Bringing Out the Best You

Suzanne Bruce & Associates Dermatology, located on Kingsland Blvd in Katy, is celebrating 20 years of making the world more beautiful through medical and cosmetic dermatology. Offering an array of services, the practice is comprised of physicians, all Board Certified, and all receiving extensive and ongoing training in cosmetic procedures.

The credentials of the person who will be working on your face or body should be of utmost importance, according to Dr. Pauline Scott, a physician at the practice.

“This is not an area where you want to buy a Groupon and make saving money your number one priority,” she said. “I’ve seen serious damage done by people who took a weekend class in a new treatment, have no medical background or knowledge, and go ahead and perform procedures that can seriously scar patients.”

That’s why Scott is so proud to be a member of the Suzanne Bruce staff. The practice offers medical dermatology including skin checks; acne, eczema, psoriasis and wart treatments; and surgical dermatology for skin cancer and cysts. In addition, they are seeing a surge in cosmetic requests, including everything from Botox and fillers to laser treatments, body contouring, and cellulite reduction.

Their research center allows them to participate in clinical trials for medical conditions and cosmetic treatments, and their spa offers facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser hair removal. Patients flock to the doctors for the most commonly requested treatments: laser hair removal (for both men and women) and Botox. The desire for both procedures speaks to changing societal standards.

“With the popularity of social media and the ubiquitous selfies, more and more young people are getting rejuvenating treatments to keep their youthful appearance,” explained Scott. “On the other end of the spectrum, older people are staying in the workforce longer and competing against their younger counterparts, so appearance continues to matter to them.”

Not every treatment is about looks, however. One of the most popular and successful procedures performed today is Miradry, which stops excessive underarm sweating permanently. Sweat glands are removed, and in recent studies, patients are still happy with results as much as three years after the procedure.

“Especially in Houston, this procedure can be a life changer for people who previously felt that they had to stay indoors or risk the embarrassment of underarm stains. I’ve seen a huge boost in confidence from people who have this procedure and no longer worry about stressful situations at work or being outside in the Houston heat,” Scott said.

In this day and age, cosmetic dermatology is the norm and services seem to be available on every corner. But Scott employs a Buyer Beware approach when it comes to anything medical. Having treated a patient who had used a coupon for an intense pulse treatment, she saw the results of being in the hands of the poorly trained. Her patient came in with burned skin from someone who used the wrong temperature and who clearly didn’t know how to apply the instrument to the skin. Scott was able to even out the skin and treat the patient properly, and the “you get what you pay for” lesson was loud and clear.

“As doctors, we keep in mind the facial anatomy, cells, nerves, and blood vessels. Someone who doesn’t can bring disastrous results. When you are having any procedure done, be sure to ask about training. Ask about worst possible side effects and how they would handle them. We are trained to minimize the risk patients face, and we know how to deal with possible complications.”

Scott continued, “Our goal at Suzanne Bruce & Associates is not to turn you into someone else. It’s to bring out the most refreshed version of you. We go through 11 years of medical education and training to keep your skin healthy and to help you age gracefully.

“I treat every patient the way I would want my family members to be treated. In the end, we help you make subtle physical changes that leave you with beautiful results.”

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