Majority-LGBTQ+ Public School Board in Arizona Targets Arizona Christian University for Their Biblical Views of Traditional Marriage, Sexual Morality and Marriage Fidelity

Majority-LGBTQ+ Public School Board in Arizona Targets Arizona Christian University for Their Biblical Views of Traditional Marriage, Sexual Morality and Marriage Fidelity

The Washington Elementary School District, Arizona’s largest, has terminated the Arizona Christian University’s embedded training process at WESD elementary schools. This termination is meant to kill the University’s link to public schools and disenfranchise university students of the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Discrimination against private universities and private education organizations has grown more strident in recent years, emboldened by public officials who encourage public schools and state universities to adopt a strictly secular, atheistic, and evolutionary worldview.

Part of the evolutionary paradigm is the normalization of LBGTQ+ lifestyles, no longer seen as aberrant and the preferences of the curiously experimental. Instead, the LGBTQ+ idea has become a community, and later, a political force, and now, an economic juggernaut capable of taking over funding, ousting public educators who happen to be straight, and choosing who goes hungry and who does not. Effectively, the power to decide who lives or dies is now in the hands of LGBTQ+ professionals.

Political Motivations No Longer Hidden from Public View

Government in Arizona has never been consistently Republican, despite the caricatured southwestern outlook of the state and its country vibe. Janet Ann Napolitano–D, now Intelligence Advisor to President Biden, was Governor of Arizona from 2003 to 2009, and Katie Hobbs–D recently took office in January of 2023 as presumed Governor after wrestling the gubernatorial contest away from Kari Lake–R.

In the Washington Elementary School District, Tamillia Valenzuela came to power in January 2023 as well and wasted no time in canceling the long-running contract between Arizona Christian and Washington Elementary. Unlike many seasoned politicians, Valenzuela and her* team were very candid about their political motivations.

*Note: “Her” is used here for editorial purposes as a shorthand. There is no certainty as to what pronoun to implement. Tamillia Valenzuela identifies as genderqueer (the Q in LGBTQ+), meaning there is fluidity of identity between female and male, or a transcendence of both genders, or an assumption of both genders, and these phases can shift at any point in time. As such, “her” is only used as a pronoun of archaic British English in this report and is not meant to disparage Valenzuela’s preference at any given time. In other words, we don’t know what to do, and we cannot possibly use “it” as a pronoun, because we only refer to machines and inanimate objects as “it.”

Valenzuela expressed her viewpoints at the cancellation meeting that ultimately cut ties with the University, “(If these Arizona Christian University trainees) influence people to be biblically minded, how does that hold space for people of other faiths?” When she realized that other faiths also encourage healthy heterosexual marriages, she quickly added her real motive, “How does that hold space for our members of the LGBT community?”

In a quick save meant to correct her sudden mention of other faiths and rectify her rhetorical gaffe, Valenzuela inadvertently made another blunder of inclusion-exclusion: her LGBT failed to include her own confessed people – the genderqueer community (Q). Such exclusion only serves to cast doubt on whether she is truly genderqueer. With the traction afforded by being L, or B, or Q in an election race, the fight to win votes among a misled public can motivate candidates to claim an LGBTQ+ identity – even if falsely.

Public Schools In WESD Have Counted On Arizona Christian University For 11 Years

Arizona Christian University is a small faith-based university with about a thousand students, situated in Glendale, Arizona since 2019 on a former campus of the Arizona State University. Glendale is 10 miles northwest of the state capital, Phoenix.

Among its impressive range of offerings, the University teaches Business Administration, Child Development, Marriage and Family Therapy, Communication, and Political Economy, with minors in Supply Chain Management, Film Studies, and Computer Programming (in partnership with Google). The Elementary Education program has been something WESD schools counted on for more than 11 years since the University’s refounding in 2011 under college president Len Munsil–R, who was Republican candidate for the Governorship of Arizona in the 2006 race against Janet Napolitano–D.

Despite the rigor of the Elementary Education training system developed by Arizona Christian University, WESD elementary schools have tried to save on costs by absorbing only a handful of Arizona Christian University trainees over the years. Prior to Valenzuela’s complaints in 2023, only twenty-five university students participated in WESD schools in 11 years. Of these, seventeen persons chose to be hired on as full-time teachers after graduating from Arizona Christian.

As public schools become increasingly non inclusive toward Christians, numbers of embedded trainees who hold Christian or traditional family principles will only continue to fall. By 2023, three seats on the WESD’s five-member Governing Board have fallen into LGBTQ+ hands. This is an LGBTQ+ majority in elementary school leadership where 60% of decisions can be expected to favor an exclusion of heterosexual rights and values. Furthermore, the power of a simple majority of 60% will often mean a 100% bias in favor of LGBTQ+ doctrines and preferences, as numerically inadequate members get overridden.

The Washington Elementary School District is extremely transparent with its pro-LGBTQ+ favoritism and how much money it gets to play around with year on year. The District gains approximately 200 million USD in yearly revenue, which it does not use to build bridges or a tech factory. Somehow, two or three interns from Arizona Christian University seem too exorbitantly expensive for WESD to afford.

On his part, University President Len Munsil tells us why. The Arizona Christian University has a “biblical, conservative mission and authentic Christian community,” he remarks, and points to this as the reason why it “continues to draw students from all over America and the world.” Munsil is married, and Dr. Tracy Munsil mothered eight children and is a PhD in Political Science (Arizona State University).

The Munsil’s, their life of love, and their tertiary educational endeavors have received positive endorsements by prominent Republicans such as John McCain and George W. Bush.

Not a Lack of Sufficient Funds, just a Lack of Sufficient Immorality

Arizona Christian University’s exclusion from the public-school scene by WESD officials comes as a result of the University’s brazen lack of immorality. The University’s published teachings on “traditional sexual morality and lifelong marriage between one man and one woman” were cited as the primary basis for the sudden termination of embedded training for Arizona Christian undergraduates. Christians are too openly moral, too publicly in love with commitment and marital fidelity, and too focused on traditional romance.

Nikkie Gomez-Whaley, also a Board Member with WESD, stated that the University has a “strong anti-LGBTQ stance” and that this led to undergraduates believing “this to your core and you take it out into the world.” Gomez-Whaley has decided to deploy state and para-state powers to suppress and delete Christianity and applied her powers as presiding chair to exclude Arizona Christian University after hearing Valenzuela’s complaints.

Whaley joined the Board in 2021 and allowed Arizona Christian to stay for about two years. She now says she is “embarrassed” by Arizona Christian University’s involvement in WESD on her watch. Fellow colleague Kyle Clayton agrees. “(Arizona Christian University’s) beliefs gave me pause because I just do not believe that (traditional sexual morality and lifelong marriage between a man and a woman) belong in schools.”

“The district doesn’t want any student with two dads to feel shamed by a teacher,” adds WESD hired attorney Robert Haws, who is defending the Board’s non inclusive treatment of Arizona Christian University students. Haws is likely doing his job with significant pay. The district has a 200-million-dollar allocation to find uses for, and legal fees are a logical expense for Board Members such as Valenzuela, Clayton, and Whaley.

When Traditional Values on Sex and Marriage are Relegated to the Category of “Faith”

The five members of the WESD Board were unanimous in their vote and re-classified traditional morality as an issue of “faith” rather than culture. “While we recognize the right of individuals to practice their faith, public schools are secular institutions. To that end, the board unanimously voted to discontinue its partnership with Arizona Christian University.”

Such is the audacity of the radical Left in their infringement of basic legal precedents, such as this instance of blatant discrimination against traditional American values on sex and marriage. Despite the Board’s claims to inclusion and diversity, they simply cannot bring themselves to include traditional Christians.

Traditional Christians led the precursor Colonies of eastern America and founded the United States. But these facts do not seem to matter to WESD officials. They are actively disobeying their own nondiscrimination policy that claims to accept everyone regardless of “sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.” Valenzuela, Clayton and Whaley are clear. If you are straight in terms of sexual orientation, and you have a biological gender identity, and you like to tell people you’re a woman when you’re a woman, you are not acceptable.

But the ideological posturing by WESD officials is likely less than important and belies a financial reality. Rather, the leaders of the WESD seem very much focused on operating a scam to fleece taxpayers of public-school funds. Cutting back on having to recruit the best in the teaching profession is one of the most time-tested methods to save on expenses. This is a curious move, of course, considering how there is an ongoing lack of sufficient teachers for elementary schools in Washington Elementary jurisdiction, but a whopping 200 million United States dollars in revenue each year for the past ten years.

University President Len Munsil is not unfamiliar with the money-grabbing antics of the radical Left. In 2006, he lost to Janet Napolitano–D, who reigned as Governor from 2003 to 2009. Napolitano went to California afterwards and presided as University of California system president till summer of 2020. In March that year, she began the process of revoking the enrollments and visas of dozens of graduate students at UCSC because they had been protesting the weak stipends of the University. The graduate students had been tasked with teaching undergraduates for low pay, and many of the graduate students were paying 45-60% of their stipends on rent/accommodation alone.

Therefore, when WESD officials such as Valenzuela, Clayton and Whaley claim they defend the LGBTQ+ movement by cutting off Arizona Christian University, the WESD looks incredibly suspicious. The deletion of Arizona Christian University from WESD rosters keeps the district from having to pay each undergraduate learner for 405 hours of work. Three university students will of course mean an expense of 1,215 hours. Tens of thousands of U.S. dollars, saved, simply by cutting off the Arizona Christian University program.

Such cost-saving measures are unconscionable, especially with regards to the funding available at places like WESD and the University of California. The lies and smokescreens erected by the officials at Arizona’s Washington Elementary School District are of little use and do not conceal the ultimate truth: it is financial corruption. They pretend to be the G or Q in LGBTQ+ or appeal to some fashionable cliché of wanting inclusion while simultaneously excluding traditional Christians. But the agenda of the WESD is unmistakable. It is about the money, and existing WESD schoolteachers have resigned, having noticed the corruption right away and wanting no part of it. More than sixty teachers have resigned or are in the process of resigning.

It is no wonder so many parents are switching over to private schools.

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