of Medicine come from? A printing press at a degree duplicator in an attic somewhere? At Baylor, his Human Genetics and Genomics specialized track culminated in an MD. Pyke claims to have spent eight years at Baylor (2015-2022), a medical school that used to be affiliated with Baylor University in Waco from 1903 to 1969, and still enjoys partial affiliation.

Pyke is also a Master of Science in Bioethics and Bioethics Policy, conferred by Clarkson University in 2018. Pyke had diverted his attention to Clarkson from 2016 to 2018, but somehow managed to retain his enrolment with Baylor.

His ability to be in many places at the same time is astonishing. His penchant for an ineffectual four months in one job, five months with another, and a convenient series of transitions from one identity to another (man to woman to nonbinary) has revealed a self-assured destiny centered on getting a job, getting a comfortably well-paying position, and getting governmental recognition for an otherwise unknown existence. For previously, no one knew who Cody Pyke was. Today, Harris County declares him, celebrates him, and gives him trusteeship of public funds.

Dr. Pyke’s dishonesty disenfranchises women everywhere. He has turned the female gender into a free-for-all definition of how one feels. Women are now thrown into the background and glossed over with the addition of men who presume to wear the title of womanhood. How is this bioethically a moral thing to do? As regards the butchering, dismemberment, and mutilation that come with putting underage children through the surgical processes of “sexual reassignment,” how is any of that ethical or bioethical? Is the deliberate proliferation of suffering among children an inevitable outcome of Clarkson University bioethics? Education does not seem to teach people to do good these days.

Pyke should focus on his career in litigation.

Pyke has no experience in the medical sciences, but when it comes to litigation in the areas of medical malpractice and personal injury, Pyke has at least some form of immersion in his hopping from law firm to law firm, and he should focus on helping to sue those medical practitioners who put innocent children under the knife to chop off their breasts and penises. Texas Republicans have been trying to prevent the highly injurious medical malpractice of sex-change mutilation surgery, and Pyke should work with his Hayes Hunter bosses to include medical malpractice cases in his portfolio.

Previously, Pyke had started out as a law clerk in medical malpractice and personal injury at Hodges & Foty. He went from part-time to full-time, but left Hodges & Foty after a while. By the time he arrived at Hayes Hunter, he had begun tackling commercial disputes rather than medical malpractice.

This refusal of his to focus on the discipline of litigating medical malpractice is probably due to the fact sex-change mutilations are usually regarded as medical malpractice across broad sections of the North American and international medical community.

Where To Find a Much Needed Perspective

An elected official put in office by Democrat voter support, Commissioner Lesley Briones followed the LGBTQ+ script faithfully with comments following her appointment of Pyke, “I am incredibly proud to appoint Dr. Pyke to the Harris Health Board… an advocate for health equity and intersectional justice in health care is much needed… Her lived experience as a nonbinary transgender woman will bring a needed perspective to the Board…”

However, the argument is flawed. To “bring a needed perspective to the Board” for the residents of Harris County, a medical professional does not need the right haircut, the right color, or the right gender (female, male, LGBTQ+). A medical professional should rather meet the demands of the profession: quality, pricing, extensiveness.

Quality. Are patients being treated to full recovery after accident, injury, illness, or disease?

And pricing: Are citizens in Harris County given readily accessible quality healthcare at affordable prices that are subsidized by the proper implementation of taxpayer dollars?

And the extensiveness of public healthcare: Can a greater number of foreign nationals pay to use public health options, and are there ways to get non-citizens to help in subsidizing public healthcare in Harris County? A highly extensive healthcare system can be financed by paying customers, and this will enable the system to grow and benefit Americans in Harris County.

All of these strategic planning processes are unfamiliar to a newbie lawyer such as Dr. Cody Pyke with zero full-time experience in the world of professional medical science. How is he now a trustee on the board of the public healthcare system in Houston? He has power over hospitals, clinics, mobile clinics, medical centers, and hundreds of thousands of impoverished Americans. It is the height of corruption that he has been given such power when millions of doctors in Europe and America are more qualified than him.

A hospital doctor in Slovakia or Denmark would bring a much-better perspective to the Harris County public health scene than a mediocre, serial-hopping lawyer, i.e., Cody Pyke, who simply has a backup medical degree he has never used.

Cody Pyke History

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