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Have you created your bucket list? You list should reflect every place that you would like to experience during your lifetime. It is important to note things like adventures you’d like to take and the amount of physical activity related to them. For example, if hiking is on your things to do in your lifetime and it is a priority as well as enjoying some serious spa services, then I highly recommend you take the hiking and any other active trips earlier in your life when you are more physically able and know that the spa wellness excursions are something that can be enjoyed at any stage in your life. Prioritize everything on the list.

In addition to creating an ultimate bucket list it is also worth noting that some travel experiences are dictated by seasons for example one does not typically travel to India in the middle of summer during the rainy season nor do you go to Africa in the month of May in the hopes of capturing the migration. Using a travel advisor that has the knowledge base will ensure that you do not find yourself at the right place of your dreams but at the wrong time to see what you have wished for.

Making a bucket list is something that can always be changing, however, I always recommend making it as early as possible. Traveling with children dictates a whole different level of expertise at knowing exactly which experiences are going to be most remembered and enjoyed throughout the child’s life. Disney is best done after the age of 5 for example when the child can participate and remember his or her experiences.

Finally, the list will be different for each family as the desires for experiences vary obviously amongst us. Camping in National State Parks and being around nature is lovely for some and a complete nightmare for others. The same goes with cruising. Once you have your bucket list made though I advise setting each experience on a trajectory calendar that allows you to plot each of them out over the course of say 10 years. Then let your travel advisor know what these are so that he or she can create and be on the look out for specials and unique experiences related to your destinations. If, for example, something absolutely fabulous comes available then you can take advantage of that experience. Traveling is something that most people dream about but seldom do. Like setting goals it should be part of your lifetime achievements and I have found that by creating a travel bucket list you’re more likely to see the world and not just dream about it!

Happy wandering ya’ll!

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