Hot Days, Cold Water: The Importance of Hydration

Have you ever noticed how quickly a thirsty plant comes to life after watering it?  All living things need water to function properly and efficiently.  Many of us primarily focus on eating right and exercising consistently to stay healthy.  The benefits of hydrating our bodies tend to be underestimated as a focal point in maintaining optimal health or even weight loss.  

bigstock-Two-Water-Bottles-341979Our bodies consist of two-thirds water.  Therefore, hydration is vital for our bodies to function properly.  Drinking fluids helps transport nutrients and oxygen into our cells, which in turn, helps our organs absorb nutrients better.   Surprisingly, our brain is made up of ninety percent water.  So, it makes sense that when we are not appropriately hydrated, we do not function well.  The common side effects result in headaches and in some cases, migraines.  Other effects of dehydration include feeling lethargic, irregular blood pressure, muscle cramps, constipation, dry skin, and kidney problems.

Do you desire to look more refreshed and younger?  How about feeling more energetic and focused?  Adding more water to your daily intake can be the beginning of a happier, healthier you.  Water acts as an appetite suppressant.  Try drinking one eight ounce glass of water before each meal to reduce your calorie intake.  Water also helps flush down by-products of fat and aids digestion.  Keeping the proper fluids in our body also lubricates our joints and muscles which can alleviate cramping.  When exercising, you should be rehydrating every ten to twenty minutes.  Some other benefits of water are better work productivity, regulating your body temperature, protecting your vital organs, replenishing your skin tissue, and moisturizing your skin.  If your health and fitness goal is to lose weight or look and feel better, start with water. 

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