More Than a Hairdo

True beauty comes from within and self-confidence is more than how you look. For most people though, getting glammed or dolled up can give them an extra boost of self-confidence to feel good in their own skin. As a mom, Phincy Thomas knows just how true that is.
“For a good five to eight years of my life I felt like I was in this bubble,” Phincy said. “I was just taking care of my kids, going to work and basically just surviving trying to get everything done.”

Phincy admitted that putting on makeup or even taking time for herself was limited during her children’s younger years. Now that her children are older, Phincy has more time for herself. The way she looks and feels has now become more of a priority. For her 40th birthday, Phincy and a group of friends went to Austin for a weekend getaway. They decided before dinner one night they would get a little extra glammed-up by visiting a blow dry bar.
“It was just a lot of fun,” Phincy said. “The blow dry bar did our hair and we did our own makeup. We just enjoyed getting ready together there as a group of girls. It was the perfect start to a great a night out experience.”

After their blow out makeovers, Phincy and her friends felt fabulous. They knew nothing had really changed about them, but the extra glam made a difference in the way they felt.
“It wasn’t in a superficial way though,” Phincy said. “There was more to it than that. It just gave us all an extra bounce in our step that we may have forgotten about or lost during our day-to-day mom duties and to-do lists.”
After they came back from their trip, Phincy noticed that there wasn’t a blow out dry bar like the one they visited in Austin in the area she lived in. So she decided to find out how to bring a blow dry bar to the Fort Bend area.
“We didn’t have anything like that in the Sugar Land area,” Phincy said. “I wanted women in our community to be able to experience what we did. Especially, the moms out there who are just surviving like I was years ago.”
Blo Blow Dry Bar was the name of the franchise Phincy visited in Austin. Blo impressed her initially during her weekend getaway, but she became even more impressed with the organization as she researched bringing a Blo to Sugar Land.
Starting on Friday, August 31, the Fort Bend community will have their very own Blo Blow Dry Bar. Located in the Sweetwater Plaza at 4759 Sweetwater Boulevard, Sugar Land, Texas 77479.

At Blo, appointments aren’t necessary, but are available for their one-of-a-kind services. Blo’s stylists smooth and sculpt their clients’ hair into runway ready locks. Essentially, they help style clients’ hair for special occasions or even for a week, because their blowouts typically last a couple of days. For Phincy, opening Blo is more than starting a business to earn a living. She already has a successful career as an occupational therapist. She has even developed a home health staffing agency for occupational therapists, that specializes in treating pediatric patients who are on Medicaid.
“I feel like if I do anything, it needs to have some type of purpose,” Phincy said. “God put me on this Earth for a purpose. I have to be helping and doing something. I debated whether I should open a Blo or not. I didn’t want it to be a for-profit type of thing necessarily. I wanted there to be some kind of positive impact for it, and for it to have a purpose.”
Besides providing an opportunity for everyday women to come get styled, Phincy wants to do more with her Blo salon. She plans on getting connected with various charities in the community to give back in some way.

“I especially want to focus on ones that are empowering women,” Phincy said. “Whatever their circumstance is, or whatever their difficulty is, I hope to provide a place for them to feel better and gain that self-confidence. I think it trickles down to everybody in their life.”
In addition to her charitable work, Phincy hopes her Blo salon is a place where women can come together and have a good time. Besides the hair styling services, the salon will also offer make-up services.
Phincy has a lot of ideas for special events as well. She has dreamed about offering a preteen and teen parties for girls to come in and get styled before going out for a fun night to the movies or to dinner. She also plans to be open for wedding bridal parties and to offer off-site hair and makeups services.
For the everyday women, Phincy is also kicking around opening up early in the morning for working professionals to come in to be styled before a day in the office. No matter what stage of life a gal is in though they are sure to have a good time at Blo. Whether they need an hour to themselves, are celebrating with friends or getting ready for a big meeting, Phincy hopes they all leave the same way.
“I want to make sure everyone is happy and feels good about themselves when they leave,” Phincy said. “That is my purpose. After you leave the salon, I want to make sure you feel beautiful, confident and empowered. Come try it out and see how it makes you feel.”

For more information email or call 281-980-2569. To stay in the know on the latest updates visit their Facebook page @BloBlowDryBarSugarland or Instagram page @Blo_Sugarland.

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