Strong and Lonely Zionist

My mother’s name is Sophia; my sister’s, Elizabeth; my brother’s, Vincent. We are the Ongs—widowed, fatherless, and all grown up. Radical Islamism raised our awareness hundredfold. On account of our Oriental race and our Zionism, the Muslim healthcare staff at a hospital handled my father’s lifeless body with conversation and laughter. We were thunderstruck and too taken aback to ever react.

I state our names, for to be public is the only way to survive now. These past four years I had thought being discreet—about my humble struggle to build alliances for Israel—was the default manner of good diplomats.

The destruction of love that crushed me in Jewish year 5780—my Arab wife who came to me, married me, and dumped me after the American Embassy suspended operations—has taught me the fate of a tender heart such as mine. My song of songs, Hatikva, and my desire to bring friends for Israel: these things carry my every breath, but most Arabs do not want such peace, nor such friendship, nor the Jewish civilization known as Israel.

Our Father in Heaven, Aveenu shebashamayim is good. Therefore I cannot possibly give up on the work of building Malaysia-Israel relations. For the future of seven generations, or for heaven’s sake, peacemaking has to happen and I cannot give up. Muslims and non-Muslims can share a bold, new peace. The games of the radical Arabs cannot be permitted to stop the peace process. 


Fostering Malaysia-Israel relations is a task that cannot be discreet or quiet any longer. If we keep a low profile, we might literally die (that is, terrorists can eliminate us), with the world knowing nothing about it.

To Be Public Is The Only Way To Survive Now

Being discreet isn’t viable anymore. As quiet Zionists the Ongs have been sabotaged for months now, with the world knowing nothing of our peril. Operatives and actioneers tackle our Jewish and Christian friends, and cause us stranded Zionists to end up ever more lonely. We cherish Israel more than life itself, and so the antisemites use every stratagem possible to disconnect Israel from us. 

The Ongs don’t deserve to die. The persecutions have grown unbearable. We are watched where we live, and we know artificial accidents can take our lives and extinguish us. Reorganized leftist coalitions—yes, both PN and PH, retain advantageous financial relationships with the Arab Palestine program, and any overseas Chinese family that dares to defy Beijing will therefore have to die. The only question is when.

Things start seemingly small. Mail from Israel gets confiscated, new-generation Germans and Japanese brandish their antisemitic side in front of our very faces, packages containing traditional Jewish literature never arrive at our Malaysian addresses, verbally malevolent phone calls come in direct from Beijing supporters—these are urban crimes. The worse ones occur online, and break every nodule of my soul, as the Second Temple crumbling into shards. 

Gave Twenty Years Of Savings, Quietly 

It was my quiet spirit of charity, born of the shining purity of an innocent love, when I gave twenty years of precious savings to Jewish and Judaic and pro-Israel causes. I felt like all of Doron Talmon, Eden Zaken, and Colbie Caillat rolled in one, when I inhaled sacred positivity and overcame my wifeless grief by giving hundreds of thousands of shekels away. My lovely assets—chances for many tubs of ice-cream now forsaken—despatched and invested for Israel’s sake, Am Israel ‘Chai! A great peace settled upon my heart. Hashem, the Creator felt closer than ever before. I wanted forever to keep my quiet insanity (of having divested of myself so dramatically) a secret to take to my grave.

What have the antisemites done, subsequent to finding out about this? They have sabotaged my name and my intent, to all the Jewish and Christian friends they can write to or contact in some way. Rapidly in mere weeks I was even more friendless and unloved than in 2017, when I had first become an activist for Jewish nationhood.

My being discreet isn’t viable anymore. My foes abuse my quietness by going behind my back and destroying me in online and telephone mediums. My Zionist, Chinese Republican stance is evidently useless when I am discreet. The communists are loud. It’s time I get louder.

Back then in 2017 it was a nearly academic exercise in being Zionist and standing up for Israel, against the lies and deceit of the Arab Palestine movement. After Pres. Trump was booted out by fraudulent balloting in November 2020, my universe collapsed! The antisemites have today become extra-emboldened. What a dumb life I now possess as a stranded pro-Jewish boy, misunderstood, cast adrift, and without opportunity to meet my liaisons and dear contacts.

Yes, the Malaysian peninsula is locked down for over 380 days now and counting. From March 18, 2020 (indeed last year), the leftist Malaysian authorities prohibit outbound flights to America, but flights to mainland China are encouraged and speedily approved. This nightmare is literally happening to civilians in a tropical western Pacific country you can locate very quickly on a simple world map.

To stand on the right side of history, to stand with righteousness, civilization, and development, to stand with Israel and the welfare of the Jewish people: this demonstrates a behavioral faith, born of a desire to please our Father in Heaven.

Give Your All In Activism For Jewish Nationhood

‘Love your Father in Heaven with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength,’ the ancient Testament reads. Every sage, prophet, national leader, rabbi—they loved heaven by giving crazily, insanely, totally. That, my friend, is love.

Loving Israel, loving your wife or husband, loving with every breath you draw—these sacred vocations are easy. Just go all out, without measuring or withholding. Love with every ounce of heart, mind, soul, and strength, and that shall be your healing.

The Almighty will not be mocked. He will secure justice for me. One day I will return to Texas and Massachusetts and Maryland, and I will fall asleep in D.C. again with swirling snows outside my window. I will dine with my friends, plan elaborate kosher meals, and give lectures to defiant audiences who adore America, the Republican Party, the love of family and marriage, and the nation of Israel, and who know me as I know them: souls unafraid of being publicly in love with Eretz Israel, Am Israel, and the Almighty Sovereign of Israel.

I am so childlike, I feel as a baby sometimes. Life is easy to comprehend as long as love is lifted up paramount. Somewhat penniless, I grin between my cheap noodles and my favorite Sarit Hadad songs, comforted only by the knowledge that my darling Israel thrives. Pray to have her kept ever secure, dear America. Dear bible believer, pray against terror, pray against evil and its follies, and pray for your victory in the noble endeavors you undertake.

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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.