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Nashville native, Wendy Severance is using her natural gifts and life experiences to make a difference in the lives of teenage girls in Fort Bend.  With her new Christian based business, Be Unique, Wendy is helping teenage girls to become young women who are confident, secure and have a positive direction for their life.

“With the advancements today in technology and social media, there is a disheartening depletion of self worth and confidence in our young teenage girls,” Wendy said.  “We want every girl to understand her value and self worth and know she is fearfully and wonderfully made through Christ for great purpose.”

The concept of the Be Unique programs is for girls to gain self-confidence in who they are as individuals from the inside out.

“We are all created unique with great purpose,” Wendy said. “These programs bring an awareness to the unique qualities that already exist in each young lady and are the characteristics that set her apart from others.”

In 2014, Wendy began piecing together Christian-based concepts to assist teenage girls that would then become Be Unique. Now attending her final year at Fort Bend Christian Academy, her daughter Emily, has been an instrumental part in helping create the programs.

“It has absolutely been a team effort,” Wendy said.  “I would not have been able to fully comprehend the struggles of young girls in today’s time having not had her input on these issues.”   

The Be Unique programs are designed to help ease the social transition that girls face from middle school through the high school years – commonly known as the ‘drama years’.  Placing an emphasis on family is a priority, Emily shared, because your family is who loves you and wants the best for you. Emily believes those relationships should be cherished and respected, above any other.

“For teenage girls and their families, the struggle is real,” Wendy said. “These experiences can affect them for the rest of their lives.”

Be Unique offers an Inner Beauty, personal development program, as well as an Outer Beauty, personal appearance program.  Together, they are designed to create a well-rounded and sophisticated young lady who shines from the inside out and offers her the best possible start for a joyful and prosperous life.

“It is not a cotillion program,” Wendy explained. “It’s far, far more. There is no program around like this one. It was a passion of mine to create a program that would help all young girls find what makes them unique through Christ.  I want them to understand their importance and self worth and that compromising ones values in order to fit in socially is not necessary in order to achieve a joyful and happy life!”

The Inner Beauty program is designed to specifically bring out the unique qualities that already exist in each young lady.  It creates a self-awareness that assists in strengthening their relationship with Christ as well as forming stronger, more respectful relationships within the family unit. 

The classes in the Inner Beauty program help form a positive direction in life for the girls, cover issues in social media, and promote a healthy lifestyle with good nutritional habits. Overall, through the Inner Beauty program, the girls will experience an increase in self-confidence, create a positive self-image, define boundaries to protect their values and gain an understanding of God’s plan for their life. 

The Outer Beauty personal appearance program teaches the girls technical applications in visual poise and body movement, proper instruction in skincare, facial symmetry and daytime makeup application. The program will cultivate a look and behavior of self-confidence that includes posture and walking, dinning, and wardrobe selection. 

The Outer Beauty program even covers the theory of color through combinations of complimentary colors.  The fun and interactive program is perfect for girls learning how to dress and discover their own personal style.

Wendy confesses it has taken her lifetime of experience and education, coupled with her daughter’s personal experiences, to form the Be Unique Programs. It has been a passion of hers to create something that would help not only her daughter, but all young girls. Looking back on the things she’s done in her life, Wendy realized that all of her life experiences have really been necessary for her in creating the Be Unique Programs. 

“I think it is important for everyone to find their passion, something they love and are good at doing, and figure out a way to make a living doing it – that’s ultimately how to use our natural God given gifts,” Wendy said. “It’s through this process, we find great purpose.”

Previously the owner and director of Academy of Models and Talent in Nashville, Tennessee, Wendy has worked in various areas of training including high fashion print work and runway modeling as well as training for film, documentary and music video production.  She has worked in pageant coaching, judging and also trained the 1995 Miss Teen Houston.

The Be Unique programs are offered year round for teenage girls. For the first time this summer, Be Unique will offer summer camp options. The summer camps are designed to be fun and interactive and include the following topics: Inner Beauty, Color Me Beautiful, Daytime Makeup, Visual Poise, and Health and Nutrition. Registration is now open online at and may fill quickly as class size is kept to a minimum in order to meet the needs of each young lady. 

For more information about the Be Unique programs, log onto their website at To visit their beautiful new studio, contact Wendy Severance to schedule an appointment at 281-394-7004.

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