2018 Christian School Directory

Bridge Preparatory Academy
420 Wood St.
Sugar Land, TX 77498
(832) 886-4940

At Bridge Preparatory Academy, we believe in Success for Every Learner! The learning experiences at Bridge Preparatory Academy are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Founded in 2015, Bridge Preparatory Academy is dedicated to teaching our students the way they learn best. Our qualified and committed staff are dedicated to delivering an academic program that is college preparatory level in rigor, Biblically integrated, and is tailored to our students’ ability, learning style, and interests. At Bridge Prep, our students are groomed to become academically-confident and self-motivated self-advocates. Our academics are tailored to fit every child’s unique educational needs! Bridge Prep patterns itself after and is fully committed to promoting the All of Kinds of Minds™ core principles: Every child can learn and all minds learn differently. From typically-developing students to those with learning differences such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, High Functioning Autism, etc., every student can benefit from curriculum and instruction that is tailor-made for his or her particular learning style, and that nurtures God-given affinities and strengths. Are you ready for your child to reach his or her potential? Join us!


Calvary Episcopal Preparatory
1201 Austin
Richmond, TX 77469
(281) 342-3161

While outstanding academics are a trademark for Calvary’s reputation of excellence, its pride as Fort Bend County’s premiere Christian school is how students and faculty treat each other and grow in their understanding of God’s expectations for them. The Calvary 3 R’s: Reverence for God, Respect for others, and Responsibility for self are the cornerstone for every aspect of the child’s educational journey. In addition to a rigorous and accelerated academic environment, the Calvary experience includes service learning, leadership opportunities, and enrichment programs for student creativity and expression. These programs include a successful athletic department, Student Council, National Honor Society, and visual and performing arts that encompass a Thespian Troupe, a National Arts Honor Society, and competitive band. Calvary consistently wins district competition against other private schools in Private School Interscholastic Association (PSIA) for lower and middle school. Upper school students compete in Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), sending many students to state each year. Small classrooms and individualized attention assure that students enjoy a safe and nurturing environment. Christian Character classes, Bible instruction and three chapel services weekly foster an emotionally safe environment. Calvary is unique in that students learn to “live together” regardless of age, as the school enters PK-4 year olds and graduates students in grade 12. Students freely interact, with the older students mentoring the younger in a diverse student body that is accepting of all faiths and nationalities. (Calvary is an international school and issues the F-1 visa.)

The lower and middle grades accelerate the curriculum so that students are instructed a grade above the national average. This results in median achievement test scores that range from 2 to 4 grades above. High school students are encouraged to take Advanced Placement courses, Dual Credit courses and graduate with a distinguished diploma and an average of $120,000 in offered scholarships.

To schedule a tour of the campus, call (281) 342-3161 and bring this ad for $100 off the registration fee.

Faith West Academy
2225 Porter Rd.
Katy, TX 77493
(281) 391-5683

Since 1982, Katy’s oldest and largest private school, Faith West Academy, continues to uphold core values of reverence for God; respect for ourselves, others, and authority; and responsibility for one’s action. FWA is inter-denominational and is known for its high academic standards and Christian Worldview education.

Located on 42 acres just east of the city of Katy, FWA provides a safe, Christian environment for preschool (starting at age 3) through 12th grade. As an extension of the preschool, FWA hosts a popular Mother’s Day Out Program that enrolls students as early as 15 months old. FWA serves a growing number of international students seeking studies in America by providing them with on-campus boarding facilities.

The FWA motto is Excellence Without Compromise! We are equipped to fulfill each student’s God-given potential. Our core values are governed by Reverence for God, Respect for ourselves, others, and authority, and Responsibility for one’s actions. We are committed to spiritual, academic, physical, and artistic excellence. To help students develop spiritually, we offer weekly chapel, daily Bible classes, and Biblical integration in all classes.

To aid in academic success, we offer strong core curriculums, Accelerated, Pre-Advanced Placement, and Advanced Placed courses for 6th -12th grade students, individualized learning where advanced or struggling students move at a pace that fits their abilities, and A la Carte classes for homeschool junior high and high school students. Our mean achievement test scores are consistently in the top 25% in the nation!

Additionally, to promote physical and artistic excellence, we offer weekly PE and music classes along with daily outdoor recesses to elementary school students. Junior high and high school students can participate in competitive athletic programs which includes: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, track, and volleyball.

Junior high and high school students can also elect agriculture, performing and visual arts, choir, and band classes. Our high school students participate in athletic and fine art competitions!

We look forward to touring with you!


Fellowship Christian Academy
16355 Old Richmond Rd.
Sugar Land, TX 77498
(281) 495-1814

Fellowship Christian Academy (FCA) provides a place for children to grow and to learn while surrounded by God’s love.

The early years of a child’s life are the years that shape their future; therefore, the curriculum is carefully selected and developed to enrich the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social development in each child.

Since 1976, FCA has provided a safe and loving environment where children are encouraged to develop spiritually as they grow cognitively, socially and physically. Many of our teachers have over 25 years of teaching experience.

Age appropriate environments and classes are offered beginning at the age of 18 months and grow children through 10th grade.

FCA offers small classes with low student to teacher ratios, giving children the chance and room to blossom in their own unique way.

We instill in children Christian values and belief system based on the following principles: Parents are the primary educators of their children spiritually, physically, emotionally, academically, and socially. The Holy Bible is God’s inerrant Word. The Christian school should cooperate with the parents to provide a Christian education for the child. Christ died and rose again for the salvation of children and adults.

Thank you for considering our school for your child. Please, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Have a blessed day!


Fort Bend Christian Academy
1250 7th St.
Sugar Land, TX 77478
(281) 263-9175

Fort Bend Christian Academy exists to glorify God through excellence in college-preparatory Christian education. FBCA is a pre-k through grade 12 school located on a 35-acre campus in the heart of Sugar Land, one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. As an interdenominational school, FBCA welcomes a diverse population of students who attend more than 100 area churches.

Students at FBCA receive an academically challenging course of study with curriculum designed to provide a superior spiritual and intellectual environment. Fifty different Honors and Advanced Placement classes are offered at the upper school level, and middle school students with accelerated educational development may also participate in an honors curriculum. Spiritually, academically and professionally qualified, all teaching staff are certified educators, many possessing a master’s degree or higher.

FBCA features small class sizes, uniforms, a hot lunch program, before and after school programs, enrichment classes, clubs and strong community service involvement. Outside of the classroom, students hold multiple state championships in athletics and fine arts.

The school has produced a number of National Merit Scholars, and 100% of graduates enroll in college or enlist in the military, with most students attending their first-choice university. Alumni serve in various career fields, and many obtain postgraduate degrees in law, medicine, engineering and more.

For more information about FBCA, contact the Admissions Office at admissions@fortbendchristian.org or call 281-263-9105.


Gateway America Preparatory School
222 FM Rd. 359 FM 359
Richmond, TX 77406
(281) 513-5566

Gateway America is a non-traditional school, appealing to parents who are seeking a proven curriculum for their child’s education. We are also a school, which develops the skills the student will need to distinguish him/herself in the competitive professional world. Gateway America uses both an accredited curriculum and a non-accredited curriculum for instruction. The Gateway curriculum is focused upon development of the whole child. This involves a highly individualized approach, which strives to meet the needs of each child at the individual child’s academic, social and behavioral level.

Gateway America is proud of its community. We encourage parents and families to be involved in their child’s education as much as possible. As we teach personal responsibility, communication, and relationship development, it is highly valuable to the student if these skills are reinforced, practiced, and modeled at home. It is our goal for students to build strong relationships with their parents, while also gaining the ability to speak for themselves on any occasion. We work to create a safe and welcoming environment where all students feel comfortable and supported in their learning.

Social development is as important to our students as academic success. Gateway America encourages students to develop strong relationships with their families, teachers, and other students. Students have many opportunities to interact with their classmates, ranging from peer mentoring and group work, to breaks during the school day for socialization, conversation, and games. Being able to interact effectively with others is a crucial element of building soft skills. These activities help students build their communication and interpersonal skills, and we believe this will benefit them greatly in their life after high school.

We offer small classroom environments and encourage peer mentoring and group work to help our students develop crucial soft skills. Group work is an excellent opportunity for students to practice their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Our outstanding academic program is customizable and allows for a variety of different learning styles. Students set and achieve their own academic goals, and work directly with teachers to design their own lessons. In addition, our students have the freedom to work at their own pace.

We hope to see you soon!


Holy Rosary Catholic School

1426 George St.
Rosenberg, TX 77471
(281) 342-5813

Holy Rosary Catholic School is conveniently located between Hwy 90 and Hwy 59 near historic downtown Rosenberg. Serving students from Pre-K 3 years through 8th grade, HRCS is dedicated to the spiritual, academic, physical, and emotional growth of all students.

HRCS focuses on the individual with expectations set high for all. We believe that parents and school should be partners in the learning & spiritual experiences. Small class sizes awards the students with many possibilities; from individualized academic attention to inclusion in team sports regardless of experience. Even though HRCS is small, it offers a variety of extracurricular activities including theater arts, chess club, Lego club, various sports and a lot more.

As our graduates move on to public or parochial high schools, their years invested at HRCS become the springboard for their success. At HRCS, not only do students grow in knowledge, but also in love and respect for God, themselves and the world around them. Our weekly children’s Mass (prepared and led by the students) and daily religion classes immerse the students in their Faith. These lessons follow them out of the classroom and are reinforced in all aspects of student’s campus life, forming a moral compass which will guide them in later years

We invite you to come and see what Holy Rosary Catholic School has to offer for your child. For more information, please contact our school office at (281) 342- 5813 .


Montessori Kids Universe

2600 Cordes Dr., Ste. D
Sugar Land, TX 77479
(281) 299-5187

Named Sugar Land’s Best Pre-School in 2017, Montessori Kids Universe brings smiles to the faces of children and parents alike. Parents love the school for its personal attention to each child and the miracles teachers seem to work with the children, both academically and behaviorally. Children love the school because every day they are greeted warmly by their teacher, welcomed into a beautiful classroom, and treated with respect and kindness, all while discovering the joy of learning.

Montessori Kids Universe follows the authentic Montessori Method in all areas, from the materials used to teach lessons to the techniques used to teach children individual responsibility and cooperation with others. Soft voices, a calm atmosphere, neat and orderly rooms, and engaging, high-level work materials are the foundation of every pre-school day. Children are happy because they are encouraged to work at their own pace in a supportive and patient environment.

The school is the only one in Sugar Land to offer the unique Reggio Emilia program as a supplement to the Montessori curriculum. Every day, students are immersed in STEAM – science, technology, engineering, art, and math – in preparation for elementary school and beyond. The learning is hands-on and engaging, making learning come alive!

Parents rave about the cleanliness of the school, the communication they receive from their children’s teachers, and the sense they get that their child is loved and cared for every day. As one parent put it, “I couldn’t be happier with the teachers here. This school is as close to perfect as you can get.”

Limited spaces are available for the new year. Schedule your tour now by calling (281) 299-5187.


Prelude Music Classes for Children

3425 Highway 6 South, Suite 110A
Sugar Land, TX 77478
(832) 803-7701

Join us for a free class at Prelude Music Classes for Children and let’s make Music Together ®.Our weekly 45-minute music classes are for children ages 0-9 years old and their parents to experience the fun and learning of music, song and dance. Our research-based curriculum not only develops music skills, it nurtures creativity, self-expression, and confidence while also supporting social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Each semester you’re guaranteed to learn new songs and music activities to inspire you to bring music into your family’s everyday life! Young children learn through play and experimentation and by watching and listening to the grownups they love. Parents don’t need to have music skills–they just need a desire to play and have fun with their children! Our teachers are specially trained to create a safe atmosphere so you can happily join in, experiment, or even get silly–and feel closer to your child while doing so. Our classes include Babies Only, Family Class, Canta y Baila Conmigo, Rhythm Kids, Prelude Violin and Guitar for Grownups. We have three locations in Houston, Sugar Land and The Woodlands. We hope to sing and make music with your family soon!


Shady Oak Primary School

600 Main St.
Richmond, TX 77469
(281) 344-1291

At Shady Oak Primary School, we provide a purposeful education. Our goal is to prepare your child to be a successful adult. Every child is a unique individual and learns in their own way. We use a combination of methodologies to provide a high quality, skills-based education that includes child-centered play and participatory learning. Our four C’s – Culture, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication are interwoven into each class.

We do not ‘teach to the test,’ nor do we require students to take the STARR Test. Work is meaningful and real-world based. Our rigorous academics are designed to be engaging, sticky and fun! For example, once a week our lower elementary students ‘play store.’ No worksheets with pictures of coins here! Students purchase items with real coins and learn to make correct change.

Shady Oak students are empowered to make choices that serve them. Children spend a minimum of an hour and a half outdoors daily and are encouraged to move around in the classroom. Not everybody does their best work at a desk! Growth mindset and positive self-talk are taught and celebrated. We are in front of behavioral issues before they become a problem and when conflicts arise, we resolve them on the spot.

Learning how to collaborate with others is something everyone needs to know; we actively teach this behavior.

Through discovery-based critical thinking, students gain the ability to tap into their existing knowledge to figure out solutions to a wide range of problems.

Communication is the bridge between collaboration and critical thinking, and one way we expose our students to this skill is through weekly speech class.

If this sounds like the right fit for your student, please call (281) 344-1291 to schedule a tour!


St. Francis de Sales Catholic School

8100 Roos Rd.
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 774-4447

The mission of St. Francis de Sales School is to educate each student in a spirit of faith and academic excellence according to Roman Catholic principles. As part of a caring, disciplined community, our school, in partnership with parents, nurtures and challenges each student to develop to his or her fullest potential.

At St. Francis de Sales Catholic School, we acknowledge that parents are the first, and foremost, educators of their children and are charged with the challenging task of creating a family atmosphere animated with love and reverence for God and all people. We recognize, too, that the family is the first school of those social virtues which every society needs (Christian Education Vatican II). We are privileged to assist parents in the task of educating their children.

Central to the educational mission of St. Francis de Sales School are the teachings of Jesus Christ. At St. Francis de Sales Catholic School, we are dedicated to helping students live the Gospel. We recognize the importance and uniqueness of each student and are committed to helping each student recognize the importance and uniqueness of self and each other.

It is the joint responsibility of students, teachers, and parents to make St. Francis de Sales Catholic School a faith-filled community where the primary purpose of education, helping students reach their potential, is enlivened by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity.

The aim and desired result is to graduate students who are well-versed in the Catholic faith, Christian in their attitude and outlook, and academically prepared to continue their education.

Schedule a tour with us today!


Westlake Preparatory Lutheran Academy

23300 Bellaire Blvd.
Richmond, TX 77406
(281) 341-9910

Westlake Academy is a private Christian school where your child is more than just a number. We believe that each student is special and unique and most of all, a beloved child of God.

Each of our teachers sees their vocation as a true calling, not just a job. They know that every child is a gift from God and that He has entrusted them to provide a faith-based education that promotes spiritual growth and academic excellence. Our teachers integrate the intangibles of faith, morals, ethics and service in the classroom as each student pursues a solid academic foundation that prepares them for today, tomorrow and eternity.

The Lutheran Education Association of Houston (LEAH) has a long history of exemplary education in the Houston area with Lutheran High North and Lutheran South Academy. Westlake Academy continues that rich tradition by bringing top quality teachers and academic programs to the Katy/Richmond area.

Westlake Preparatory Academy is a fully accredited college preparatory school that serves over 220 students in grades Pre-K 3 – 8th in the Katy, Richmond and Fort Bend areas. Westlake continues to grow, adding a grade a year until it reaches 12th grade. Westlake also offers vigorous extracurricular activities, such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have about Westlake Academy. We look forward to hearing from you!


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