The Lost Cajun Finds a Home

Originally from Trinidad, West Indies and Alberta, Canada, the owners of The Lost Cajun® in Rosenberg Lori and Blaine Law have found a home in the Fort Bend community. Opening in May of 2018, the Lost Cajun® is already deeply invested in the community and has a reputation for serving up authentic Cajun food. 

“We love meeting new people and have already built relationships with fantastic people in the community,” Blaine said. “We have a regular following with quite a few members in the community and we cherish those guests.” 

The dining experience at The Lost Cajun® is more like a 45-minute vacation to New Orleans. Their motto is food you can taste. Unlike some other Cajun restaurants, the spice doesn’t overpower the flavorful Cajun dish. 

“We are a true Cajun restaurant,” Blaine said. “Our rue is dark and takes at least six hours to cook down.”

The food and atmosphere is what drew the Law’s to The Lost Cajun® franchise that originally started in Colorado by the true “Lost Cajun,” Raymond Griffin. The Law’s have a passion for delicious food. After Blaine retired from the oil industry in 2014, they decided opening a restaurant would be their next step. 

While attending a franchise trade show in Dallas, the Law’s originally planned on meeting with the founders of another restaurant concept. Their noses took them down a different path though. 

“We smelled the food and we fell in love,” Blaine said. “We went across the convention center to find the folks cooking the delicious smelling food. They were giving out samples and we were hooked.”

The Law’s have lived in the Fort Bend community for 20 plus years, and wanted to open their restaurant close to home. It was important to the Law’s to know their guests as neighbors, not just patrons. 

Stepping inside The Lost Cajun® is like walking into a bayou shrimp shop in a Louisiana small town. They adhere to mindset of if you can see paint on the wall then you aren’t finished decorating, even though they have hundreds of items on the walls and ceiling already. 

“We ask our staff and guests to bring something that is valuable to them, but not valuable to help us decorate,” Blaine said. “We want everyone who comes to our restaurant to say ‘this is my restaurant too,’ and be able to point their piece of the restaurant somewhere on the wall.”

Of course, a Cajun joint isn’t complete without music and friendly banter. Throughout the restaurant are several musical instruments, customers are invited to pick one up and make some tunes.  

“If they can make us music, not just noise, but music we will give them some free beignets,” Blaine said. “We have had some people come in and crank out some great tunes. Before we know it, we have guests up dancing and singing.” 

Additionally, the wait staff and the chefs are constantly throwing friendly banter back and forth by calling out orders. Besides the authentic Cajun food, customers can always expect to be treated with courtesy and respect. It is a founding value of The Lost Cajun® and important to the Law’s. 

“We are very careful about maintaining a culture of courtesy and respect with family values,” Blaine said. “We love food and we love people. All of the values of The Lost Cajun® are the same as our own.” 

One of the best times in New Orleans is Mardi Gras and the same is true at The Lost Cajun. ® On Fat Tuesday, March 5, 2019, The Lost Cajun® will be holding their first Annual Lost Cajun® Mari Gras Fest. The Lost Cajun® will be partnering with the Lone Star Veterans Association in Rosenberg to host the event, and all of the profits raised will go towards the work they do for local veterans. 

“Part of our background is giving back to the community,” Blaine said. “The community supports our restaurant and we want to support them.”

Crawfish season has also kicked off at The Lost Cajun®. They will be boiling fresh crawfish every day. Guests can come watch the boil themselves and then enjoy crawfish straight from the pot. 

To stay up to date on the latest news from The Lost Cajun, ® follow their Facebook page – The Lost Cajun (Houston Rosenberg), The Lost Cajun (Midland) and The Lost Cajun (Odessa). If you frequent the Midland and Odessa area, the Law’s also have two The Lost Cajun® restaurants out there. 

When you are ready for a New Orleans vacation or just some authentic Cajun food, give Lori and Blaine a visit and stop in The Lost Cajun® at 24004 Southwest Freeway, Suite 102, Rosenberg, Texas.  

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