Local, Convenient, Chic with Dapper Dearest

Busy schedules leave little room for doing anything but the necessities. As a working professional, mom and wife, Karla Hutchinson found herself with no time to shop for stylish looks.

“Finding time to go to the mall or boutiques to shop for myself just doesn’t happen,” Hutchinson said. “I have to do the majority of my shopping online at boutiques from all over.”

A long commute and heaps of homework occupied Hutchinson’s weeknights, while birthday parties and sporting events filled her weekends. However, she was far from alone in this situation. Many of her co-workers, friends and fellow moms were faced the same time deficit. 

“I thought to myself, maybe I could start an online boutique that is actually local here in Katy,” Hutchinson said. “It wouldn’t be an actual brick and mortar boutique, but an online boutique with local ties that is trusted by people in the Katy area.”

Before she knew it, Dapper Dearest went live in May of 2018 as Katy’s own online boutique. Dapper Dearest is for all women looking for chic style at affordable prices with a convenient shopping experience.

“At first, I thought it was going to be something small, just for my friends,” Hutchinson said. “I already shopped a lot online and knew the brands and designers to buy from. It all just came together and has actually turned into something more than I had ever dreamed.”

Hutchinson operates the entire business from her home. Shoppers can trust their stylish finds are coming directly from Katy, Texas, as opposed to an offsite warehouse. Additionally, while her online boutique is thriving, Hutchinson still maintains a full-time job in the oil and gas industry.

“All of the orders go out the next day,” Hutchinson said. “So I come home, print labels and ship everything out. I stay busy. It is a good thing I get to shop as part of my work with Dapper Dearest.”

Surprisingly, Katy is no longer the market with the most purchases. In the beginning it certainly was, but as Dapper Dearest has grown, so has its presence in the national market. Dapper Dearest has shoppers from nearly all 50 states, as well as some international customers.

“I have people from pretty much every state making purchases,” Hutchinson said. “Panama is the farthest I have shipped and I think there have been maybe six states who have not purchased from Dapper Dearest.”

Although Dapper Dearest has a broad reach, it is committed to the Katy community and being the local, online shopping solution for the ladies of Katy. Most of the boutique’s models are local Katy women, and the photographer is a local Katy resident, Tiffany Nicole (@tifnay.nicole on Instagram). The clothing shots are also taken at local Katy spots.

Spring is in full swing, and Dapper Dearest has all of the latest trends. The trending colors for spring are bright and bold, with neon as a popular clothing go-to. Nudes and florals are in season as well, Hutchinson reported. Hutchinson predicted that dresses, rompers and jumpsuits are sure to go fast!

“Spring at Dapper Dearest will also feature something I am particularly excited about: bathing suits,” Hutchinson said. “I am excited about all of the spring pieces, but I’m really looking forward to having the bathing suits for my shoppers.”

The name Dapper Dearest was inspired by the type of clothing Hutchinson wants to offer. To Hutchinson, “dapper” is a multipurpose piece that is easily dressed up, or styled down for a more casual look. Dapper clothing is convenient and multipurpose; shoppers can wear a piece for a relaxed brunch with girlfriends, or dress it up for a glamorous night out.

“Everything at Dapper Dearest is chic and stylish for the everyday women looking for something for any occasion,” Hutchinson said. “It also won’t break the bank, because chic fashion can still be affordable.”

With Dapper Dearest’s first anniversary just around the corner, Hutchinson has big plans for fun giveaways and promotions. Shoppers who want to stay on top of the latest looks, collections and specials should sign up for the email newsletter.

After subscribing to the newsletter, shoppers will receive a one-time 10% discount on their purchase. Additionally, follow the Dapper Dearest Facebook and Instagram pages to see what is new at Dapper Dearest!

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