Wayne Dolcefino and Jim McIngvale Tackle Election Fraud in Harris County, Case Sheds Light on the Fight to Preserve American Values and Voting Transparency

Wayne Dolcefino and Jim McIngvale Tackle Election Fraud in Harris County, Case Sheds Light on the Fight to Preserve American Values and Voting Transparency

Famous African-American attorney Oliver Jason Brown – styled Downtown Oliver Brown in the popular press due to his 4141 Southwest Freeway location in metropolitan Houston – told Harris County officials about the lack of adequate paper ballots, but was ignored in the lead-up to Election Day Tuesday (November 7, 2022).

He has since filed a lawsuit – active to this day – that points to how Harris County Elections Commission professionals deliberately kept equipment and paper ballots from reaching polling stations, and chose to hold off on some polling stations – keeping them shut, and opening them late, as well as keeping some polling locations open way past lawful operating hours.

Several legal firms and news outlets have singled out former Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria and Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum for these failures. African-American Clifford Tatum used to work elections in the American northeast and created a fiasco of “long lines, multiple ballot errors and malfunctioning equipment.” Caucasian Isabel Longoria is an avid LGBTQ+ practitioner, a non-Republican, and served with the LGBTQ Advisory Board for the Mayor of the City of Houston.

In regards of these serious violations of electoral ethics, such as paper ballot shortages, suppression of the voting public, and lawsuits active against Harris County’s elections authorities, acclaimed home improvement entrepreneur Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale of Gallery Furniture has joined forces with Dolcefino Communications to bring election fraud into the spotlight again – lest Harris County forgets and the Democrats get to run off scot-free, permanently.

McIngvale And Dolcefino Join Forces

The case of James McIngvale, Wayne Dolcefino, and Dolcefino Communications, LLC DBA Dolcefino Consulting v Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office was filed on Monday, February 13, 2023 at 9:43 p.m. with Marilyn Burgess, Harris County District Clerk. Despite the name, Burgess is the leader of five hundred staff members who are public servants for the legal profession in Harris County and her portfolio tasks her with the responsibility of a forty-million-dollar state budget.

In case 2023-09400, the unethical behavior of the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office is described in careful detail, such as the withholding of information from the public and how the Office even sought the help of the Texas Attorney General to enforce the withholding of information, including records concerning the failures of voting machines in Texas.

As it stands, the Attorney General is torn between two opposing sides: radical leftists who use various instrumentalities to stifle the flow of information, and American patriots who hope to declassify important records and stop fraudulent activity once and for all.

Aubrey R Taylor, anti-fraud activist, with Wayne Dolcefino of Dolcefino Communications

Investigative media specialist Wayne Dolcefino worked as an investigative reporter for 27 years and brings with him a gusto seldom seen in today’s politically-correct media landscape. In an interview with Katy Christian Magazine, Dolcefino remarked solemnly, “Truth is worth fighting for,” and expressed disappointment with the mainstream media narrative.

In the midterms (2022), “ballots were shorted,” said Dolcefino, “and in principally Republican precincts.” There were multiple locations where individuals and families showed up on Election Day to vote – only to be greeted with election workers who denied them the right to vote. They “couldn’t vote,” Dolcefino points out. Voters who met with shut stations, lack of ballots, or instructions to go elsewhere were thus tempted to just give up. This is voter suppression in the United States of America.

The Corruption Runs Deep

Wayne Dolcefino describes the situation with algebraic sensibilities. He remarks, “If you have an x number of registered voters in a Republican-leaning area, for instance, say, 60,000 people; and you have only 600 ballots to give, how is anyone supposed to vote properly?” This is analogous to how Republican supporters have been systematically disenfranchised across the entire nation, and reveals how electoral democracy is being nefariously crushed by the officials who manage elections in various counties.

Harris County is prepared to spend “hundreds and thousands of dollars hiring private law firms to fight election challengers,” says Dolcefino, “because we do not just want free and fair elections. They need to be transparent!” Patriotic Americans who want a strong domestic economy, reliable energy and protection of womb life have noticed how elections are being stolen, but their voices are being buried by law firms who know the power of the pen in the civic arena.

The fight is difficult, but Jim McIngvale and Wayne Dolcefino are undaunted. Dolcefino says, “I do not care for the color of skin on people. I want justice. Only that.” He has a well-developed view of the world and stands by tried and tested methods such as national voter IDs. “Yes, I absolutely like it,” he offers, when presented with passport-like options such as a national voter ID for citizens of the United States.

Presently, election fraud takes place easily due to the fact many non-citizens obtain driver’s licenses despite a lack of citizenship, and driver’s licenses are all that is required to get voting cards – and hence the illegitimate right to vote. Even so, there are many people who vote without driver’s licenses or identification of any kind – a serious shortcoming that does not exist in other electoral democracies outside of North America.

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