Sherwood Forest Faire Presents: Medieval Trivia!

Test your knowledge of Medieval Trivia

by answering the questions below:

1. Robin Hood lived during the reign of King Richard the
Lionheart – what century is that?

a.) Late 1100s    b.) Early 1200s

c.) Mid 1300s    d.) Early 1400s

2. What kind of wood was Robin Hood’s bow made of?

a.) Pine    b.) Yew    c.) Cedar    d.) Oak

3. What was the most common job for peasants in

the Middle ages?

a.) Craftsman    b.) Knight    c.) Blacksmith    d.) Farmer

4. What is a blacksmith apprentice’s first project?

a.) Make a sword for the knight

b.) Create your own blacksmith tools

c.) Clean up after the mentor blacksmith

d.) Tend to the fire

5. What did they call a candle maker

in the Middle Ages?

a.) Candlier    b.) Wax Smith

c.) Chandler     d.) Coif

Want to take your knowledge of the Medieval era even further? Come visit us at Sherwood Forest!

Sherwood Forest Faire is a medieval-style village nestled in the Lost Pines section of Central Texas, near Austin. We have over 100 permanent buildings on 25 acres, including stages, merchant shoppes, a castle, and more.

We invite you to join us for our 10th Annual Sherwood Forest Faire which runs weekends from March 2 to April 21, or for one of our many summer camps in June and July.

Did you know that we have camps for all ages? Whether you’re looking for a youth family, a family camp, or even a grown up summer camp – Sherwood Foerest Summer Camps has something for you.

Grown Up Summer Camp runs June 21-23, Family Summer Camp runs July 2-6, and our youth camps run July 7-13, July 14-20, and July 21-27.  Learn more at

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