Supreme Court Defends Religious Freedom

Rev. Bill Owens and Dr. Deborah Owens (photo)

Four years ago, I was writing in this space about the Supreme Court seats at stake in the 2016 presidential election.

I noted that there was already one vacancy on the Court and that the next president would likely appoint two Supreme Court justices. I also wrote that religious freedom would be the hot issue of the next few years, making these picks vital for Christians who wanted to protect their rights.

Sure enough, that prediction came true. Fortunately, it was President Donald Trump making the appointments and – true to his campaign promises – the president nominated two justices with a record of defending religious freedom.

In the past few weeks, we have seen how important those picks were. In this Supreme Court term, we have seen three big wins on religious liberty.

First, there was the decision that was a win for both religious freedom and school choice. The Court determined that a Montana scholarship program that excluded religious schools was unconstitutional.

Yesterday, we saw two more favorable decisions. First, the Court upheld the Trump Administration’s expansions of the conscience/religious freedom exemption from the Obamacare birth control mandate. In other words, organizations cannot be forced to pay for certain health care coverage that violates their beliefs.

In a third win for religious freedom, the court also ruled that the First Amendment protects the hiring and firing decisions of religious schools and organizations.

These may seem like small victories, but they are critical ones. We know that the Left has been working to silence and marginalize Christians. For years, they have tried to use the courts to threaten our livelihoods and frighten pastors and churches into accepting their agenda. These decisions are a promising sign that the courts will not be as friendly to the far Left’s position as in the past.

However, we must remember what it took to get here. A swing in the make-up of the Supreme Court could erase the gains we have made and threaten our freedoms. We are now facing another presidential election, with more Supreme Court nominations in question.

Today was a good day for religious freedom. Let us ensure that there are many more to come.

For faith, family, and freedom.

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Joseph Menslage

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