Top-Rated Chiropractor Eases Patients’ Pain with Latest Techniques, Positive Environment

When Dr. Bill Sheppard was being life flited to a nearby hospital after a serious motorcycle accident, he had no idea that this moment would be the beginning of a career in chiropractic medicine that would not only give him self-fulfillment, but also help to change the lives of patients all over Texas.

“I’ve been to lots of medical doctors,” Sheppard said. “I broke 29 bones in my accident, had 24 surgeries, and was in the hospital for three-and-a-half months. Medical doctors put me back together.”

But even though Sheppard felt gratitude towards the medical professionals who helped put him back on his feet again, it was the chiropractor he saw during his recovery that made a huge impact on his life.

“[The chiropractor] sat down and spoke to me on my level,” he said. “He explained things very simplistically and spent quite a bit of time with me answering my questions. I was at complete ease.”

Sheppard had always wanted to be a doctor, but after his experience with the chiropractor he began to question his career path.

For a while he left the medical world and worked as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. Although it wasn’t related to medicine, he loved how the company treated its employees and created a fun and helpful environment. Sheppard knew that if he ever had the chance to run his own business, he’d use the airline’s model.

While working for Southwest, Sheppard met a woman who was married to a chiropractor.
“I spoke with [her husband] on the phone and he was very excited about what he did and how many people he’d helped. So, I thought, maybe I’ll got to chiropractic school.”

That’s exactly what Sheppard did. And when he graduated he gave his co-worker’s spouse a call to help him find the right clinic to begin his career. Soon, the new graduate was being assigned to a clinic in Katy.

“The doctor there had moved on to bigger and better things, so I was told I would be running the clinic,” he said. “I told him I had no idea what I was doing, but he said oh, you’ll be fine.”

The clinic Sheppard was gifted was, in his opinion, one of the worst clinics in the company.

“But, in a relatively short amount of time, I turned the clinic into the number one clinic in the corporation.”

Today, Sheppard owns his practice, and has created an environment that utilizes the friendly atmosphere he experienced at Southwest Airlines, and the attentive bedside manner of his first chiropractor.

“I’m very good at what I do,” he said. “I’m not sure why. It comes very easy to me to diagnose patients, treat them and get them feeling better. [Patients] are just amazed and think it’s the best thing in the world.”

The chiropractor, who has been practicing for 15 years, said he recently had a patient come into his office who had been hurting for months and several medical imaging techniques couldn’t find the cause.

“I told him, hey, this is what’s going on,” he said. “After one visit he said, I haven’t felt this good in months. I told him the more we work on you the better you’re going to feel.”

Not only can Sheppard diagnose and treat patients with ease, but he can also sympathize with those who are working and living with pain and discomfort.

“I know what they’re going through. I’ve been on the other end,” he said. “Sometimes I share that with my patients and assure them that I know how they’re feeling.”

Sheppard’s five-star treatment and positive attitude have made him a popular pick among professional athletes, wrestlers, BMXers and other high-profile clients.

But even though Sheppard has worked with the rich and powerful, he treats every patient with the same amount of love and respect. He wants each patient’s experience to be a positive one.

“I love to laugh, so we are always cutting up in our clinic,” he said. “We’re always having fun with our patients.” Not only can patients count on lots of laughs when they are seen at the United Chiropractic Clinic, but they can also count on the latest and greatest equipment and techniques.

“I have DRX spinal decompression machines to help patients with disc bulges in their neck or back,” he said. “It’s rated the number one way to fix a disc over any other treatment. That’s why I have so many orthopedic [surgeons] sending patients to me.”

Along with these specialized machines, Sheppard also employs several certified masseuses and can explain to patients how to stretch at home for continued pain relief.

“If you’ve got the sniffles, a cough or a cold, then by all means, go see a medical doctor,” Sheppard said. “But if it’s your neck, back, shoulders or knees, then come to me. I’ll fix you.”

If you are interested in the services that Dr. Bill Sheppard provides, please contact his office at (281) 392-6550.

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