Pastor Profile: Pastor Oliver Lee of Next Level Ministries

As a husband, father and pastor, Oliver Lee has been preaching since 1992 on the streets of New Jersey. In 1995 he married an amazing woman, Susan, and in 1997 they decided to enroll in Christ For the Nations Bible School in Dallas, Texas. Together they received their ministerial degrees, and from 1997 to 2005 served as youth pastors at a Hispanic church. They witnessed God doing amazing things — a literal revival in their youth program as it grew from 15 to over 700 in 70+ small groups all over the Dallas-Fort worth area.

In 2006 the Lee family located in Katy to serve on a ministry team, and again saw their youth program swell from 40+ to over 300 youth and college students in over 40 small groups. They successfully opened school clubs in seven Katy ISD schools. Then in 2010 they received the green light from God to open their living room as hosts of the first Next Level Ministries service. “We are part of GMN ( Global Ministers Network ) and are associated with the Four Square Movement,” says Pastor Lee. 

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Next Level Ministries exists to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving in the church and community. The mission is to fulfill the Great commission and the Great Commandment. “We have a men’s ministry, Aftershock (our Youth ministry), marriage date nights to strengthen marriages, and small groups throughout the week,” says Lee. “Our ministry team is amazing and I know that though our beginnings are small, we will see God through Next Level reach the multitudes.”

Personal Testimony

Pastor Lee grew up in church his whole life but, at 16 years old wanted to know why. Until that time he lived with his parents’ religion, but realized he truly didn’t know what he believed. “I began to study the validity of the Bible and the whole Christian faith,” he says. The outcome of this investigation was that no man could have conjured up or made up the Bible. It had to be God inspired, and If the Bible was God inspired and every book in it spoke of Jesus Christ, then his choice concerning Jesus was to not only accept Him, but to give his whole life to Him.  

When Lee realized that Jesus is Lord, died for us all, and is coming back again… but not until the whole world knows about His love. From the age of 16 onward, everything he did in life was out of devotion to the Lord. So his personal testimony is not one of drugs, violence or alcohol. “I don’t know what it is to get drunk, I’ve never taken drugs, I’ve never been in jail, I’ve always loved my parents, and they are amazing,” notes Lee. “I came to the marriage altar a virgin. I was a good boy!”   

Happily married for 18 years with two amazing kids ages 14 and 12, his testimony has to do with religiosity and the church. He had experienced and was victimized by dead religion, church abuse, power-and-money-hungry pastors… and empty belief systems. “I have seen enough things in church to turn away from it, but I still hold on to one fact: pastors are merely men, just as frail and temptation prone as any other man,” Lee explains. “If we look to them for hope, we will get eventually let down, but if we look to Jesus, He never fails!”  

The number one thing that burns in Lee’s heart is for people to know Jesus, to know who they are in Him, and to know who He is in them. Just as he longed to discover his purpose, calling and destiny in God, and just as he longed to know why he was put on earth, Lee now knows that many, many people, no matter what age, are still looking for identity and purpose. Many are still looking for truth. “I would love the opportunity to present them to Jesus,” he adds. 

Easter at The Next Level April 20th 10:30 a.m.

Come join Next Level Ministries for Easter Service at Stephens Elementary, 2715 N. Fry Road. The congregation will celebrate Easter at a special family service which will include refreshments, bounce houses, and an Easter egg hunt for all the children. 

Also visit, the fully interactive website with audio and video messages, great blogs, and information that will inspire you and help you live at the Next Level!

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