Achieving the American Dream

In September 2019, Land & Sea Sushi opened as the newest Japanese and American BBQ fusion restaurant in Katy. However, the opening of the restaurant meant something even greater for the owners and brothers Ceu Hrang and Mang Bik. It marked the achievement of the American dream for Ceu and Mang, who are refugees from Burma.

The brothers immigrated to the United States from a Malaysian refugee camp with the help of the Lutheran Immigration Service in 2007. At the time, both Ceu and Mang were younger than 20 years old and spoke no English. However, they took every opportunity that came their way.

In Burma, their father was a butcher. He taught Ceu and Mang how to handle knives and food. This one skill stuck with Ceu and Mang, and they used it in various ways all over the country after immigrating.

Mang experienced the food industry first-hand through his roles at Tyson Meat Production Company, Martin Foods and H-E-B. Mang eventually opened his first sushi bar inside a grocery store in Ohio and then another at a grocery store in Maryland.

Ceu on the other hand jumped right into the restaurant business. His first job was as a sushi apprentice in Florida. He then worked as a sushi chef in Dallas, Colorado, Austin and New Orleans. In the last five years, Ceu and Mang came to Houston to follow their dreams of opening a restaurant together, along with the help of their father.

Together, they make a great team with their different backgrounds one in the food industry and the other in the restaurant industry. Chef Ceu was even featured on the Food Network television show “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” showcasing his brisket sushi roll fusion cuisine.

The brothers have a passion for providing a one-of-a-kind dining experience for every customer that visits Land & Sea Sushi.

Chef Ceu brings a unique talent to Land & Sea Sushi. As a chef, he believes chefs should know how to make a variety of dishes and cuisines. Over the years of his restaurant experience, he picked up not only how to make sushi but how to make American cuisine, and particularly BBQ.

“You have to know how to make more than sushi to be a good chef,” says Ceu. “I am a fusion chef. I am not just a Japanese sushi chef. I know how to make American cuisine, BBQ and other Asian cuisine as well.”

With Ceu as the chef, customers get to experience a variety of fusion dishes with influences from all different cuisines. Their growing reputation in Katy is proof customers enjoy what Chef Ceu creates on the plate.

“Being a chef, I have a passion for making food and connecting with customers,” says Chef Ceu. “When customers come in and sit at the sushi bar, I talk to them, get to know them and learn what they like to eat. I can then make a special dish just for them that combines what they like to eat.”

Land & Sea Sushi prides itself on being able to offer this unique experience of one-of-a-kind dishes to their customers. Another example of their unique atmosphere is not having soy sauce on the tables. Soy sauce is usually a staple on the table at most Asian cuisine restaurants. However, this is not the case at Land & Sea Sushi.

“Customers can have soy sauce anywhere, but what they can’t have is our special sauces,” says Chef Ceu. “We want to offer other sauces for them to try to have a unique dining experience instead of defaulting to soy sauce.”

With dishes like the smoky goodness brisket roll and beef medallion faux sushi, it is plain to see Land & Sea Sushi is not like other sushi restaurants. Chef Ceu also smokes all of his brisket in house at the restaurant. If something different and delicious is what you are looking for stop in at 22720 Morton Ranch Rd., Suite 170, Katy, TX 77449.

Not only will you experience great food but you will witness the achievement of the American dream. Ceu and Mang ‘s strong faith in God, dedication and hard work helped them achieve their dream. Be a part of it too by visiting Land & Sea Sushi.

For more information, visit or call 832-321-4563 to make your reservation.

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