Business Profile: Realty Mortgage Solutions

Company’s founder talks about treating customers with respect, helping them find their dream home

In the mid-nineties when oil prices were down and engineering work in the energy field were few and far between, Vince Orlando decided to get his real estate license and try his hand at investing in and selling homes.

“Real estate is one of the more profitable businesses, especially if you’re an investor,” Orlando said. “I also thought that it would be interesting to learn about the business and help people while I was doing it.”

He acquired his real estate license in 1996, and gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the business. Because of his vast expertise, he decided to go through the process of acquiring his loan officer license to be able to help potential homeowners acquire mortgages.

Once he became a loan officer, he started his own business that he called Realty Mortgage Solutions. It is affiliated with Western Mortgage, but is an independent entity.

So, as engineering work fluctuated, Orlando was able to not only supplement his income with his work in the real estate and mortgage businesses, but he was also able to build his company and help those who had been turned down by other mortgage companies.

“When I’m dealing with clients, I always think, ‘how would I want to be treated?’” Orlando said. “If I was on the other side I would want to be treated with respect and given lots of information.”

The mortgage loan officer said that many large mortgage companies will turn down customers without ever explaining why they were refused a loan. Orlando and his team take the time to explain the ins and outs of the loan process and how they can improve their chances of being accepted.

“When you’re turned down by a [big company], they send you a letter saying you don’t qualify,” he said. “I will call you up and say, we looked at your credit report and there’s something on there that’s strange and might not be yours. If you get that off, we can get this loan going for you.”

His company also acts as a mortgage broker, who works with more than 20 lenders.

“We’ll look at the lenders’ requirements and we’ll say, this lender won’t do it, but you’ll fit in with this one,” Orlando said. “Then we work with them if they need help with their credit score or tell them how to make other changes.”

Although getting his clients the best deal and the home of their dreams is a big part of Orlando’s business, his faith also plays a big role. He even discusses his church leadership positions on his website’s biography page.

“It gives me credibility that I’m a Christian,” he said. “I want people to know that. I want them to know that I will deal with them in a Christ-like manner.”

Orlando believes so strongly in integrating his faith into his business that he has even acted as a mentor for students at Houston Baptist University, teaching them how to be Christians in the business world.

“I talked to them about how to live by Christ’s example and try to handle every situation like Christ would,” he said.

He has also worked on the bond committee for Katy Independent School District and as a state delegate to the Republican convention. He believes strongly in contributing to the community and being an example for his fellow man.

“If you don’t mow the grass, it’s going to look bad and the weeds are going to take over,” he said. “It’s important to get involved [in the community] and keep everything on the right path.”

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