Pastor Profile: Meet Dr. Keith Robinson

Seldom do we meet a chaplain with such a multifaceted career. Dr. Keith Robinson, a retired dentist who resides in Fort Bend, once specialized in maxillofacial prosthodontics and dental oncology. For over 30 years he has also been involved in the media. Concerned with social issues, he produced and hosted the emmy-award winning TV series, “The Brutal Truth,” “The Brutal Truth: A Violence Documentary,” and “The Brutal Truth: Protecting the Family from Violence.” 

KeithRobinson2010CNNHis first local radio show was titled “Now that Makes me Mad” – a forum for his listening public to voice their issues. He is a former nationally syndicated talk show host of “America Talks Health with Dr. Keith Robinson,” as well as a bestselling author and vice president and executive editor-at-large of USAfrica Online, a respected international news organization. Today he is the founder of AlleyGrin Productions, a company that produces videos and television shows that “move the soul.”

But perhaps Robinson’s most important role is that of a chaplain. He has served as Corps Commander of the Houston Regional Community Chaplain’s Corps. Chaplaincy allows him to minister to others with emergency psychological first aid and interventional care.

Assisting Those in the Media

Robinson’s background in health and media merged when he became ordained through the International Fellowship of Chaplains. As a critical incident responder, much of his work is with reporters, editors, photographers and videographers who are exposed to human suffering and horrific trauma that overloads their normal coping mechanisms.

Although the viewing audience may not realize it, many in the media cover unimaginably tragic events day in and day out, including homicides, suicides, kidnappings, drownings, tornados, hurricanes, school shootings, and line of duty deaths in police organizations. Robinson has received extensive training in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) as well as specialized training in issues unique to the lives of those in the media.

When these gruesome assignments take a toll, Robinson responds with emergency psychological care (not psychological counseling or psychiatry) to help address overloaded emotional systems and to help people understand the symptoms. The goal is to help regain control of their lives and resume one of the most difficult professions around.

DSC_03621Community Collaboration

Robinson has established working relationships with crisis response teams, Homeland Security, FEMA, Kidnap and Ransom response organizations, police, fire, military, and other crisis response organizations. “Our chaplains are equipped to understand the lives, fears, requirements, and sensitivities of a broad range of media professionals,” he explains. His company, PTSD Media Solutions, is always on call, and like other first responders, his team is ready to deploy to any place needed.

Ministers in the Workplace

Robinson is often asked, “What exactly is a chaplain?” He explains that a chaplain is a minister in the workplace, while pastors care for people primarily inside churches. Chaplains are constitutionally guaranteed confidentiality (Lemon v. Kurtzman) so that all matters that transpire between an individual and a chaplain are protected.

“We help all people, irrespective of race, gender or religion, and we are not there to convert anyone to any specific religion. Our responsibility is to walk next to people who are experiencing symptoms and help them,” explains Robinson. “And when questions about the spiritual side of life come up, we are the right professionals to address those questions.”

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