School Debacle: Alexander Hamilton Boycotted in Montgomery County as “Marginal” While LGBTQ+ Children’s Books Advanced as “Highly Recommended”

School Debacle: Alexander Hamilton Boycotted in Montgomery County as “Marginal” While LGBTQ+ Children’s Books Advanced as “Highly Recommended”

In the latest scandal to emerge in public schools, this time in yet another Montgomery County (Maryland, U.S. Northeast), American founding father Alexander Hamilton has been deemed unimportant for learners in more than 130 elementary schools and over 60 middle and high schools within its purview. But transgender (crossing over into the opposite sexual identity) and intersex (claiming that one can belong to two sexes at once, or transcend the sexes) are regarded by Montgomery County Public Schools as perfectly safe to teach children ages 5–18.

The Magnolia Independent School District in Montgomery County (Texas), north of Houston, Harris County was exposed this new year when its efforts to keep gaudy content and unnecessarily lascivious literature on school shelves became a grave concern for parent groups. What’s different about the Maryland case is that it affects ten times the number of students. Estimates put the district’s students at about 160,000 names, while Magnolia ISD enrolls around 15,000.

A biography published last year (2022) entitled Alexander Hamilton: From Immigrant Boy to Father has been spurned by the Maryland school district, the state’s largest, despite it being offered for free by a rightist/right-wing conservative publisher as part of the latter’s efforts to showcase towering figures in American history. Hamilton’s immigrant origins, including his birth into poverty and how he moved to North America and became a major political leader and essayist apparently did not impress decision makers in Montgomery County. The school district has called the book “marginal” and explained in euphemistic language how the exposition in the book does not represent the ideal society the school district wants to build.

Highly Recommended Reading Revolves Around Confusing Kids, Instead Of Empowering Them

My Rainbow, Prince and Knight, and Pride Puppy are some of the curiously unhelpful books being advanced front and center as classroom reading material for kids as young as 5–10. These books do not teach a love for animals, good stewardship of the natural environment, or the loyalty of a battle-weary soldier for his lord. The book titles explain nothing.

Instead, Prince and Knight teaches the homosexual romance between a knight and his prince, gaining thus a “Highly Recommended” rating from Montgomery County Public Schools. In stark contrast, Alexander Hamilton’s humble birth in the Lesser Antilles (Caribbean tropics) and his abolitionist fight and concurrent efforts to build a viable national economy for the United States are apparently no longer noteworthy in the American northeast.

Hamilton is also praised by modern scholars for what has become known as the American School of economic thought. His concepts of industry resided in helping to nurture nascent enterprises in the early United States by imposing tariffs on imports, so that American goods can gain traction in America. His protectionist policies are emulated by many conservative politicians today. 

Hamilton’s storied legacy, and how he and his peers kept the nation together in the lead-up to its founding would have been good for many a Maryland classroom. It is unfortunate the way innocent children have to be made to endure unethical books such as Pride Puppy, which introduces the words intersex, drag queen, and drag king for readers who have no need of these spurious identities at their age and likely should never have to, no matter how old they get in life. My Rainbow is more adventurous with its terminologies and teaches the words transgender and cisgender.

School Used to Be More Useful

America used to teach trans and cis in a mostly geographical context, i.e., Transjordan and Cisjordan. The kingdom of Transjordan later evolved into the modern state of Jordan. Cisjordan reverted to the name Palestine. 

Which is more useful for kids: to learn about Transjordan, Cisjordan, Palestine, the Middle East, camels, dates, and irrigation of desert agriculture; or why we as a people suddenly have the spare time to have our children ponder cross-dressing as a lifestyle and adopt it as a form of educational study?

Alexander Hamilton became a United States politician and advocated for slaves who later founded the sovereign state of Haiti. His ability to create jobs for ordinary Americans meant that families did not have to needlessly suffer, and his position on responsible governance was one that promoted infrastructure investments and government spending on industrial and agricultural production. His ideas are key to efficient and large-scale skytrain and transportation infrastructure for the modern world, and government’s duty toward farmers and new industries. Hamilton’s ideology is usually only half-heartedly implemented in contemporary times.

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