Tell The Left They Are Wrong, Recreational Abortion Is Wrong 

Swooping in on Asian countries like a cohort of crazed scientists with death rays, Democrats and Libertarians are the truly vicious racists – make no mistake. Their teachings are horrible. At the rate they’re going, they’re getting all the needless deaths they’ve ever wanted: the deaths of babies all over the world, and in every race there is. The movement for lifestyle-based abortion, or recreational abortion, has flooded every corner of the globe. Democrats and Libertarians have presumed to improve upon Western culture by undoing all of it, and their “new Western culture” has such a huge disdain for life – it actually scares us. 

The Caucasian universe is not a monolithic whole. The Republicans and Democrats who debate each other in the public sphere are veritably Caucasian among themselves, and people of many races populate both parties, so there really isn’t a racial predictor for politics. 

After the Lev LaLev scam used the death of my father as a way to con his widow and children, and wiped out our life savings, I sought the help of a Jewish Masorti committee. But I was severely reprimanded by the leadership of this Californian synagogue – I was an entire ‘other’ in their opinion, and my love for the innocence and sanctity of human life conflicted with their vocal and glossy support for recreational abortion. Their disdain for Republicans such as me clouded their sense of what’s right and wrong, and they could not bring themselves to address the inhumane nature of the Lev LaLev scam. 

When the Jewish Masorti leaders went on the offensive against my East Asian genetic composition and Republican values, I was stunned. Subsequently I tried to figure out why their love for abortion became something they wanted to punch me with. I soon discovered that in any given period of fifteen to eighteen months, there can be more than ten thousand abortions in Israel alone – surely there weren’t ten thousand rape cases in Israel during the same period? Therefore it must be deduced that the vast majority of abortions took place, legally, for reasons that were recreational, i.e. convenient, expedient, and lifestyle-oriented. 

Major Jewish news agencies report Pew findings that suggest upwards of 80% of America’s Jews support recreational abortion. The agencies often present these findings in glowingly celebratory language – not dismay. 

Recreational abortion is the worst Democrat export ever 

It is as if there is no such thing as a proud Asian/Hispanic/Caucasian mother who loves her man and the life growing within her. The Democrats have clearly run out of options when it comes to killing: first they took out Native Americans, and when that wasn’t enough, they blocked African Americans from emancipation. Now they hope to live easy lives by stomping on their own babies, and getting other races to follow suit. This is very National Socialist of them. Hitler killed people of his own racial type, i.e. Germans, especially those whom he thought unworthy, and he also sent the sons of Germany to the frontlines to wage an unnecessary and stupid war. 

He opened fire on the soldiers of the continent, in every nation and tribe. Hitler killed Caucasians all over Europe. Furthermore, he killed Jews who for the most part were categorically Caucasian as well. The Jews certainly weren’t African, Austronesian, or East Asian. He aborted Jewish babies, and when surgeries got expensive, simply sent pregnant mothers to the chambers, ending both child and mother. 

Characterizations that paint Hitler as a racist are grossly inaccurate; rather, he was a eugenicist, and he believed in racial betterment through the weeding out of members of his own race. Such thinning and trimming invariably extend to the next easy thing: the abortion of womb life, with the concurrent pseudoscience that a pregnancy does not qualify as human life. 

Many mothers in Asia and the West love their children very much, and enjoy family life most tremendously – now this is something that raises the ire of leftists, who are adamant the family is a prison and marriage is jail. 

Left-wing positions are life-negating and deeply immoral

In the modern age, the support for recreational abortion among the Jewish people is the strangest phenomenon ever, particularly when juxtaposed with the German American demographic and its overwhelming support for life. The uninformed would have assumed that the ‘evil German’ hates life and wants to end it, and that the ‘frail Jew’ cherishes life and fights to sustain it, no matter how weak it is. Yet the realities of the sociopolitical landscape point to what’s true: the roles are most certainly reversed, and a huge cross-section of Jewish Americans feel comfortable as Democrats. 

If you’ve ever wondered why it is so difficult to speak to Jews about the errors of recreational abortion, much of the angst that simmers in the Jewish mind is centered on the fact they do not prefer to work with German Americans and Anglo-Saxon Protestants. The Jewish mind has taken the pains of WWII to the extent of rejecting the Republican Party just because it features many faces that look German American or Anglo-Saxon Protestant. 

While the Democratic Party is the largest inheritor of Nazi legacies, and is the world’s most advanced National Socialist organization, the Jewish people often do not perceive that, because the Democratic leaders make a successful effort to window-dress their operations with a diversity of races. Hitler himself was very diverse, and welcomed the Japanese and the Arabs as fellow conspirators with the Nazi Party in the push to enslave the world. 

The Republican Party by comparison has made no artificial efforts to boost its image, and does not possess the same well-oiled machinery. The Anglo-Saxon Protestant look, or German American demeanor of the Republican Party is not a flaw by any stretch, but it is sufficient enough to scare the Jewish mind into an apprehensive regard for Republicans and everything they stand for. 

Many Americans have an overwhelming support for life, but they do not go around boasting of their virtue. Perhaps it is time for Americans to talk loudly about the virtues they cherish, so that the American light does not stay hidden under layers of unhelpful humility. 

Choose your politics based on what’s good, right, and true, not race or ratios 

But, what Republicans stand for should have been enough. The love for Israel, for life, and for the Maker of the heavens and earth should have been enough to assure the Jewish mind that the German-descended and European Americans of the Republican Party are benign and some of the best friends a Jew could ever have in a postwar world. The beliefs of the Republicans of America prove that they are not Nazis at all, but are in fact the very opposite of Nazism, and that the Democratic Party is the Nazi juggernaut that masquerades as an amicable friend of society. 

It does not matter if Democrats and Libertarians look more ‘multiracial’ in their ethnic composition. Race and ratios matter less; values and virtues matter more. 

The Palestine High Command contacted me recently in their characteristic fury, because I had been in many public meetings in Malaysia (the sort that allowed anyone to waltz in from the street and attend), and there in one of them I had praised Ivanka Trump’s character and poise, calling her “what a nice Caucasian girl.” It is no secret I want her to lead America as President and commander of the armed services. 

Unfortunately, the Palestine High Command, functionally known as the State of Palestine with UN status, has taken issue with my adoration for the Caucasian people. These Palestinians and their friends hurl insults at me, calling my positive attitude “white love,” “support for white racism,” and “Caucasian supremacy.” These labels are sometimes plastered on me by Caucasian folks, no less. 

When you have tremendous love for Chinese babies, Caucasian babies, Jewish babies, Tamil Indian babies, Arab babies, Australian Aboriginal babies and so on, the proper name for such a heart is simply ‘human love.’ Any true Republican recognizes this immediately. It needs no theorizing, no legalese, and no justification. It is simply a love for people. 

Life, a strong Israel, and the Maker of the heavens and earth – these are Republican passions, and they should have been more than sufficient to assure the Jewish mind. 

Speak out against cultural decay 

Recreational abortion is not yet the defining characteristic of Caucasian culture, even though it does look it – most global abortion efforts are visibly spearheaded by Western organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the American Jewish World Service, et cetera. But there are large Christian organizations that are Western as well, and centered on the virtues of the Almighty. Privately, learn to pray against the leftist foes in your city and state. 

Publicly, speak up and speak out. I have been met with the most vicious of Democrats who happen to be of ancestral European origin. “Recreational abortion is your version of Western culture,” I begin, “But the Republican Caucasians are not like you. You do not represent Western culture, and you’re not helping the world at all.” 

If you come across a non-Caucasian individual who advocates the left, say this: Recreational abortion destroys Western culture. Why do you do this? Stop what you’re doing, and help America rebuild. 

If you encounter a Jewish person who hates Republicans and identifies with Democrats or Libertarians, say something, and don’t keep quiet. “Recreational abortion destroys Western and Jewish cultures,” you should remind your audience, “So why do this at all? Stop what you’re doing, and help the world heal. Tikkun olam is founded on life (ḥai), not death.” 

Recreational abortion is not what Western culture should evolve to be

“Recreational abortion is not what Western culture should be. We are morally doomed by it, minorities are affected as well, and nobody benefits, except unethical doctors. This is about human dignity, protecting lives, and saving lives.” – this fight to uphold life is the first step and only proper recourse for everything that worries the patriotic American. 

The sociocultural arguments of contemporary politics flail about and do not make sense, until the foundational moral concerns are addressed and diligently advanced. There is no building of a good society, until there is an overwhelming paradigm shift, and intergenerational consensus, on what it means to be good, moral, and human. 

Choosing your politics is important, and your criteria must be values and virtues, not race or race ratios. You must open up and begin to accept people for what they are on the inside, whether they’re East Asian, Dutch or Danish, Malay or Malaysian, or Dinka South Sudanese. Character is more important, and can make or break society. The way a person looks is a poor prediction for whether she or he will turn out to be a jerk. Good people can surprise you, even if they look odd, quirky, misshapen, or ‘less than refined.’ After all, refinement of character is worth more in the long run. 

The Axis Japanese killed six million Chinese systematically (and an additional fourteen million, by war-related factors). The pains are visceral in the Chinese mind, but look at how the Chinese people work with the Japanese today. The bulk of Japanese technology is manufactured in China and exported to the world, Toyotas and Mazdas are promoted to the Chinese people by Chinese presenters on state TV, and Japanese speech is the number-one foreign language among Chinese students. Your Japanese takeout is as likely to have been cooked, boxed, and sent to you by Chinese folks, and the all-round Japanese-Chinese cooperation that persists has benefited Japan and China on a scale larger than endeavors between Canada and the United States. 

In the American political landscape, there has got to be a reawakening as to what’s urgently required, and soon. The Jewish people are imbued with great potential, and my horrible experience with Lev LaLev has only strengthened my resolve for Israel and the transformation of the Jewish people in the homeland and abroad. 

Germans and German-descended peoples are not inherently Nazis. The Jewish mind must begin to emulate the Chinese one, and see people for what they are on the inside. Actions, not appearance should prove the woman or man. 

The Chinese people have evidently discovered good Japanese, and good Germans. The highest incidences of interracial marriage between Caucasians and Asians are German and Chinese. The ability of the Chinese to embrace the Japanese and Germans, despite WWII, reveals just how forgiving the Chinese people are, and indeed the deeply loving natures of Chinese people in general. 

There are always going to be bad eggs in the baskets. Some German universities are antisemitic, and retain a rather comical pro-Palestine bias as a result. The Japanese royal family is unrelentingly Axis, and this explains why the Japanese flag stays the same. 

The Chinese people are not deterred by these things. The more frequently we work with Japanese and Germans, the less of a victory we give to the evil ideologies that want to dehumanize us. This is the courage that animates the Chinese heart. The heart of the Jew must begin to comprehend the wisdom of this daring. 

The Jewish people must sign up to the values and virtues of the Republicans of America, and count themselves separate from the Democrats and all that deceitful window-dressing. Diversity is not what things look like on the outside, but what you do regardless of the skin you wear. You must always do good, and your life can turn out better than mine has: if you pick the right politics to work with. Not all Republicans are who they claim to be, and you must always be discerning. All things considered, the GOP is still the best bet you have, even while it is a mishmash, and rather haphazard, and decentralized. The Democratic establishment on the other hand works earthly miracles, and brings Palestine activists and leftist Jews to an accidental agreement with each other: recreational abortion. The Fatah organization markets it everywhere in the Muslim world, and many Arabs find it to be a mark of trendy modernity – one they quickly adopt in order to fit in with a rapidly leftist Arab universe. 

I wasn’t smart, and I gave my all to the Jewish people without regard for the finer details. Years later, I emerge scarred and penniless, utterly conned by swindlers and scammers who have little to no regard for human life. I am abandoned also by dozens of Jewish community authorities whose grander aims have been to preserve the ethnic reputation of the Jews, instead of helping victims who happen to be of a different race. This is the plight of Chinese lovers of Israel, for whom the menorah gives no light. We are counted unworthy of its light, just because we look different. 

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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.