Recipe – Papa Crutchfield’s Nachos

It’s that football time of year ! Football and nachos are always a great match. The great thing about nachos is not only can they be made from a variety of ingredients, but they are a filling meal, or a great snack to share. The next time you feel the urge, why not give this version a try ?


9 Tablespoons           Refried Beans

6 Slices                       Sliced Cheese ( Sliced Veleeta reccomended)

3/8 Cup                     Chopped Onion

To Taste                     Picante Sauce

12-15                            Tortilla Chips


1) Distribute tortilla chips across microwave safe plate. Spread refried beans equally across chips. Sprinkle some picante sauce over the beans. 2) Tear each slice of cheese one at a time into four long strips. Tear each strip in turn into small squares. Distribute cheese evenly. 3) Sprinkle onions across current mixture. 4) Microwave on high for three minutes. 5) Swirl ranch dressing on top (More traditional sour cream may be substituted.)

TIP: For an even more Tex-Mex like flavor, sprinkle with Cumin before serving. You can also add some diced Hatch Chilis for a decent level of added heat.

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Robert Crutchfield

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