Katy Christian Magazine’s 2016 Christian Voter’s Guide

This issue, we’re highlighting our endorsements for local, regional, and state-wide races. We believe that Christians have the opportunity to make a difference in the political process and we encourage you to participate by voting, volunteering, or getting involved.

2016 Harris County Voter’s Guide

President of the United States
Ted Cruz

U.S. Representative, District 7
James Lloyd

Texas Supreme Court Justice Place 3
Michael Massengale 

Texas Supreme Court Justice Place 5
Rick Green

Texas Supreme Court Justice Place 9
Eva Guzman

State Senator District 18
Lois W. Kolkhorst

State Representative, House District 128
Wayne Smith

State Representative, House District 132
Mike Schofield

State Board of Education District 6
Donna Bahorich

State Board of Education District 8
Barbara Cargill

Chief Justice, 1st Court of Appeals
Sherry Radack

1st Court of Appeals District
Evelyn Keyes

14th Court of Appeals District Place 2
Bud Wiesedeppe

14th Court of Appeals District Place 9
Tracy Elizabeth Christopher

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2
Mary Lou Keel

11th Judicial District Court
Kevin Fulton

61st Judicial District Court
Erin Elizabeth Lunceford

80th Judicial District Court
Ken Shortreed

125th Judicial District Court
Sharon Hemphill

127th Judicial District Court
Sarahjane Swanson

129th Judicial District Court
Sophia Mafrige

133rd Judicial District Court
Cindy Bennett Smith

151st Judicial District Court
Jeff Hastings

152nd Judicial District Court
Don Self

164th Judicial District Court
Bruce Bain

165th Judicial District Court
Debra Ibarra Mayfield

174th Judicial District Court
Katherine McDaniel

177th Judicial District Court
Ryan Patrick

178th Judicial District Court
Nile Bailey Copeland

179th Judicial District Court
Kristin M. Guiney

215th Judicial District Court
Fred Shuchart

333rd Judicial District Court
Joseph “Tad” Halbach

334th Judicial District Court
Grant Dorfman

337th Judicial District Court
Renee Magee

338th Judicial District Court
Brock Thomas

339th Judicial District Court
Mary McFaden

351st Judicial District Court
Mark Kent Ellis

Harris County District Attorney
Devon Anderson

County Civil Court at Law 1
Clyde Leuchtag

Harris County Attorney
Chris Carmona 

Harris County Sheriff
Carl Pittman

Harris County Tax Assessor Collector
Don Sumners

Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 3
Steve Radack

Harris County Constable Precinct 5
Ted Heap

Harris County Republican Party Chair
Paul Simpson

Railroad Commissioner
Weston Martinez

2016 Fort Bend County Voter’s Guide

President of the United States
Ted Cruz

US Representative, District 9
Jeff Martin

US Representative, District 22
Pete Olson 

State Senator, District 18
Lois W Kolkhorst 

State Representative, District 26
DF “Rick” Miller 

State Representative, District 27
Ken Bryant

State Representative, District 28
John Zerwas 

State Representative, District 85
Phil Stephenson 

Chief Justice, 1st Court of Appeals
Sherry Radack 

Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 4
Evelyn Keyes 

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 2
Bud Wiesedeppe

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 9
Tracy Elizabeth Christopher 

Judge, 240th Judicial District, Unexpired
Chad Bridges 

Judge, 387th Judicial District
Brenda Mullinix 

Judge, 400th Judicial District
Joshua Estes

Judge, 434th Judicial District
James H “Jim” Shoemake 

Judge, 505th Judicial District
David Perwin 

Judge, County Court-at-Law #5
Frank Yeverino

County Attorney
Roy Cordes Jr 

Troy E Nehls 

Tax Assessor-Collector
Patsy Schultz 

County Commissioner, Pct 1
Vincent Morales

County Commissioner, Pct 3
WA “Andy” Meyers 

Justice of the Peace, Pct 1 Place 1
Gary D Janssen 

Constable, Pct 1
Daryl Segura

Constable, Pct 3
Wayne Thompson

Constable, Pct 4
Trever Jay Nehls 

Republican County Chair
Michael “Mike” Gibson 




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