Aristoi Classical Academy

Aristoi Classical Academy     Nestled in the heart of Katy is a charter school unlike any other. Our cover shows some of the happy students at Artistoi Classical Academy, which will hold its Community Open House on Saturday, January 25 from 12:00 – 2:00 P.M. The campus invites you to attend and welcomes you to experience a sample of what a Classical Education will offer your child!  

    Open enrollment begins Monday, March 3 – Monday, April 7, and there is plenty of exciting news about campus growth. If you are curious about alternatives to traditional public school instruction, read ahead!  Aristoi provides rigorous academics in an environment that nurtures strong and virtuous character, emphasizes responsible citizenship, and develops a love of learning.  

About the Campus

    As an open campus, Aristoi welcomes students from the Katy area, Houston and surrounding communities.  The student to teacher ratio capacity is 22:1 for grades K-5 and 25:1 for grades 6-8. 

Charter schools offer a free, quality, non-traditional, public education option intended to improve student learning, increase the choice of learning opportunities within the public school system, create professional opportunities that will attract new teachers to the public school system, establish a new form of accountability, and encourage different and innovative learning methods.

    Aristoi’s charter allows them to offer a Classical Education, where students are not merely taught “subjects;” rather, they are invited to pursue a broad range of intellectual interests and learn the art of thinking and discernment. A Classical educational model taught in a modern context equips young minds for their future.  Rich history and timeless classical literature are taught in all grades, and Latin is taught from grades 4-8. 

About the Curriculum

    The curriculum is rigorous but rewarding. ACA students are encouraged to “discover for themselves” throughout all stages of classical education, and student discipline is based on Love and Logic. Classical Education is based on a centuries-old approach known as the Trivium, consisting of 3 stages: 

1.) Grammar Stage (grades K-4) — students absorb facts that lay the foundation for advanced study. 2.) Logic Stage (grades 5-8) — encourages students to think deeply, reason carefully, and argue logically to understand and explain cause and effect. 3.) Rhetoric Stage (grades 9-12) — allows students to apply the rules of logic to their factual foundation in order to articulate eloquently their own conclusions, both verbally and in writing. 


Aristoi Classical Academy    Among the extracurricular activities offered at ACA are: National Elementary Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Lego Robotics, Chess Club, Chorus, JH Theatre, Private Schools Interscholastic Association academic competition, JH Girls Volleyball, Flag Football, and JH Girls and Boys Basketball. This year, in its second year, their Flag Football team finished 2nd in the East Texas Charter School Academic Athletic League.

Aristoi is Growing!

    Currently, Aristoi consists of 440 students grades K-8, but they are growing!  The Texas Education Agency has recently granted them permission to instruct 9th graders, which means they are planning now for that new growth.

    The campus is located at 5618 Eleventh Street, Katy, TX 77493. Call 281-391-5003 and please visit their website at to find parent resources, view the faculty, staff and board, and see the benefits of a Classical education. 



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