Get to Know the Candidates for Katy Mayor

This May, Katy residents return to the polls to decide on a Mayor. The candidates, Bill Hastings, former Katy police chief and Chuck Brawner, current Katy mayor, each have decades of experience.

Katy Christian Magazine asked each of the candidates to share more about their background, qualifications, and plans for the future. We encourage you to get to know each of the candidates and to participate in the voting process this May. Early voting runs April 22-30. Election Day is May 4. Regardless of how the race unfolds, Katy has a bright future ahead and either of these men will serve Katy well.

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Bill Hastings
Candidate for Katy Mayor

Preserving Our Past with An Eye for the Future

Motivated with a heart for service, Bill Hastings would be honored to continue serving the Katy Community as the next mayor.

The growth that we are experiencing in Katy has exceeded our expectations. What I have learned during my 43-year career in public safety for the City of Katy is that residents want their voices heard on issues that affect the place that they call home and to know that their opinions matter.

I have always valued the relationships I have built in Katy and if I am elected to the office of Mayor I plan to build on the trust and confidence that citizens have placed in me and make good on all of the concerns that preserve and protect all residents.

When I moved to Katy in the early 70s, this town was a very small, productive rice farming community. The rapid growth that we have witnessed has placed even more importance on the increased responsibilities that fall upon our leaders.

As your mayor I will be committed to preserving the small-town atmosphere while managing positive growth.

The safety of our citizens is my top priority. By providing all of the resources needed to our emergency services by way of workforce and equipment, we can lower response times and offer heightened protection for our families and businesses.

The infrastructure of the city is paramount to the safety and enjoyment of our families and is also an important focal point for me if I am elected. I will be addressing this with measures to prevent flooding and update and improve aging water and sewer lines, roadways and sidewalks.

As far as management of growth, I will encourage smart growth that would ensure we maintain the small-town atmosphere and excellent city services that people moved to Katy to experience. I would also concentrate efforts to expand our parks and recreation program.

I will encourage cohesiveness by promoting improved communication between our city, citizens, and businesses with regard to code enforcement, permitting issues and trash services and be 100% available to and responsive to community members.

My wife, Susan Denise and I have been married for 32 years. We have raised our five children in Katy and now spend invaluable time with our nine grandchildren.

Susan Denise is the director of the Crisis Center at Katy Christian Ministries. We attend Katy Community Fellowship Church and are both motivated with hearts of service.

Having attended 400+ city council meetings during my 43-year career with the City of Katy, I have developed an interest in city government and a desire to serve in a leadership capacity beyond public safety.

I would be honored to continue my service to the citizens and business owners in the City of Katy as your mayor.

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Chuck Brawner
Katy Mayor

Committed to Keeping Katy on the Right Track for Our Families

Katy Mayor Chuck Brawner is seeking a second term to serve the city of Katy as Mayor in the May 4 city elections.

“Serving Katy has been a distinct honor and I would be humbled to serve one more term to complete the work we have begun together,” said Chuck. “The families of Katy were at the center of my campaign when I ran for Mayor and our Katy families remain the center of my re-election campaign to keep Katy on the right track.”

Chuck has made significant progress since his 2017 election 2017 in fighting flooding. Plans were deep in the works when Hurricane Harvey hit in the fall of 2017. When Hurricane Harvey hit, Chuck went into action working with emergency management crews, police and fire, the Texas National Guard and elected officials from around the area to rescue and protect as many Katy citizens as humanly possible.

Chuck has worked with Congressman Michael McCaul and others to work to protect Katy for the long-term in Harvey’s aftermath – among them exploring solutions to secure the Cypress Watershed and calling for more efforts to unite in the region to prevent flooding of Katy.

Chuck, as Mayor, has instituted more accountability with the contractors to get the job done on time or pay penalties – a campaign promise kept.

The Katy Times said the city has been “proactive in terms of working toward finding solutions for flooding issues for its citizens” (Katy Times, Aug. 28, 2018). Chuck wants to keep it that way and keep projects moving toward completion on time and on schedule. It is a commitment he takes to heart, overseeing progress and personally visiting the locations to assess implementation.

Katy families and residents have suffered from flooding for far too long,” Chuck said. “When I was elected, fighting flooding was one of my top priorities and will continue to be. We are finding solutions with our neighboring counties to work together to protect families from devastating floods. We are pushing for improved drainage and street repair for our neighborhoods. We have brought more life-saving equipment into Katy should we get hit again and we have helped folks across Katy rebuild after Harvey.”

Under Chuck’s leadership as Mayor, long-term flood prevention, stormwater planning and infrastructure improvements are being implemented without a tax increase or tax rate increase to Katy taxpayers. Chuck has sought ways to not raise taxes in Harvey recovery by leveraging commercial development while preserving Katy’s hometown identity.

As a former police chief, ensuring the safety of Katy families and residents is another significant service Chuck sought to improve. He oversaw the building of the second fire station that had been long-delayed. This station has reduced response times for families and neighborhoods in its service area. While a member of City Council, Chuck had begun a grant process to cover the costs for more firefighters. This grant was approved and the city was able to hire more firefighters to keep Katy safe, saving the city $2.1 million. Katy Fire Department’s ranking has improved under Chuck’s leadership. Within 30 hours of this fire station’s Grand Opening, the life of a 3-year-old toddler, who was drowning in a nearby hotel pool, was saved when first responders were able to get to the scene within moments.

Bringing increased life-saving services to Katy is a goal Chuck will keep advancing in a second term.

Chuck has always looked for ways to save money for Katy and its taxpayers on City Council and as Mayor. He scrutinizes the department budgets to determine where costs can be streamlined and waste eliminated. Chuck has expected high standards of service and integrity of city employees as Mayor and has settled for no less on behalf of the taxpayers of the city.

“I committed to keep Katy on the right track when I ran for Mayor and we have worked tirelessly to make that happen, improving our public safety, our roads and drainage, our flood management systems, our way of doing business with city employees and with our contractors – all while staying within our budget and not increasing taxes,” said Chuck. “We are managing the growth so that people love living here to raise their family. Katy is the best place to find a forever house and build a life. We want to keep it that way. I would be honored to serve one more term as Mayor of this wonderful city we call home.”

Chuck is endorsed in his campaign by Katy residents, military veterans, fire firefighters and police.

In December of 2016, Chuck retired as the Chief of Police at Spring Branch ISD after 21 years. Chuck served on the Katy City Council from 2013-2017, was appointed Mayor Pro Tem in 2014 by former Mayor Fabol Hughes and elected Katy Mayor in May of 2017.

For the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Chuck served as a Security Team Leader and, during Hurricane Ike, Chuck was Joint Commander with the Texas Department of Public Safety at the Houston Regional Staging Area for Emergency Response Resources. In the mid-1980s, Chuck served as a Volunteer Firefighter Captain for the West I-10 Volunteer Fire Department and took on a leadership role as a Member of Fire District 48’s Board of Directors. He was elected in 1998 as President of the Texas Municipal Police Association after serving a number of years on the organization’s Board.

Chuck was honored to be appointed by Texas Governor George W. Bush to the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, to which Governor Greg Abbott reappointed Mayor Brawner, and was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to the Federal Juvenile Justice Advisory Board.

Chuck is a Graduate of the Bill Blackwood Leadership Command College at Sam Houston State University. The Brawners have been married and lived in Katy and the surrounding area for 32 years. They dote on their four grandchildren and are thrilled that three of those grandchildren live right near them here in Katy. The Brawners are active members of Parkway Fellowship Church.

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