The Firing of Tucker Carlson. Another Manic Monday. My Inbox is Now Overflowing in Some Very Unusual Ways.

We are certain that by now you have heard Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, widely known as simply “Tucker”, has left Fox News.  According to the ABC News report first read, “TV host Tucker Carlson and Fox News have “agreed to part ways,” Fox said in a statement Monday.

“We thank him for his service to the network,” Fox said in the statement about the top-rated host, which noted that Carlson’s last show was on Friday.

A little history that you may not know:

  • The 53-year old who was born in San Francisco previously worked for CNN, PBS, and MSNBC.
  • Carlson was a contestant on Season 3 of the reality show Dancing with the Stars, which aired in 2006; he was paired with professional dancer Elena Grinenko. Carlson took four-hour-a-day ballroom dance classes to prepare, but was quickly eliminated.
  • He founded The Daily Caller opinion website in 2010 and served as its editor-in-chief until selling his ownership stake and leaving in 2020.
  • He has written three books: Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites (2003), Ship of Fools (2018), and The Long Slide (2021).
  • Beginning with Fox News as a political analyst in 2010 he launched and hosted his own show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, from 2016 to 2023.

Fox News had all of the Top 10 most watched cable news shows during January – March, 2023 per live-plus-same-day data from Nielsen.

Tucker News Tonight fell to the #2 position with 3,246,000 viewers, just shy of The Five broadcast at 5:00pm ET with 3,256,000 viewers. During Q3 2021 Tucker Carlson Tonight had 3,240,000.  So he certainly held on to his audience subsequent to Joe Biden’s inauguration in January, 2021.

A Democrat from 2006-2020, Carlson’s relationship with Donald Trump was very complicated.

He was described by Politico as “perhaps the highest-profile proponent of Trumpism, but was willing to criticize Trump when he believed that the former president was straying from that ideology.

Fox News did not provide a reason for Carlson’s departure. But their mutual Agreement comes nearly one week after a $787.5 million settlement agreement between the network and Dominion Voting Systems, which had accused Fox of knowingly pushing false conspiracy theories that the voting machine company rigged the 2020 presidential election in Joe Biden’s favor, in what Dominion claims was an effort to combat concerns over declining ratings and viewer retention.

The Aftermath

As I should have expected, the Emails received today contain a variety of simple, matter-of-fact reporting and some opportunistic approaches.

For example, Jimmy Kimmel says the Dominion Voting Systems settlement doesn’t go far enough and that Fox News should be forced to publicly APOLOGIZE and acknowledge their wrongdoing to their viewers (which they refuse to do). “We know now for a fact that Fox News hosts and executives did not believe the 2020 election was rigged – but decided to spend years promoting these lies in order to bring in more viewers and drive profits.” And he wants me to cast my vote in his poll to see if I agree…

And Ryan Girdusky asked me to join him in signing a “Thank You Card” for Tucker. Apparently, in 2021 he founded his organization, 1776 Project PAC,  to take back our schools by replacing leftist school board members with brave conservatives. Carlson heard about his plan and had him on his show.  IMMEDIATELY, he had a FLOOD of thousands of brave patriots flocking to support their mission.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if Tucker didn’t give me a chance to come on his show- we wouldn’t have achieved half as much as we did.”

The somewhat politically neutral satirists at The Babylon Bee jumped on the news of the day. Their initial headline, “Fox News Fires The Only Reason People Watch Fox News” was believable. But, then they confessed, “Industry experts believe there are other factors that contributed to the alleged firing, including the fact that the company is too broke to pay him after settling a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems. And they ended their first take with “Progressives are reportedly overjoyed by the move, although many are saying Fox didn’t go far enough by not killing Carlson in addition to firing him. ‘You mean he’s still alive?’ said Congresswoman AOC. ‘Tucker being alive is fascism!'”

Their satire also claimed “Tucker Takes New Role on ‘The View’. “As part of a plan to broaden its audience, the long-running daytime talk show The View has announced former Fox News host Tucker Carlson will be joining the program’s panel. Producers hope Carlson’s presence will both draw new viewers and educate current cast members.” However, “At publishing time, Behar, Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Ana Navarro were considering walking out and reportedly already accusing producers of perpetrating “literal violence” simply by hiring Carlson.”

One of my favorite newsletters, The Patriot Post, did not write about Tucker Carlson and Fox directly today as the news broke too late.

But, they did link to another Babylon Bee article which foreshadowed the result yesterday, ‘The Government Must Shut Down Unapproved News Agencies To Defeat Fascism’.

“In order to defeat fascism, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for the military to shut down news agencies that say anything unapproved by the government.

“It’s like, defeating fascism 101,” said Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. “The government takes control of the nation’s media, then silences all the bad people. Fascism solved!”

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has demanded the government start with banning Tucker Carlson, followed by several other conservative journalists. “We are in literal danger of falling into fascism until the government locks away all the bad journalists,” explained Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. “Look at China – they are like, so safe from fascism. Do you see anything like January 6th happening in China? I don’t think so. Anyone in China who says anything the government thinks could incite violence, is like, disappeared or something. It’s all worth it if we stop just one January 6th.”

Overall, it was very little consolation to also learn that Don Lemon announced in a statement on Monday that he had been fired from CNN, a move that honestly, has been a long, long time in the making.

Again, per The Babylon Bee, ‘Sad: CNN Fires Don Lemon After Realizing He’s Past His Prime’

“He’s just not what he used to be,” said CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht. “When he started out here, he was all flash and charisma and good looks — everything, all rolled into one. But once talent reaches a certain age, you have to start thinking about the future. At this point, he’s just a used-up, frumpy old buzzard who really shouldn’t be on television.”

Lemon was embroiled in controversy earlier this year after expressing an opinion that women in their 50s were no longer in their “prime.” Analysts now believe this was an early indication of Lemon’s diminishing skills. “He clearly lost it,” said one CNN producer. “He’s not that pretty face we met years ago.”

I pray that tomorrow will be a better day, and am looking forward to it!

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