Securing Schools and Churches: Citadel Security Forces and Aaron Coker Bring Robots to the Forefront

Bad people will always procure firearms, upgrade their existing ones, or warehouse large amounts that build overwhelming odds against the innocent. Law enforcement can barely keep up, and good civilians are either slow in acquiring their own firearms for self-defense or eschew learning or training for effective use of firearms. As schools and places of worship remain woefully exposed to the whims and fancies of evil people, early detection and heightened monitoring can save lives.

Houston-based Aaron Coker wants to help protect schools and churches in this tumultuous time and brings south Texans a unique combination of solutions to the fight. Sleek and modern guard-dog technology has come together with robotic patrols to help nab suspicious characters and focus the energies of security personnel and police officers on blind spots, odd patterns, and safety loopholes.

Coker remarks that such technology “serves our community by providing AI-powered robotic security… all of our robots come with gun detection which is a great way to keep our schools and churches safe.” He leads Citadel Security Forces, and has wall-mounted (ROSA), door-side (AVA), and mobile robotic (ROAMEO) options to keep premises proficiently monitored during events, functions, sessions, classes at school, et cetera.

Roameo is particularly eye-catching because of the high level of sophistication that has gone into the design process. Roameo is a roaming mobile electronic officer operating at about 12 mph and patrols thoroughfares, walkways, avenues, and campus grounds to bring real-time, high-definition information to an understaffed security department. Ava and Rosa are static options that protect access to buildings, office floors, auditoriums, or church sanctuaries, by scanning potential occupants and asking for identity verification.

Human guards, whether armed or unarmed, can respond with exactitude upon detection of threats, and the machines will have helped concentrate the efforts of campus police or office tower security.

As churches grow into megachurches with the success of evangelistic missions, the Christian community in Houston will benefit from tech like Ava and Rosa, which look out for firearms among congregants and attendees. Not all who go to services, events, and functions can be counted on to be bona fide. Ava and Rosa help enhance security on premises by scanning people at doorways and in enclosed spaces, and looking out for loitering behavior, firearms, or wanted faces. Colleges and universities can track attendance as well as rely on IDs and facial recognition, especially with Ava’s request for identity documentation such as a driver’s license scan or student registration card, before allowing access to protected spaces.

Roameo’s mobility helps in parking lots and large garages, as well as in crowded spaces of more than two hundred people. This is a robot that spots suspicious vehicle license plates, and provides anyone in need of help with a call-for-assistance function. Roameo is equipped with panic buttons and can double as a friendly neighborhood concierge, displaying campus news, the latest weather, map directions, and profit-generating advertising. Larger in girth than an average person and weightier in mass, Roameo is securely built with no exposed parts, and possesses a presence that cannot be easily compromised.

Trees, power posts, and skateboarders or bystanders will not be able to confuse Roameo, but faces will be recognized and captured, and known characters cannot hope to avoid detection. Roameo remembers routes, environments, times of day, and patterns of behavior, and can draw on existing information wirelessly on a cellular network.

Citadel Security technology such as Ava, Rosa, and Roameo will help remove blind spots from areas of campus that are less than safe and create a more conducive feedback loop for campus security personnel. While it is impossible to root out all bad people and prevent them from being in the state of Texas, it is very much possible to detect them and stop them from doing harm, and robots such as Ava, Rosa, and Roameo help build a viable and efficient frontline.

See more of Rosa, Ava, and Roameo at Citadel Security Forces and call Aaron Coker at 281.944.8144

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