I’ll Give You Something to Think About

We have all been through so much over these last few weeks. It seems surreal to see lines at stores, people fighting over supplies and of course the alarming sight of cars carrying caskets in mass. I for one am thankful to have a faith-based life and have sought and found refuge in what appears to be a strange new way of life. It is in these types of circumstances that we all rise up and find new ways to love one another and to communicate with our world. Can you imagine a time that you could not call or FaceTime a loved one? The internet allows us to quickly transform education with others to a socially shared experience from the comforts of our homes. Having forced downtime also creates an awakening in one’s soul and a desire to connect with our Lord. It’s a good thing that comes our of a very bad storm.

As I write this we are indeed in the calm before the storm. It is scary to see life so disrupted and round the clock stats on whose diagnosed and dying; so turn it off. This can be too much for anyone’s soul to bear. It can also be difficult to know when you have to stop doing business in a face to face way with others. Many small businesses are caught in a corner of when to draw the line on exposing both themselves, their employees and clients and loved ones. It has to be more about the common good than the bottom line.

I have, besides being a writer/columnist, as many of you know; multiple businesses and in those businesses I primarily take care of my clients in what I call the “happy times.” Whether it be rejoicing in the delivery of a new baby they are bringing to me to be photographed or planning a beautiful vacation that they will be talking about for years or helping them buy a new home where they will make memories…all of these are in a happy time in their lives. Now I find myself writing more, reflecting more and in that headspace my thoughts flow with questions about what good will come from these times. How will the changes we quickly had to maneuver to create a sense of new calm and new society effect us going forward? Will we see education differently? Will we see our health care providers differently? Will we see our leaders and public servants differently? Will we create more and become the people we were always meant to be? Will we draw closer to our faiths and love one another as ourselves? Time is the answer to these questions and I for one have and will continue to use this time wisely.

Take care of you!

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