Intense Men 2016

Our men are lost. The pendulum has swung way to the left.  Our nation and our world need men of character, integrity, single-mindedness, courage and maturity to stand up and begin to reverse the curse of apathy, weak-mindedness, complacency, and cowardice that has gripped this once proud and powerful nation. To reverse the curse, it will take many working together in biblical unity. The experience is available now. The tools are available now. The team is available now. The willing heart to offer the help is available now.

Strong churches exist because the men in them are strong in their faith and their courage. When we use the term church, keep in mind the first churches were called the ecclesia or the set apart ones. They were set part because of their sacrificial hearts. These were people who understood the fact that if they joined this set apart group, they would be killed for a cause bigger than themselves. The first church was a group of ultimate warriors. The eternal prize is still the ultimate cause for a man to lay down his life.

The following thoughts are my effort to expose why I feel it is time to plant truths in the local church that will strengthen the men and thereby strengthen the church.

The majority of churches worldwide are composed of a ratio of 80 percent female members and 20 percent male members. The Bible is written to men and initially intended to be taught to men in a congregational setting. The men, as heads of their homes, would then be responsible for taking this information back and leading their homes in the implementation of these truths. You can have spirituality (worship, praise, atmosphere, righteousness, etc.) with women, but it takes godly, courageous men to bring strength, action, warfare, discipline, direction, leadership, single-mindedness, and decisiveness to the Church.

The above-mentioned percentages show us a matriarchal or mother led country, family, and church which depletes the attributes of a male or father figure. For example, a male is more prone to discipline with a physical force like a spanking or pushups, while a female is more prone to discipline with her words. A current example of this can be seen in two presidents. President George W. Bush was raised with a father in his home so when America was under attack on 9/11, he responded decisively and almost immediately with military force. President Obama was raised in a matriarchal environment therefore he tries diplomatic or verbal means to rectify threatening situations. When we enter most churches we see young urban heterosexual males with a liberal political view, who wear skinny jeans, grooms his eyebrows, colors his hair with streaks of yellow, does his nails, and is interested in the latest and greatest TV fads. Immature males are adapting to the culture of a feminine church and have little heart for sacrifice.

Evangelizing the man is actually the pattern of the Bible. Jesus picked twelve men disciples to change the world. God came in the form of a man, Jesus, to illustrate roles of leadership and sacrifice from a man’s perspective.

When a child is the first person saved in a family there is a 3 percent chance the rest of his family will be saved. When the mother is the first to be saved, the percentage increases to 13 percent. When the man/father is first to be saved, the percentage increases to 95 percent. The man is the ultimate influencer even though he is usually more difficult to win over.

On March 17, 18, and 19 of 2016, we will hold our annual Intense Men Gathering.  This event is a gathering of men to compete, camp and learn about biblical manhood.  We rally around competitive sports like 7 on 7 football, 3 on 3 basketball, soccer, paintball, skeet shooting, etc and we teach on what it is to be a man, a son and a father.  We want to invite all men out to Jordan Ranch in Schulenburg Texas to experience Intense Men 2016.  This years theme is Stampede!  There is a strength in numbers and we need men all over the world to come together and take back our families.

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Pastor GF Watkins

G.F. Watkins is an international leader, author, speaker, and church planter. He is the founder of Jordan Ranch retreat center and has planted churches in Texas, Africa, and Peru. As the founder and leader of The Genesis Team, he now oversees and trains ministry leaders worldwide. A one-time All-American athlete and coach, G.F. has used the principles and patterns learned in athletics to encourage, motivate, strengthen, and mobilize thousands. He is considered an authority in the area of Men’s Ministry and on the topic of fatherlessness and has authored 6 books. Visit for more information.