Your Ticket to Better Health & Lasting Weight Loss

Well over half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and weight loss and better health are perennial favorites. 

As you may know, achieving these goals is easier said than done. Vowing to exercise and eat less are noble goals, but they are vague, lack accountability and are therefore unlikely to achieve desired results. What you need is a proven program, a step-by-step plan that gives you specific guidelines for a finite period of time and provides support along the way. 

What you need is Yeast-Free With Me, a free 30day program that has helped thousands achieve better health and lasting weight loss. 

The Dark Side of Yeast 

Yeast-Free With Me tackles a common but overlooked cause of weight gain, digestive problems and other health challenges: yeast overgrowth. If you experience bloating, gas, belching and heartburn, you can probably blame it on yeast. Headaches, skin rashes, chronic infections, joint pain, concentration difficulties, fatigue… all can be caused by yeast overgrowth. 

Yeast is a type of fungus that, along with trillions of other microorganisms, resides in and on your body. It is part of your normal gut flora and, as such, presents no problem as long as it is in balance with other microbes. When that delicate balance is disrupted, yeast can gain the upper hand and overpopulate the gut. 

The greatest disruptor is antibiotics, which cause a massive die-off of gut bacteria, clearing the way for yeast overgrowth. Eating lots of sugars and starches, which are rapidly converted to sugars, is another common offender. If you’ve ever made bread, you know that you “proof” yeast by adding a spoonful of sugar. This activates (feeds) the yeast and causes it to bubble up. The same thing happens in your gut when you eat carbohydrates. No wonder you feel gassy and bloated!

In addition to causing digestive symptoms, excessive yeast also damages the intestinal walls. This is called leaky gut or intestinal permeability, and it allows yeast, bacteria, partially undigested food and toxins to pass into the bloodstream. Yeast cells also produce toxins that depress the immune system and make it more reactive to allergens. Now you can see why yeast overgrowth can cause such a wide range of symptoms throughout the body. 

Join Yeast-Free With Me: 2021 New Year Challenge

The only way to get rid of yeast is to remove its food source. This means cutting out all sugars and grain products, along with some fruits, starchy vegetables, dairy products and processed foods. For optimal results, we also recommend nystatin and fluconazole, antifungal medications that kill off yeast, along with a high-potency probiotic to replenish beneficial gut bacteria. 

Making changes such as this can be daunting, especially if these foods have been a mainstay for you. But our Yeast-Free With Me program makes it easier than you may think. We provide shopping lists, meal plans, recipes and helpful hints plus supportive email reminders and words of encouragement. We also break it down into manageable chunks with our Yeast-Free With Me Challenge

Yeast-Free With Me is a 30-day support system designed to guide you through the yeast-free eating plan so you will feel better, accomplish your health goals and lead the healthiest life possible. Following the yeast-free eating plan for 30 days, or more, will change the way you think about food and therefore change your life for the better. 

After your initial 30 days, you may need to continue the program for another month or two until your symptoms have resolved. However, most people report feeling so much better after their first month that they are more than willing to stick with the program. Once you have successfully eradicated yeast, you can resume eating some of these foods, but don’t go overboard. Sugar has no place in a healthy eating plan.

January 11: Mark Your Calendar!

We are kicking off our 2021 New Year Challenge on January 11. Join us and receive a FREE copy of Dr. Hotze’s Optimal Eating Program Cookbook with delicious recipes and guidance plus emails and tips for staying on track. To sign up for Yeast-Free with Me, go to

There is no charge for this program, but we highly recommend My HotzePak Yeast-Free Starter Kit, which contains essential nutrients that will enhance your success. To order, visit or call 281.646.1659. Hotze Health & Wellness Center guests can contact Physicians Preference Pharmacy to get antifungal prescriptions filled. If you are not a guest, talk to your doctor about these drugs. (Note: Nystatin should be obtained from a compounding pharmacy to ensure it is sugar-free.)

The Big Picture

Yeast overgrowth is a key contributor to weight gain and other health challenges, but it is not the only one. Imbalances in thyroid and other hormones, undiagnosed food and airborne allergies and other underlying conditions are also common culprits.

If you suspect you have any of these problems, you need to work with a doctor who is experienced in diagnosing and treating these often-overlooked issues. We welcome you to consider Hotze Health & Wellness Center. It would be our privilege to help you make 2021 your best and healthiest year ever!

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Dr. Steven Hotze

Dr. Hotze is the Founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International. Dr. Hotze received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Dr. Hotze believes that everyone deserves a doctor and a team of professionals who can coach them onto a path of health and wellness, naturally, so that they can enjoy a better quality of life without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Hotze is the best-selling author of Hormones, Health, and Happiness, Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness and Do A 180. Suzanne Somers dedicated an entire chapter to Dr. Hotze in her New York Times best seller, Breakthrough. “This Texan doctor is going to steal your heart,” writes Somers. “He has so much energy he can’t wait to get to his office each day.” Dr. Hotze has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows across the nation, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates, CBS’ The Morning Show and The Biography Channel. He has also appeared on the morning program, Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan. Dr. Hotze hosted “Health & Wellness Solutions” radio show on KSEV 700 AM and “Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution” radio show on KPRC AM 950 and iHeart radio. He currently hosts the Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution podcast. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Janie, for 52 years. They have 8 children and 23 grandchildren.