Pharmacist Brings Hope to Patients with New Medical Technology

Artist Lisa Tenney dabs at a bright blue glob of paint, filling her paintbrush with color. Her hand then moves to the canvas where she brings her vision to life. Three years ago, Tenney’s canvas was empty and her paintbrushes dry. 

She had been diagnosed with a form of lymphoma that left her with little energy to carry out daily tasks, let alone the stamina to paint. 

“I had been on a painting sabbatical for a year because I didn’t have the strength to carry out the rest of life’s demands and still paint,” she said. “I felt like life as I had known it was over.” 

But a week after being diagnosed, she got a call from a high school friend, Dr. Ferryl Boyance D. Ph, R. Ph, who was working on a new form of alternative medical evaluation and remedy. 

“She offered to introduce me to what she was doing and I was open to trying it,” Tenney said. “I didn’t have any grand hopes for a miracle cure.” 

The method includes what Boyance calls a bioenergetic evaluation that uses the patient’s acupressure points to provide data about what is happening inside the patient’s body that cannot be seen by simple explanation of symptoms. 

“The machine measures the electricity flowing through the body,” she said. “And once we can see which organs aren’t functioning correctly, we can try to remedy those issues.” 

After the scan is complete, patients will receive a report that shows what parts of their body are suffering. But, not only does the evaluation show the problem, it also provides a solution. 

“It’ll show what you’re missing and identify the herbal corrective or pharmaceutical path that will help to alleviate these issues,” Boyance said. 

Once the problem has been identified, Dr. Boyance, then uses the machine to encode radio waves into a water-based solution that can help replenish nutrients and treat the patient’s medical issues. 

“The water acts like a CD or floppy drive,” she said. “Signals are emitted into the water and then you take 10 drops, three times a day. Every time you take those drops it downloads the information into your body.” 

Boyance knows that this new method sounds far-fetched, but she believes that bioenergetic evaluations are the future of medicine. 

“It’s not like drugs where you have to let it dissolve in your stomach and then it has to be absorbed into the blood stream and get to the organ before it can help. It’s immediate,” she said. “That’s what got me into it. It works faster than any other pharmaceutical, herbal or homeopathic treatment.” 

Although she offers evaluation and remedy services from her home right now, her hope is to one day use this technology in a pharmacy setting where pharmacists can use scans as a form of preventative medicine. 

“When the doctor sees you, they can only see what you tell them,” Boyance said. “If you forget to say that your knee hurts or that sometimes your side hurts, the doctor won’t get that information. But the machine forgets nothing, and can scan your whole body. If it shows your pancreas is weak, then we’re not going to wait for you to become a diabetic to remedy that condition.” 

She hopes that having patients come in for scans even when they’re not feeling sick will help give doctors and other medical professionals something to compare to when the patient is sick. 

“Seventy or 80 percent of my patients come in because they don’t feel good or have pain,” she said. “I say, once we get you out of the pain, please come back every year so we can have a baseline.”

Although Boyance believes wholeheartedly in this new form of detection and correction, she also knows that God is in control of each patient’s journey. 

“I am 100 percent positive that there is so much grace out there that there is nothing physically that God cannot overcome,” she said. 

She also believes that when a patient is feeling better physically, they have the strength to deal with other emotional or spiritual issues that might arise. 

“My hope is to be a blessing and make my patients’ bodies as strong as possible,” she said. 

The doctor and her alternative medical evaluation and solutions have already been a blessing to Tenney, who has returned to her painting passions. 

“I am finally able to do art again, and this spring I’m starting to teach classes in my home studio,” she said. “I would recommend Dr. Boyance’s treatments to anyone. Not only did they give me my life back, but working with [Boyance] was great. She is one of the most giving, selfless people I know.” 

Dr. Ferryl Boyance D.Ph, R.Ph graduated from the University of Houston College of Pharmacy, 1987. She is proud to be a second generation pharmacist and has 30 years of experience in pharmacy. Dr. Boyance entered the world of bioenergetic evaluations in 1999 and is the only pharmacist on the continent with this specialty. With over 17 years of successful bioenergetic evaluations and outcomes, she is considered an expert in this fast emerging field of science. Bioenergetics matches your body electrically with the best pharmaceutical, herbal, and vitamin solutions so you can choose your path to wellness. She is available for group lectures as well as individual bioenergetic evaluations and solutions. Please contact her at 832.628.6894 or or

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