Building Men, Raising Sons: Texas’ Largest Campout

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the annual Intense Men event at Jordan Ranch. Every spring approximately 2,000 men, young and old, descend on the rural community of Schulenberg, Texas for the state’s largest father-son campout.

Started in 2010, Intense Men is a three-day campout where our focus is to restore biblical masculinity in the lives of fathers and sons from all nations. Men come from across the globe and throughout the United States to pitch their tent and learn life skills. Through sports competitions, campfires, and powerful speakers, we draw out purpose by re-establishing identity and affirmation.

In 2023 the event takes place from March 16 – 18 and registration is open now. This year is Intense Men International where men from all over the world will come celebrate and educate attendees about different cultures. You will leave with global relationships! Speakers will share practical wisdom and real-life experience on topics like marriage, fathering, being fearless in the face of adversity, money, finding your place, and leaving a legacy greater than you. While some fathers and sons come on their own, others come as part of large church groups. All are welcome and there’s plenty of room on the 85 acres provided by Jordan Ranch. Nestled in the rolling hills of south-central Texas, Jordan Ranch includes a large, stocked fishing pond, woods for paintball, two swimming pools and much more!

We started Intense Men as a catalyst to restoring manhood. I think we can all agree that men today are looking for purpose, identity, and strength. At one time in our society, being a father and a leader was admirable. Being a man meant providing, protecting, teaching, and giving direction to your family. Sacrifice was a common trait. Strength meant standing up for what’s right, no matter the cost. Courage was protecting the weak; and fighting for justice and honor was a way of life. As the male figure has been emasculated over time, we see the results manifesting in the social ills that are now commonplace in our nation. Skyrocketing incarceration rates, violence, division, massive drug addiction, divorce, and most of all fatherlessness.

Intense Men was created to equip and encourage men to take their place as leaders, fathers, husbands, and sons. Our purpose is to gather men and give them the tools to lead in their homes, jobs, and communities. We provide an atmosphere where men can compete, teach, learn, bond, and simply be men. You come as you are but leave forever changed. The stories of lives that have been transformed increase every year.

Though Intense Men is known as a father-son event, many men come just to be in an environment that celebrates the role of men and biblical masculinity. You do not have to be a father or bring a son to attend! Gather your team of men, whoever they are, and come camp! I encourage you to mark your calendar and join us in March. You can click here to register online. You won’t regret it and you will see the fruit for generations. Let’s change the world–together.

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Pastor GF Watkins

G.F. Watkins is an international leader, author, speaker, and church planter. He is the founder of Jordan Ranch retreat center and has planted churches in Texas, Africa, and Peru. As the founder and leader of The Genesis Team, he now oversees and trains ministry leaders worldwide. A one-time All-American athlete and coach, G.F. has used the principles and patterns learned in athletics to encourage, motivate, strengthen, and mobilize thousands. He is considered an authority in the area of Men’s Ministry and on the topic of fatherlessness and has authored 6 books. Visit for more information.