Make this Next Season of Life a Great One

Enjoyable weather is coming soon. For many parts of the country September through November offers many pleasant days. Don’t waste them by spending all your time starring at the television or Facebook. You still have some life to live. Spending four or five hours a day watching what everyone else is doing is a waste of your time. 

There are programs you enjoy and news events that grab our attention. There are a few people you enjoy keeping up with via social media. After this, get a life. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with your head bent down starring at a tablet or a cell phone? You might get to a point where all you can do is sit in your chair and stare at the television. 

I’ve seen many good people who at the end of their lives who could do nothing but watch television or stare into space.  Often our bodies get to where that’s all we can do. Is this all you can do now? Consider your daily options.

Stop throwing your life away doing nothing. Have verbal conservations with people on the telephone. You can overdo this as well but it’s at least human interaction. Keep moving, stretching and exerting yourself. Plan your meals and eat as healthy as possible and don’t overeat. Save some for your next meal. You’ll live till the next one. 

Go somewhere when you can. Going someplace is better than no place. A change of pace and being outdoors is mentally good for you. Your travel may be across the street, but the key is to move and get out. 

You will get depressed if all you are doing is eating, starring at your cell phone and flipping television channels. If you are physically able, work ten to twenty hours a week. Somebody will hire you. 

Everyone needs something to do, someone to talk to and something to look forward to doing. You also need someone to love and first you always have God. God loves you now and if you’ll open your heart, he will fill your life with his love. There are people to love. Love your family, love friends, love people at work and church. Love the people with whom you socially gather. 

Some people aren’t easy to love, and some are impossible. Keep in mind that all things with God are possible. Keep your heart filled with God’s love. Love yourself. You can’t love others very well if you don’t love yourself. Forgive and take care of yourself. You’ll then have something you can give others, love and kindness. 

It’s sad to be around bitter people who have never resolved life’s issues and embraced their own lives. Everyone has potential to excel and achieve. Too often people get bogged down with failures and are totally destroyed. Some failures are just events in your life in which you will learn about you and others. You can use failure to grow, reposition and redevelop your life. 

You know what the political candidates are saying. You don’t have to spend hours watching political ads unless you are bored stiff.

Enjoy the season. Make this next one a great one!

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Dr. Glenn Mollette

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a graduate of numerous schools including Georgetown College, Southern and Lexington Seminaries in Kentucky. He is the author of 13 books including Uncommon Sense, Grandpa's Store, Minister's Guidebook insights from a fellow minister. His column is published weekly in over 600 publications in all 50 states. Hear Dr. Glenn Mollette every weekday morning at 8:56 EST on XM 131 radio.