Mayor of Katy Stands Up for Godly Values with Addition of “In God We Trust” to City Vehicles

A woman, in her pajamas and bathrobe, stands in her driveway watching paramedics load her husband into an ambulance. He’s having chest pains and shortness of breath and the woman doesn’t know what will happen next. 

But as the doors of the City of Katy ambulance close behind the stretcher, the woman sees the words “In God We Trust” painted on the emergency vehicle. She takes this as a sign from her creator that everything will be okay. 

Moments like this are part of the reason Katy Mayor Fabol Hughes pushed to have these words placed on all of the city’s emergency vehicles. 

“So many people are afraid to offend somebody,” Hughes said. “Well, I’m offended that no one has spoken up for what I believe. That’s why I took a stand and put those words on our vehicles.” 

The idea to add the phrase to the city police cars, ambulances and fire trucks originally came from a letter Hughes received from the Texas Municipal League (TML). 

“They (TML) passes along things that happen in the legislature,” he said. “I happened to get a letter from them saying that the Attorney General had issued an opinion on ‘In God We Trust.’ He said it was consistent with the US Constitution and was okay to be displayed.”

Hughes realized in that moment that displaying our nation’s motto could be another way to forget about political correctness and show the world the city’s values. 

“I wrote across the letter, ‘we should do this,’ and my secretary, Linda, sent it over to the police chief,” Hughes said. “About a week later [the police chief] called me and thanked me and said, ‘I’ve been trying to get this done since 2000.’”

After a television news crew picked up the story and posted a picture of one of the city fire trucks on their social media page, the image went viral. Thousands of people commented and liked the picture.

Soon, the mayor was receiving calls, emails and Facebook messages from supporters all over the country. 

“It’s spread like wildfire, with people contacting us from Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco and Wisconsin,” he said. “We were the second city to do this, and now several cities have gotten in line to do it. I’m hopeful that it will spread nationwide.”

Our country was built on Godly values, Hughes said. And it’s time we recognize that and get back to that. 

“When you turn away from God, then you’re in trouble,” he said. “He’s got to be part of it.” 

The mayor said the biggest supporters of his efforts have been residents of Katy. 

“Everybody I know around the City of Katy has been really positive,” he said. “I can’t tell you how many people have called me in support and have stopped me on the street to say, ‘good job, Mayor.’” 

Hughes said Katy’s conservative, Godly values are what originally attracted him and his wife to the area when they moved there 44 years ago. 

“At the time, the population was less than 3,000 people, and there were like 13 churches,” he said. “Now, you can’t even count the number of churches, and we are known as the city of churches.” 

Because the response to the addition of “In God We Trust” has been overwhelming positive in the City of Katy, the mayor is encouraging other Godly-minded cities to stand up for what they believe in. 

“Don’t let negativism get to you,” he said. “If it’s what you believe in, then stand up for it. If you don’t stand up for anything, then you’ll fall for everything.” 


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