Cancer Free Tracy Walker Proves God Still Performs Miracles

Last summer, Tracy Walker was waiting for the surgery that would hopefully remove the cancerous tumors from her pancreas and liver. Her prognosis wasn’t good, but she had faith that God was going to work in her life.

She asked for prayers from friends, family, and even the Katy Christian Magazine family. And now, months later, she attributes her miraculous recovery to those prayers and the mighty hand of God.

“The cancer I had was one percent rare, so the only treatment is surgery to remove the tumors. One of the four tumors in my liver was inoperable because it was in the middle of the liver and next to a nerve. That is why the prognosis was not good,” Walker said. “But because of the prayers I received, God removed that inoperable tumor.”

Doctors can’t explain why the untreatable known tumor had disappeared and that two tumors not on any previous scan were present.

“The liver surgeon felt the two little tumors with his hand,” she said. “His intuition, which I feel was led by God, told him to cut those tumors out. Now, I’m cancer free.”

By the end of the surgery, doctors had removed half of Walker’s pancreas, her gallbladder, her spleen, 29 lymph nodes and 30 percent of her liver.

“I’m a medical miracle,” she said. “And I can prove it because I have the CAT scan where the cancer was there and after surgery it was gone.”

Although Walker was elated that surgeons were able to remove all of her tumors, she began to wonder why God had chosen to spare her life.

“I kept thinking, there are so many people who have cancer and don’t make it. Why me?”

It wasn’t long before she realized that her new purpose was to not only give hope to those who are facing difficult cancer diagnoses, but to tell her testimony and teach others about what she has learned about staying cancer free.

“I’ve learned that hope is not a strategy. You have to take action,” she said. “The way I take action is by keeping my immune system amazing.”

One of the ways Walker does this is by taking supplements, which have been proven to boost immune health.

“When the three wise men visited Jesus, they offered him frankincense, myrrh, and gold. Now research has pretty much discovered that gold was turmeric,” she said. “Before my surgery I was taking up to 20 turmeric pills a day to prepare my immune system to fight.”

She also believes in using food as medicine, which means eating lots of fruits and vegetables, juicing, and drinking alkaline water to rid her body of toxic acid.

“My journey has taught me a lot,” she said. “I believe that life gives you lemons and God gives you the tools to make lemonade out of it, learn from it, and help other people.”

Walker has spoken to several groups about her miraculous recovery and how she continues to support her immune system for a better chance at keeping cancer at bay. She even had the chance to share her testimony at a Tony Robbins event recently.

“There were 2,000 people there. The chances of me getting picked were very small,” Walker said. “Then Tony comes across the room, walks down the aisle, passes me up, and then takes three steps back and points to me.”

The motivational speaker brought the Katy resident up on stage and she spoke of the miracles that God had performed in her life and how she was using the knowledge she’d learned to stay healthy.

“I just want to give my testimony and tell people about it,” she said. “It’s not about me. It’s about God. He gave me a purpose to help other people, and I want to help people overcome anything in life, not just cancer.”

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